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Josh Roberts

All New ComicSpace

So while I was still thinking about what I should write on my last day of posting here, I noticed that ComicSpace had got itself a makeover. They've upgraded the whole system from whatever it was before to Wordpress. The transition wasn't exactly seamless; they're still working on the kinks. Some data seems to be lost, some displays weirdly. If you have a ComicSpace page, it might be a good idea to stop by and clean up your profile now. (If you're like me, you haven't done that at least since the makeover started a week ago.)

You do remember ComicSpace, right? A couple of years ago (2006),'s Josh Roberts created the site, aiming for a "MySpace for comics". For a while, it seemed like the place to go if you wanted to connect to other comics people (or, more to the point, webcomics people). Personally, I lost touch with it over time, although I was very interested when Webcomics Nation's Joey Manley announced a merger of the two site families (including, Modern Tales and others) in 2007. The sites still haven't merged, although they're all part of the same company, E-Line, now. So much about the history. So what has changed?