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Kate Beaton

Drawn & Quarterly Announces It Will Publish Kate Beaton Book

It's all over the intertubes this morning -- Drawn & Quarterly announced that it had acquired the rights to publish a hardcover version of Kate Beaton's work. Congrats to Kate Beaton. Given Beaton's enthusiastic fan base I suspect that the odds are really good D&Q will have a huge success with this.

Full press release follows:

Comix Talk for Friday, October 22, 2010

Kate Beaton's Kraven the Prom Hunter

Friday! Awesome! Woohoo!  I hope everyone saw that the Comics Alliance blog has a great interview with Kate Beaton -- lots of charming anecdotes in there.  She did in fact have the longest lines of fans at SPX this fall.

REVIEW: El Santo reviews Lovecraft Is Missing. He reviewed a bunch of horror-themed webcomics this week.

CRAFT:  T.J. Kirsch shows off his work process on the webcomic he draws -- She Died In Terrebonne (written by Kevin Church).


SPX 2010 Photos (Part 2)

More photos from 2010 SPX (part 1 here)

You've Come a Long Way, Baby! (Wait, That's Sexist)

 When Cathy Guisewite started her comics career in 1976 there weren't many women making comics. 'Cathy' was one of the first mainstream comics written by and about a woman. When she announced she would be ending the long-running comic strip October 3rd it made me think about some of the webcomics I read that happen to be made by women.

2010 Harvey Award Nominees Announced

The 2010 Harvey Awards Nominees have been announced.  Here's the webcomic category:

The full list of nominees after the jump:

Comix Talk for Thursday, July 1, 2010

Is it in fact appropriate to wish my neighbors to the North a "Happy Canada Day"?  If so, well then, cheers and happy no-longer-colonies day!  

Nope, I've Never Done This!

Hypey Mc Hype: Barry Smith and coffee always equals a good InkTank strip :)

Oooh Pretty... Flight 7!  Kazu Kibuishi posts previews from the upcoming installment of the comics anthology series.

Even Reuben Bolling Gets The Blues: The creator of Tom the Dancing Bug gets some high profile links to his comics but unfortunately not to the "approved" postings of them.  This sucks but it's inevitable that things like this will happen.  Best to be prepared by putting in a clear URL to your work on the comic image itself.  Any other tips?

Last One To Leave MySpace, Turn Off the Disco Lights: I saw on Comics Reporter that Dark Horse is moving its webcomics portal/monthly anthology off of MySpace and back to its own website.

Review: Lauren Davis tackles the post 9/11 thrilller webcomic Nathan Sorry.

INTERVIEW: Mike Rhodes interviews Donna Lewis for the local alt weekly paper.  Lewis's webcomic is Reply All which to be honest is a mess in terms of art (it looks like MS Paint) but does have some good moments in the writing.  Not really funny so much as an honest and knowing tone, it's a pretty good effort at a comic built around an adult woman's point of view.

NOT WEBCOMICS: I don't know if these are "authorized" but someone has made funny little animations out of a few Kate Beaton comics.  This take on her "Two Watsons" comics cracked me up silly this morning.

Kate Beaton In The @#%%^! New Yorker

Can't let this pass without comment: Kate Beaton cartoon in The New Yorker!  

Webcomics Auction for the Gulf Coast

Webcomics Auction for the Gulf Coast

I want to point folks to the Webcomics Auction for the Gulf Coast organized by Carly Monardo.  The actual auction will launch in early July but webcomic artists can look into donating work for the auction now.

Joe Shuster Awards: Webcomic Nominees

Joe Shuster AwardsThe nominees for the 2010 Joe Shuster Award in the categoy of "Webcomics/Bandes Dessinées Web" are:

The 6th Annual Awards Ceremony is on Saturday, June 5th, 2010 at the Innis Town Hall (University of Toronto) with returning Master of Ceremonies Jonathan Llyr.  The awards ceremony is held on the same weekend as the Toronto ComiCON FAN APPRECIATION Event (June 5-6).

Comix Talk for Friday, April 23, 2010

Wow - it's been one crazy summer week. So the big story this week is the move of Reuben Bolling's Tom the Dancing Bug from Salon to Boing Boing.  At least I think it's kind of a big deal as has a huge audience and as Reuben Bolling explains it was the first place he contacted after learning Salon was dropping his strip.

Digital Strips has a plug for Patrick Farley's Kickstarter drive to let him focus on his webcomics site, Electronic Sheep. For those who weren't reading webcomics 10 years ago you may not have the context for how mind-bending Farley's work was at that point.  He pushed... hard on the web.  He had comics with radically different art styles, different web environments, different everything.  And it was all good.  Having him freed up to work on comics would mean getting a lot of great new work.  Consider pledging...

REVIEWS:  Daily Cross Hatch has a review of the latest Snake Pit book - a compilation of the journal comic from 2009.  I have the book, was struggling with a review -- I think this review is pretty useful -- this is journal comic at it's most basic.  I did this, I saw that.

Also worth checking out is a look by the Storming the Tower blog at the quasi-Penny & Aggie-Something Positive cross-over via the character of Helen.


From the Mailbag: Thormod Skald writes about his webcomic Farnir The Dragon -- an action/comedy/political satire:

The dragon Fafnir awakens from a centuries-long slumber to find his treasure stolen and scattered across the world. Unfortunately for him, anyone who finds a piece can control Fafnir for nine days and as usual, the greatest power is often in the hands of the biggest idiots.