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Julia Wertz

Comix Talk for Friday, February 18, 2011

Well I'm writing this post so the first thing I'm mentioning is that I did a "cover" of a panel from the 80s comic book Spiderman Versus Wolverine for the Repaneled blog -- it's up over there today.  I think the "cover" concept blogs are all pretty fun; there's a lot of them actually.  Repaneled is on the newer side but has a lot of interesting work up already.  UPDATE: Speaking of covers, friend-of-ComixTalk-for-life James Duncan has a cover of an Alpha Flight issue up at the Covered blog.

MILESTONES: It's the 7th anniversary of Richard Thompson's Cul De Sac. This comic is so good, it's kind of a shame it wasn't around for the last newspaper golden era of Calvin & Hobbes and The Far Side, it more than holds it own.

AWARDS: The Glyph Award nominees are out and nominated in the Best Comic Strip or Webcomic category are The K Chronicles by Keith Knight; Marty’s Diner by Dmitri Jackson; The Revolutionary Times by Brandon Howard and Sean Mack; Solomon Azua by Jake Ekiss; and World of Hurt by Jay Potts.

INTERVIEW: The Phoenix New Times interviews Matt Inman about his webcomic The Oatmeal.  His first book, 5 Very Good Reasons to Punch A Dolphin In the Mouth, is coming out on March 5.



SPX 2010 Photos (Part 2)

More photos from 2010 SPX (part 1 here)

Comix Talk for Friday, February 12, 2010

Zombies Calling by Faith Erin HicksWe're finally digging out of the snow here in Washington DC -- apparently the volume of frosted flakes falling felled a record.  Anyhow - wanted to let everyone know that new user registrations are back online at Comix Talk.  You don't need to register with Comix Talk to comment on anything BUT registering gives you the ability to have a user blog and post to Comix Talk news and hype if you so desire.  New registrations are not automatically approved, however, so it may take up to a day for me to check them.

All Ages: El Santo had an interesting overview of what makes comics good for kids.  A good source for what's new with all ages comics is the Good Comics for Kids blog.  I've certainly had more interest in these comics again as my kids have gotten into comics.

No Good Deed Goes Unpublished: Coyote Trax has an article about webcomic creators involvement in charity and other good deeds.  El Santo had a recent post about the comic Snowflakes participation in Heart Health Month.


Wow, An Honest-To-Gods News Post From ComixTalk!

Welcome to the third week of December!  In today's ComixTalk 2009 Roundtable, (did I mention the 2009 ComixTalk Roundtable was posted today?) Johanna Draper Carlson mentions motion comics; Mike Rhodes blogs about motion comics, leading off with a link to this NPR story on it.

Last week, I posted Time Magazine's interview with cartoonist Julia Wertz on her lack of health insurance and Tom Spurgeon posted a round-up of several posts written in reaction to it, notably one from cartoonist Evan Dorkin.  Also in last week's news, Johanna Draper Carlson covered Ryan Sohmer's post about his horrible, no good, bad experience with DragonCon.

And this is kind of a narrow-interest piece, but as someone who has tinkered with a website about comics for almost a decade now, reading this post about the good and the bad of the new is kind of interesting.


All kinds of awesome: My Three Robins or Mr. Bat-Mom.  I'm somewhat shocked David Willis didn't think of this first!  (h/t to Johanna Draper Carlson).

Colleen Frake posted her NaGraNoWriMo effort here.  They ought to make a 30 day graphic novel effort an official variant on National Novel Writing Month (and maybe just call it NaCoWriMo for National Comic Writing Month).

One more pitch for the Webcomic Holiday Postcard fundraiser.  Pitch!

Time Interview with Cartoonist Julia Wertz

Julia Wertz talks about being a cartoonist without healthcare insurance in this interview with Time.

Strip News 10-29-9

If there wasn’t a mainstream urge to create indie comics before, there will be now

  • The Webcomic Overlook reviewed Danielle Dark while mpd57 looked at Where Evils Darent. Pigs of the Industry looked at Doc Monster and I Am Legend covered Asylum Ink. Digital Strips returned to their pile of reviewed comics to see how the new ones have done over time.
  • SMASH hit an exciting end to Season One. It’s on my review list but you would be upset with me if I rudely kept this comic to myself. And another treasure you won’t want to miss is Forty-Five. I’d like to get more in-depth with 45 a little later; it’s a fun concept worth exploring.
  • Paperless Comics had some good links to great stuff for you but I also liked the discussion about landing pages in the comments. And more or less encourages us to not make our readers think if we can help it – which was echoed by Smashing Magazine’s Cheeseburger Interface. I think the lesson is to make sure the thinking/processing our readers have to do is centered on the comic itself.
  • The Webcomic List forums had this fun thread called Before and After which compared the first comics of a series and current comics. It was interesting to see how the art changed in ways over time that you might miss if you were a regular reader. There was also an Awesome Strips thread where posters showed off awesome strips. Inkstuds compiled a list of five cartoonists you should be reading.

News from SPX (Small Press Expo)

SPX took place this weekend in beautiful Bethesda, MD, and webcomics were there … apparently in full force. Here are a couple of snippets I discovered courtesy of The Beat.

First off, some observations from Johanna Draper Carlson:


Hey it's the coolest little comics show that could, the Small Press Expo in Bethesda, MD.  It's this Saturday and Sunday and thanks to the very gracious and cool Mrs. X, I am shirking husband and fatherhood to check out the show on Saturday afternoon.  There is an insane number of AMAZING comics-making folks at the show and a good set of speakers and panels.
I'm going to check out the "Comic Strips: Online and In Print" panel with Kate Beaton, Erika Moen, R. Stevens, and Julia Wertz and the "Critics’ Roundtable" with Rob Clough, Sean T. Collins, Gary Groth, Chris Mautner, Joe McCulloch, Tucker Stone, Douglas Wolk and  Bill Kartalopoulos.

Why Don't Adults Get Summer Vacation? I Could Use One

Sorry the posting has been more sparse this month -- just had less time for writing about comics this year so far.  I am always happy to frontpage good posts though -- posts on projects (self-hype is okay!) with something interesting (not just a "hey, here's my comic) that include an image are GOLD! and posts with news or a round-up of links to news are also always appreciated.  And if you're already posting to your own blog it's easy to set up an automatic import of your feed to your ComixTalk account.

Also - I'm on twitter ("xerexes") and facebook (tweet or email me if you want to connect there) these days.  My Twitter feed has updates from here plus assorted little things (sometimes non-comics) and Facebook is largely not-comics in terms of posts from me but I am using it to keep up on what others are doing comics-wise.

GeekDad interviews Chris Hastings of Dr. McNinja.  Which reminds me - I've seen a lot of ninja-ing and some fair amount of doctoring in the comic but what about the "Mc". Have we ever seen much exploration of the Doctor's scottish roots?

The San Francisco Examiner interviews Julia Wertz of Fart Party.  Wertz mentions that readers have told her the title has delayed their looking at the book (which suggests that there are probably a number of non-readers who never got past the title) and to be honest I don't recall the comic really ever explaining why it had the title. (h/t Journalista!)

The ComicsCritics comic interviews itself in comic form (it's today's update there). (h/t Journalista!)

Graphic NYC is a great blog with lots of good posts and great photos of talented cartoonists.  Here's a recent post on the status of their projects (book!) with links to many of their best posts.

MySpace Comics is shutting down according to this story on Comic Alliance.  The article suggests that this means the end of Dark Horse Presents on MySpace? If so, I would hope that Dark Horse could find another home for this project.

Sean Kleefeld has a short post about using Second Life to create comics.  Hadn't thought of that yet although I have seen Sims-generated comics in the past.

I Saw You

Hey, I've got a two-pager in I Saw You, a collection of comics based on Craigslist missed-connections ads. Julia Wertz of The Fart Party put the whole thing together, and the contributors include Keith Knight, Peter Bagge, Tom Hart, Sam Henderson, Gabrielle Bell, Emily Flake (one of my major girl-crushes), and a bunch of my friends. So, yeah, that's all good.