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James Kochalka

James Kochalka


Creator of American Elf.

San Diego Comic Con -Thursday (photos)

Things are starting to rev up for the big attendence spike on Saturday and I still haven't managed to walk the entire floor - a feat I plan to accomplish today.

Here is a photo gallery of things seen on Thursday:

San Diego Comic Con - Preview Night

Today is the official start of San Diego Comic-Con International. For those people who bought four-day passes, they were allowed entry to Preview Night yesterday. For me, it meant helping Paul Horn, creator of Cool Jerk, set up his table at the Small Press Area.

Set up at the Convention Center started around 10 a.m.,perhaps even earlier for the bigger displays. For us, getting in at 3 p.m. (three hours before the start of preview night) to set up the booth still wasn't early enough. One area of the parking garage immediately under the convention center was already sold out and lines for preregistered attendees were forming loops outside.

ComiCon San Diego

Comicon is almost here. Gilead and Darlene will be guest blogging for Comixpedia. Lots of panel info after the jump.

Happy Freakin' Friday!!!

Hey don't forget - we got lots of good stuff already in the June magazine - check out the list of articles here.

Stephen Crowley's Magellan has made its archives free on account of its nomination for a WCCA in the Super-Hero/Action category.

Gary Chaloner is selling some of his artwork plus some comics (not his) from his personal collection. Gary is the writer/artist behind the John Law series.

Eric Kim says his webcomic Battle Academy is wrapping up today. Go check out the manga-flavored madness!

A short interview with James Kochalka on music and comics.

Fleen has more photos from this year's MoCCA convention (The Comic Foundry also has lots of MoCCA photos).

Harvey Award Nominations Released

The Harvey Awards have released their list of nominations for 2006.


Also of interest is the nomination for Flight vol. 2 in the anthology category, Kazu Kibuishi's Daisy Kutter in "Best Graphic Album - Previously published" and James Kochalka's Super f*ckers in the category "Special Award for Humor in Comics".


I liked Tweep, Philip likes A Softer World and Gilead likes No Room For Bushido.

Drawn! blog points out that Dylan Meconis has posted drawings of the entire Battlestar Galatica cast, drawn as if they were on The Simpsons.  And coincidently Fleen just wrote about Meconis' latest webcomic Family Man.

Watch Adam Hughes draw.  Nice video. 

New webcomics collective emerging: Gangbunch which includes Tauhid and several others.

Notwebcomics dept: a video of Kochalka's Monkey Vs Robot.

Quitting The Day Job Updates

Jon Rosenberg quits last remnants of a non-webcomics job to do Goats fulltime.

Ryan North finally reveals that he quit his day job an entire year ago...

I'm actually curious as to how many people make their living solely for a webcomic-based enterprise at this point.  It's getting to be more than I can count on my fingers. 

James Kochalka goes mainstream

The new Fox sitcom "The Loop" debuts tonight, featuring webcartoonist James (American Elf) Kochalka's song Hockey Monkey as its opening theme!

Pay you to use your comic?

I'm wondering if the business model that newspapers have been using forever could be transferred to the web. That is, if there was a website that would publish your comic, and you were paid for the rights to publish there, would you accept? Presumably the website would make its money from advertising.