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Joey Manley

Monday Morning News

**ahem** cheap advertising available...


Continuing rumbles over how to turn the CBR/CBZ file format into the mp3 of comics, this time from Modern Tales publisher and WebcomicsNation owner Joey Manley:

All I need is RSS-with-enclosure subscribability — a CBR reader that acts just like a podcast catcher, in short, only snagging .CBR or .CBZ files, instead of .MP3’s.

I can’t take credit for this idea. take a look at this thread started by the well-known comics writer Warren Ellis almost two years ago. “TIVO for comics,” he calls the idea. That pretty much sums it up.



SPRITE: The UnComic



Bring the Newz!



  • Reinder Dijkhuis has an interesting essay on Project Wonderful. My take on Project Wonderful is that it's a wonderful platform for a web-based advertising system but what remains to be seen is whether it turns into an advertising service. A service needs some entity interacting with traditional media buyers (usually advertising agencies) to sell them ad space on the platform. Whether that's PW creator Ryan North who takes that on or some other arrangement, it's a piece of the puzzle necessary to the long-term success of PW. Don't get me wrong though - I'm a big fan of PW right now and I'm optimistic about it.




BREAKFAST OF THE GODS Book One is complete!

Brendan Douglas Jones (that’s me!) is proud to announce the completion of The Last Good Morning – book one of his critically acclaimed and controversial comic book series Breakfast of the Gods.

Modern Tales Family Goes Downloadable

Today I'm happy to announce that the Modern Tales family of websites (Modern Tales, GirlAMatic, serializer and Graphic Smash) is the first major webcomics network to embrace the downloadable CBR format for full-length, high-resolution d

Webcomics And The Direct Market

Warren Ellis' forum The Engine has a thread on webcomics and the direct market (i.e. comic book shops). The discussion ends up being more about the problem retailers see with creators debuting their comics at cons without offering them at shops at the same time, but also has some interesting discussion for webcomics with an eye on the traditional comics market.

Retailer Brian Hibbs:

In most cases, my knee-jerk reaction to something (anything) that is being made available to me secondarily is going to be minimal if not nil orders. [...]I've got no real concern about creators having an equal or better crack at the hardcopy sales, but where the advantage directly turns against me (ie: offering for sale BEFORE I have a fair crack at the work... be that on-line, or, yup, even in person at a convention or something), then I'm way way WAY less likely to support that work with my purchasing dollars as a retailer.

Hibbs elaborates a bit on this saying that he does not see as big a problem with comics offered free online. The problem is if the consumer has already paid for the comic in some format, which would make him/her less likely to buy it again through a store.

Happy 5th Birthday, Modern Tales

Modern TalesI've heard that 99% of start-ups fail within the first five years. So this is a significant moment for us.

Also: five years is the longest I've ever held one job.

TalkAboutComics Podcast: Todd Allen and the Economics of Webcomics

Joey Manley interviews Columbia College business professor Todd Allen, whose 2003 study "The Economics of Webcomics" will be released in a heavily-revised second edition in a few weeks.

New York Comicon

 New York ComiconI assume people know already that today is the first day of this weekend's New York Comicon. (But just a reminder - anyone can submit an event to our events calendar)

Joey Manley has a good post on the non-webcomics makeup of today's webcomic panel at the 'con. I believe FLEEN is attending with a press badge so I'm hoping they'll be writing up any and all news coming out of the events in the Big Apple (here's one last what-to-see post from FLEEN before Gary heads out the door). We'll all find out what got hyped up soon enough...

Rolling Thursday Webcomic Thunder (UPDATED)




  • Comics Worth Reading reports on the fate of the Friends of Lulu Empowerment Fund. Short answer: no more fund. Here's an excerpt from information provided by FOL President Shannon Crane concerning the problems surrounding the creation of the fund last year:
    Ronee Bourgeois suggested to our entire board that we start an empowerment fund. We agreed that yes, it would be a wonderful idea. Unfortunately, instead of being patient to let the ENTIRE board come up with guidelines, rules, etc, she announced the new fund to the comics community without the board’s consent. We found ourselves between a rock and a hard place. We did what we could to make it work, and now we find that this is not something that we will pursue any longer.




G.A.A.K--Tooncasting a Giant Shadow!!!

I remember telling Webcomics Nation founder Joey Manley that I thought that, above and beyond the hosting, RSS feeds, etc, that WCN offered, the single best feature was tooncasting. Which I guess is just Joey's fancy-assed term for syndication.

Let me say that again. Syndication.