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Harvey Pekar

Comix Talk for Tuesday, July 13, 2010

They're taking Spiderman 4 in a different direction

We haven't linked to the return of Mocktopus yet so be sure to check it out.

MILESTONES: Harvey Pekar passed away yesterday at age 70.  I never met Pekar, but he was an important creator who wrote honest portrayals of life in his comics.  Many pages of tribute and condolences around the web today.

REVIEW:  Daily Cross Hatch reviews Meredith Gran's collection of her webcomic Octopus Pie, There Are No Stars in Brooklyn.

CONVENTION:  Intervention announced that artist and webcomic creator Molly Crabapple, the founder of the Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art School, will be there both on a panel as well as running a Dr. Sketchy’s event at the con (Currently scheduled to take place Friday Sept.10 from 7-10pm).  Excellent!


  • It looks like the Blank Label Comics group has entered the phase of rock band stardom where one member of the original group plus newcomers = profit.  Okay I tease a bit - if I'm reading the new website right David Willis is the only remaining original member but the newcomers are no slouches: Spike and Kel.  I really haven't followed up on BLC for awhile so I guess I missed the rest of the original crew going their own ways.
  • The SpiderForest Collective is accepting applications for new members until July 24th. SpiderForest was started in 2004 by Ran Jado and is home to over 30 comics. There are 3 requirements for members: update your comic, help vote in new members, and display the rotating SF banner above the fold on your site.


News From Around the World of Webcomics Today



Volumes 3 and 4 of Danielle Corsetto's Girls With Slingshots are now available for pre-orderin'

Chris Onstad is selling a picture of himself from 1986.  Really!

Cameron Stewart has a couple of videos showing him working in Manga Studio

Webcomics Updates for Wednesday

It wasn't just my imagination, SPX was more crowded this yearChris Mautner has a nice write up of this year's SPX, (although I'm not sure I qualify for inclusion among "respected online personalities").  Also check out this year's Nerdlinger awards.  It's too bad they're in Baltimore - Baltimore is a long ways from Bethesda!  Maybe next year someone will organize a cool pre-SPX event closer to SPX!

Really nice tutorial over at today - from script to finished panels.

Smith Magazine has an interview (video) with Harvey Pekar.

New Book coming out

I found this while surfing today. I thought maybe you guys might want to check it out…
Nevin Martell has a book coming out called Looking for Calvin and Hobbes: The Unconventional Story of Bill Watterson and his Revolutionary Comic Strip. Here’s the abridged version of the summary that I found on The Comics Curmudgeon:


I'll be with the Couscous Collective at this year's Alternative Press Expo, October 17-18 in San Francisco. Check us out at table 347 on the ground floor.

The Couscousians are all over the programming this year. Panels behind the cut...

On Saturday, the lovely Andrew Farago will be on this panel:

It's Ain't Easy Being Green

Good morning Internet!  Swine flu even at PAX?! (see Mike/Gabe's message) -- nice to see that the Penny Arcade crew is broadcasting useful information via the website and encouraging everyone to take care of themselves.  That show seemed huge this year.  I am looking forward to my probably futile hopes to attend PAX East (futile because something always comes up to deflect my physical travels much like that damn leprechaun and his stale box of marshmallows and grains).

Rick Marshall scores an interview with Harvey Pekar about his new webcomic project.  How cool is that?!

A lovely interview with the talented Kate Beaton (no! you have not yet read enough interviews with Beaton this year!!  And... there WILL BE MORE! This Nostradamous predicts...)

Brigid Alverson gives a very good review to the first print collection of Skin Horse by Shaenon Garrity and some dude (Jeffrey C. Wells: just kidding!!!!!!!).

Met up with the Washtington Webcomics crew last night: Rob Balder (still erfing the world); Chris Impink (um gravitating the fragile... hmm ), Chris Flick (caping the babes? okay this nickname scheme isn't working out all that well) and just met Joe Zuniga who does the relatively new comic Made Up.

Strip News 8-28-9

It’s been a busy couple of weeks for all of us, so here’s a double sized issue to catch up…

Harvey Pekar launches webcomic

Famed comic book writer and author of the autobiographical comic series American Splendor, Harvey Pekar, has announced a new online project, his own webcomics. The comic series, titled The Pekar Project, is set to be updated bi-weekly and will be hosted by the online writing and storytelling magazine, Smith.

Warren Ellis: comics can help you perform sabotage, cure Alzheimer’s

Warren Ellis (who created the webcomic FreakAngels, among other things), gave a speech at Dundee University. He claims its was written in chickenscratch … but, as Abraham Lincoln could attest, sometimes the most timeless and memorable speeches come from concise yet powerful ideas that just mentally congeal into perfect nuggets of wisdom. For Ellis, comics are a superior medium. Here’s an excerpt:

Comics And Time

I pulled this from Warren Ellis’ blog.  Ellis is a bit of a hero to me, and this article is particularly well conceived: