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Jon Rosenberg

Manley and Kurtz interview Scott Rosenberg of Platinum Studios

In the latest podcast, Scott Rosenberg of Platinum Studios, Scott Kurtz of PvP, and Joey Manley (that's me) talk for almost an hour and a half about Hollywood and webcomics.

There is just a teensy bit of yelling. But mostly it's civil, and very (I think) informative.

More On The Comic Book Challenge

There was a long (civil!) discussion in the comments to this first post on Platinum Studio's Comic Book Challenge. Scott Rosenberg, the Chairman of Platinum emailed me to tell me they had read the discussion here and were making efforts to provide further information on the contest. If you're interested in that there's now a FAQ at The Comic Book Challenge site and an interview with Scott Rosenberg at the comic book news site Broken Frontier. (And full disclosure, The Comic Book Challenge is now running banner ads at Comixpedia)

Also in the interview, Rosenberg notes the somewhat similar Comic Book Resources' Comic Book Idol competition which seems to have been a one-shot deal in 2004 (or does it take place every year?). Maybe we need one of these contests for webcomics?...

Platinum Studios and NBC's "COMIC BOOK CHALLENGE"

A little tight deadline here, but Platinum Studios and NBC are having a COMIC BOOK CHALLENGE wherein you submit a pitch for your comic along with a sample page. "GRAND PRIZE:The Winner's Idea will be Fully Produced and will debut to the public at one of the major comics conventions of 2007! NBC 7/39 TV will showcase the finalists on the air. "

[Xerexes: I got a press release on this which had a link to a commercial on it. I'll post the full press release as a comment to this post.]

Rosenberg's Next Webcomic?

Fleen reports that Jon Rosenberg was handing out stickers with the URL at MoCCA this past weekend. Given that Rosenberg just ended a webcomic (MegaGamerz) the speculation is that he will be rolling out a new webcomic callled Team Force Alpha.

Megagamerz Ending... Not!

Lore writes about the possibility that Megagamerz 3133T might be ending. Silly swede, norwegian? scandanavian-named fellow!

Even if creator Jon Rosenberg Diablo kills off all of his main characters, it's not going to end the dada-esque gamer hijinks. Remember even Diablo has been killed off more than once.

The More I Learn, the Less I Broadcast

The More I Learn, the Less I Broadcast

This is an official rant. It's very long.

An incident today really threw a spotlight on a major attitude change of mine, which has happened within the last six months to a year. I no longer look to any public webcomics blog or forum to productively share and receive information about webcomics. I barely participate. I'm genuinely disgusted with the state of webcomics discussion, and it's not worth my time either to wade in and try to raise the level of debate, or to keep sifting for signal in all the noise.

Friday News and Stuff

Part 2 of a preview of the Flight 3 anthology is up.

A fan did a partial animation of the first Something Positive strip. The voices sound right to me (isn't that what throws you off the most when someone makes a movie out of a

Raina Telgemeier gets profiled. With her Babysitters Club graphic novel she's going to be big in 2006. 

Bunny has a book - they're taking preorders now. 

Comics Worth Reading likes the most recent Pearls Before Swine storylinePBS and Get Fuzzy are two of the few newspaper strips I seek out.

Lore and I agree: PartiallyClips sums up the Chuck Norris fad - put that strip in the time capsule.

Too Much Coffee Man the opera. Not the usual derivative work for a comic...

Sssh... Jon Rosenberg has a livejournal now.

Tuesday Round Up of Webcomic News

Tym Godek has a review of the journal webcomic Surely Functional by Greg Kornbluh & Ramsey Ford.

T Campbell needs you to take the Clickwheel Users Survey.  Clickwheel is the iPod comics service. 

Paul Gadzikowski used to do a journal comic - who knew?

Jon Rosenberg notes that the horrible murder-cannibal guy that just got arrested .  Nobody tell Jack Thompson, okay?

A little late but the Flight blog has some photos from the recent APE convention in SF, CA. 

Computer Arts has a nice tutorial on using Adobe Illustrator CS2 to ink and color a traditional comic-style drawing.  (They've actually got a lot of tutorials on the site.)

Just indulge me for a minute here: a new Jeremy t-shirt! I've always loved Jon Morris' little Frankenstein-like character.

Chris Ware's comic work for the New York Times magazine is over - check it all out here

Quitting The Day Job Updates

Jon Rosenberg quits last remnants of a non-webcomics job to do Goats fulltime.

Ryan North finally reveals that he quit his day job an entire year ago...

I'm actually curious as to how many people make their living solely for a webcomic-based enterprise at this point.  It's getting to be more than I can count on my fingers. 

9 Years of Goats

Jon Rosenberg's Goats is 10 9 years this weekend.  I've been reading Goats for about forever and at a long ago point Rosenberg was as crappy an artist as I am.  He has, however, stuck with it since then.  Practice makes perfect a lot of progress actually. 

And of course he's always been funny.  So he's got that going for him...

Here's a snapshot of Goats: the first is from April 30, 1997 and the second is from mid-2005: