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Katie Sekelsky

Interview with Katie Sekelsky of Magpie Luck

I had a quick chat with Katie Sekelsky about her current webcomic Magpie Luck.  Magpie Luck is a science fiction comic strip about a lady time traveler named Tristan and her amorphous gas cloud companion.  It's charming!  Sekelsky has been making comics since high school and she's really put a lot of her learning into this new project.

Comix Talk for Monday, July 26, 2010

Magpie Luck by Katie Sekelsky


AWARDS: Congrats to Cameron Stewart for his webcomic Sin Titulo winning the Eisner for Best Digital Comic this year.

HYPE: The prequel comic to the movie Inception is pretty good actually.



Steve "Fabricari" Harrison writes "After taking a couple years on hiatus upon completion of my webcomic Fabricari: Ad Hoc, I've decided to cull together all of my Fabricari related comics and art in preparation for some sort of omnibus thinger. I've re-lettered and posted issues one and two online.  As a bonus, I found a fifteen year-old uninked short story, the very first Fabricari comic; I inked it and also posted it on my site. It's a weird collaboration between my 19 and 34 year old self. It's a bit weird, but I couldn't be happier with the results.  And coming soon: The re-scanned, re-lettered pages from issue three!

Sam Costello writes:  I've got a new Split Lip site - now on its own domain at  The main benefits of the new site are that the art is much bigger (about a third bigger), which makes for a much nicer reading experience. It also has a blog from me. It's got all 31 Split Lip stories - nearly 500 pages of free horror comics.

Christopher Baldwin writes about his wonderful (not just my opinion - check out the io9 review) new science fiction webcomic, Spacetrawler which has been running since January of this year.

I am planning it to be a 3 year project, with one book per year (it runs twice-weekly, so approx 104 pages per book). It is full color. The books will be divided similar to the Star Wars movies, where each stands alone but there is also an over-arching plot.  Although a gag strip, there is a lot of depth in character and plot. And the cast is large enough that it took me about 5 months just to fully introduce everyone. Now that I have, things have begun happening en force, and judging by the comments on my page, people are loving that.

The Gigcast 186, Live! ’cause JT is lazy

JT is back on Talkshoe with a good bunch of webcomicers to talk about NEWW and the new Webcomic Planet.

Guests: Twitter names for now…  links to follow.

Gigcast 163… Fall-Con Update

JT and Scott talk Webcomics,  Christian Ellis Shallow Thoughts and TBBA Spotlight.


Blind Date II Comics for Monday February 26, 2007

We're coming to the very end of February and keeping our fingers crossed that all of our Blind Dates turn out well. We have three for Monday:

Thank God It's Blind Date II

We've got two more excellent Blind Date II comics for Friday!

We're heading into the home stretch Blind Date II participants! Email me those finished comics by the end of this Sunday, February 25th! The list of creators still yet to report on their "blind date" after the jump (nudge nudge, know what I mean?):

And the WCCA Goes To... An Interview with WCCA Chairman Mark Mekkes

Webcomic creator Mark Mekkes is the co-founder of the WCCAs and the current Chairman of the award. The WCCAs recently shifted from a mid-year presentation to a January-Februray schedule more closely aligned with the calendar year. The 2007 WCCAs will be presented online and in person at Megacon on February 19, 2007. I recently interviewed Mark by email to catch up with all of the changes and what's in store for this year's edition of webcomics' own awards.

First off, tell us a little about your role with the WCCAs. How did you come to help start them and what's been your role since then?

Blind Date II Pairings

Okay after a random drawing of names from a hat - here's your Blind Date II pairings. (Click read more to find out the pairings)

The rules are simple: the two of you brainstorm out and create a comic in the spirit of Valentines Day. Define "spirit of" however you want (we're not going to be as strict as the WCCA is with the Romantic Comics category).

We will start posting submissions on Valentines Day (February 14th) on a first-in, first-up basis and keep posting them as they come in through the month of February. I'd prefer to post the comics at to prevent future link-rot, but I can link to something posted elsewhere too. Either way email me at xerexes AT comixpedia DOT com with the essential information. The absolute deadline for turning in Blind Date II comics will be February 25th.

Also try and link up with your partner early next week - if you have trouble getting connected or someone quits talk to me next week and we'll try to sort something else out for you.

Blind Date II: Electric Boogaloo

It's been too long since 2004's Blind Date so let's do it again this year. We had some discussion over format for it and it was divided so let's do the original format again (I'll use the Border Walker idea for another event later this year). I've posted the archives of Blind Date 2004 at if you want to check out the first edition.

The format is simple - by signing up you agree to work on a comic with a randomly selected partner (hence the "blind date" part ). The finished comic gets posted at Blind Date II during the week of February 19th.

You can sign-up for Blind Date II starting now through January 26th. Either email me at xerexes At comixpedia Dot coM or post a reply to this post. Include your name, your comic and whether you are an artist, writer or artist/writer (the only exception to the randomness will be that we will make sure not to pair up writer-writer or artist-artist).

We'll pair up partners and send out pairings around January 28th.

We'll being posting finished webcomics for the event the week of February 19th.

Please ask questions here as well so everyone can see the answers.



Gene Yang's American Born Chinese did not win the National Book award it was nominated for but in this case it truly was an amazing achievement just to be nominated. (List of winners available here). The Beat has a report with pictures.


A few new site features if you're interested:


Adam York from The Flowfield Unity posted two interviews to our blogs section: