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Greg Carter

LA Times Story On Newspaper Comics Crisis

Nothing new in this piece about an upcoming panel on newspaper comics but it's a bit... galling to hear a bunch of established cartoonists quoted as saying nothing new is every going to be any good.  I guess I'm specifically reacting to this quote from Cathy Guisewite:


To me a strip should run forever because it's a classic.  They have meaning to me, and no new newspaper strip is going to earn that place in my heart.


Leaving aside lots of additional snark I could write about this piece, a few thoughts on the neverending story of the newspaper comic "crisis".  Of course newspaper comics are in trouble - the entire newspaper business while still generating profits every year is not growing.  Many newspaper companies though are starting to get the fact that they're in the news business - not the newspaper business.  Either they are trying to adapt or they're planning on squeezing as much cash as possible out of the papers until they die.

Webcomics are still a messy and chaotic place but it is growing.  Maybe we'll never have a Calvin & Hobbes again in terms of sheer audience but that's no different then most mediums - we'll never have a M*A*S*H-size audience for most television shows again either.  That doesn't mean we won't have television, or comics, that is as good or better but with so many more choices around the audience will by definition be smaller.

HeroesCon or Bust!

Woohoo! I'm attending HeroesCon 2006, in Charlotte NC - it looks like it's going to be a blast! I'm looking forward to meeting the pros and hanging out with my comic book bretheren at the show. Any other webcomic folks planning to attend? If so, it'd be great to meet up!

Atlanta Comic Convention

The next Atlanta Comic Convention will be held Sunday, April 23, 2006, 11am - 5pm at the Atlanta Marriott Century Center 2000 Century Boulevard NE Atlanta, Georgia.

Special Guest: Nathan "Nate" Massengill - Massengill has worked on such titles as Batman, Deadpool, Batgirl, X-Men, Raven Chronicles, Incredible Hulk, Vampirella as well as his run in Detective Comics.

Greg Carter at the Atlanta Comic Convention

Atlanta Comic Convention
Sunday, April 23, 2006

I have a table in the Artist Alley so if you're in the area please stop by and say Hi!

Besides the usual goodies, I'm scrambling to have the first mini-comic collection of Abandon ready. It includes a print-only bonus comic and I'll throw in (at least) a free button if you say you read this on Comixpedia. It's all because I love you.

Comic Updating

In printed comics, the sticking to a deadline or schedule makes sense. It would be disastrous to not have a book ready, by the time you need to print a book and sell it. Is this a practice carried over to the web? Out of all the comics you read, can anyone recall (without checking) what days they actually update?

With webcomics, I belive it's becoming accepted that deadlines or schedules, such as updating on a M-W-F, do not apply. What if you miss a day, or change the updating schedule? I've seen many authors needing to apologize for missing an update. Instead of making the user come to you, the trend is reversing with RSS feeds. People join your feed, and when you publish/update something, they're automatically notified.

Unknown Webcomic Cavalcade

It's been called to my attention that I usually only promote webcomics on my own server. Well, you know, duh. That's my job. Besides that, for the most part, webcomics on my own server are the only ones I read -- for no other reason than that I'm busy, busy, busy, and spending time working on my server necessarily causes me to read the comics there. I don't have a lot of time for any other activities, period. My PSP is languishing! My books go unread! Argh!

Psychic Webcomic Link?

Okay, so I have a webcomic right? and for a couple weeks now I've have a "knitting joke" lined up... I'm getting ready to put it up and low and behold my favotite pixel comic has done a male knitting comic as well!
What am I to think!? O_O
I've noticed before that webcomics sometimes cross in joke themes... and low and behold it's happened to me as well...

Tuesday Round Up of Webcomic News

Tym Godek has a review of the journal webcomic Surely Functional by Greg Kornbluh & Ramsey Ford.

T Campbell needs you to take the Clickwheel Users Survey.  Clickwheel is the iPod comics service. 

Paul Gadzikowski used to do a journal comic - who knew?

Jon Rosenberg notes that the horrible murder-cannibal guy that just got arrested .  Nobody tell Jack Thompson, okay?

A little late but the Flight blog has some photos from the recent APE convention in SF, CA. 

Computer Arts has a nice tutorial on using Adobe Illustrator CS2 to ink and color a traditional comic-style drawing.  (They've actually got a lot of tutorials on the site.)

Just indulge me for a minute here: a new Jeremy t-shirt! I've always loved Jon Morris' little Frankenstein-like character.

Chris Ware's comic work for the New York Times magazine is over - check it all out here

Portal Site Not Working

Sorry the portal site is still down - I think I know how to fix it - it's probably a db error resulting from yesterday's server issues but I probably won't have time to get to it until tonight.  I'll certainly try to get to it earlier if I can.

From Webslingers to Webcomics: Comic Book Publishers Online

DC and Marvel have dominated the comic book marketplace for decades with tales of radiated, atomic, DNA-scrambled, mutant superheroes.  Can they dominate the web as well?