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Gordon McAlpin

Kickstart Your Friday

Gordon McAlpin wrote to let me know that he'll be on a Kickstarter-themed edition of  Fanboy Radio this Sunday.  They'll be talking with Gordon about his Kickstater pre-funding effort for a print collection of his webcomic Multiplex.  (also on the show will be Yancy Strickler (co-founder of Kickstarter) and Jamie Tanner (a print cartoonist who is funding his second graphic novel through KS))

And in other Kickstarter efforts,Spike has just launched one for a new book called Poorcraft to be written by Spike and drawn by Diana Nock.

And It's Friday Folks! That's a wrap...

Hey - Google Wave invites are out and mine apparently got misplaced in the email.  So if you've got one to spare set me up (xerexes at gmail DOT com).  Thanks!

PBS does one of those "look people are making a living making webcomics" stories.  They did interview interesting people for it -- from Randall Munroe (xkcd) to Howard Tayler (Shlock) to R Stevens (Diesel).

Nice interview with Gordon McAlpin of Multiplex touching on movies and Chicago.

Newsarama has an interview with Emma Caulfield, actress and now webcomic auteur.  How very interesting that Newsarama has the scoop on the new webcomic Contropussy which has a creative team consisting of Emma Caulfield, Camilla Outzen Rantsen, Christian Meesey, Thomas Mauer, and Blog@Newsarama columnist Christian Beranek.

Johanna Draper Carlson reviews High Moon, the second book from Zuda. 

Chris Yates connects the dots on Colleen's tattoo but really Jon's disco solo sold it for me.

FLEEN flagged that Christopher Baldwin has a work-in-progress site up for Spacetrawler, a webcomic he seems to be working towards launching next year.

Kickstarter Fundraising Model

Jamie Tanner, the creator of Eisner-niminated The Aviary, is using Kickstarter to run a fund-raising drive -- enough money gets pledged, money gets collected and Tanner does his next graphic novel. (h/t Journalista!) He has over $2000 pledged with a goal of $5000.  

Not new necessarily but interesting that this type of web-facilitated tool is being used for non-webcomic comic projects.  Plus Kickstarter itself looks like a handy way to do this kind of approach.

UPDATE: Don't know how I missed this but Gordon McAlpin is using Kickstarter to raise funds for a print collection of his webcomic Multiplex.  McAlpin is trying to raise $7500 towards finishing the work necessary to complete the book.

Adventures in Marketing: An Animated Ad for Multiplex

A new trailer for Gordon McAlpin's Multiplex comic.  Pretty cool - I think easier to do (but not all that easy!) because Multiplex uses vector artwork.  Any other comics you think you'd like to see try a promo piece like this?  Anything already out there from another webcomic I should add to this post?

Webcomic Wire - 10/14/08

Drawn from sources trying to avoid work today…

  • The Washington Post has an article called ‘Five Webcomics to Keep Your Eye On.’
  • Xerexes has an interesting post following up on the ‘Most Read’ series of articles comparing the audiences for various webcomics.
  • I can’t remember if I’ve posted Bloody and Brutal Reviews before, but here it is. The unvarnished and more than slightly profane (NSFW) Red Right Hand.
  • Great Hera! It’s Wonder Woman Day III!
  • Randall Munroe and Cory Doctrow talk work habits at 3PiCon.
  • 24 Hour Comic Book Day in San Francisco.
  • PC Weenies made PC Advisor Magazine’s ‘Top 10 Humorous Websites’ chosen by their readers. Congratulations Krishna!
  • Just in case you didn’t know XKCD spurred a new feature from YouTube. Good work Randall!
  • An interview with Gordon McAlpin, creator of Multiplex on ComixTalk.
  • Heidi MacDonald of The Beat has a nice roundup of the further adventures in Wowio/Platinum.
Reported by Michael Moss.

Inside the Webcomic Studio with Gordon McAlpin

Gordon McAlpin is the creator of Multiplex, a webcomic about the movies and the staff at a movie theater.  We interviewed Gordon in 2006 but I thought it was a good time to catch up again.  McAlpin is closing in on the 300th episode of Multiplex.  He also blogs about movies at Movie Makeout and co-hosts the movie podcast The Triple Feature.

Multiplex by Gordon McAlpin

The Fundamentals of Webcomics Are Still Strong

So after wandering the wilds of Arizona last week I thought I'd catch us all up on some things from webcomicland:

First off here's a post from DJ Coffman any creator looking to do the webcomic thing should read: "Host your own friggin' webcomic" shows how you can start up a webcomic for almost nothing.

Last week there was a good interview with Gordon McAlpin, the talented creator of Multiplex and a co-host of the Triple Feature movie podcast.  I've been reading Multiplex from day one so I don't really know if it's underrated or not -- either way if you're not reading it give it a look -- it's a great mix of actual story along with a big box of popcorn movie-related subjects.

Chcuk Rozakis ask some good questions about how comics publishers will make use of the web.  Is he right that a "perfect" e-reader will be a print-killer?  Is DRM (i.e., copyright protection) going to slow down or stop fans migration to the publishers' web offerings?

El Santo takes a look at Marvel's announcement it's putting original material - comics based on the Hulk and Iron Man movies - up on the web.

Here's an interview with aka Gabe and Tycho from this year's PAX about the Penny Arcade empire, including the location (BOSTON!) of next year's PAX EAST.

The Eyeskream webcomic collective adds three new webcomics to its roster: Little Terrors, Gamer Candy, and Somewhere in SF.

Roddenberry comics is giving away stuff: a 2009 Roddenberry Comics Calendar, featuring episodes from “Gene’s Journal’ and “Rod Barry,";  a pair of clocks of both “Gene’s Journal” and “Rod & Barry,” and a “Gene’s Journal” journal, ready to keep your most trusted thoughts and memories.  Check out the site for contest details.

Check out the newest bit of robot-goodness: Lovesick Robot.

Webcomic Wire - 9/16/08

Drawn from sources not being investigated for abuse of authority…

I Have Run Out of Titles for News Posts

Tim Tyler calculates the new site launches July 31st and Gordon McAlpin adds his two cents in a comment to this thread at FLEEN.

Lore Sjorberg interviewed R. Stevens at Comic Con about the end of newspaper Diesel Sweeties and what he's going do with all of his newfound free time.

Shaenon Garrity interviews writer Stephen Geigen-Miller and artist Patrick Heinicke on their new series on Modern Tales, Cold Iron Badge, which combines fairy-tale fantasy with police procedural.

Christopher Moshier writes about writing webcomics (link via Journalista!)

The Webcomics Beacon posted the winners of the Jenny Everywhere cartoon contest.

Slave Labor Graphics new webcomic program is working - check out the comics at their website.

Have you checked out Gisele Legace's new webcomic yet?  Menage a 3 is kind of like Porky's meets 3's Company.

I'll admit it -- I'm a big fan of Cat and Girl. Still this very recent one is one of my favorites.


I think I forgot to link to this - Sean Tevis is running for office in Kansas and he used an xkcd-style comic as part of his fundraising efforts.

Another jam comic from the guys at Boxcar comics.

I laughed at this webcomic featured on Joystiq's webcomic wrap-up.  I'm sure the  age of web-savvy cartoonists is still heavily skewed towards the twenties but I'll wager it's much more diverse than it was at the beginning of the naughts decade.