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Kris Straub

The Kris and Scott Show?

I did watch the Penny Arcade teevee episode that focused entirely on Scott and Kris.  It was funny and I guess others thought so too.  This Kickstarter effort is to produce a whole season of shows about the duo - check out the video below. (I was going to make a crack about the donation level rewards: only $5000 for dinner in Seattle! but the basic level of $25 gets you the entire series which seems like a pretty good deal actually.)

Snakehead Games Webcomic Contest: $1000 Prizes

Colin Ferguson, Community Director for Snakehead Games, wrote to tell us about a webcomic award they're running within their community.  Snakehead runs two free browser games: Star Pirates and Spy Battle: 2165 and Ferguson said that they've been able to build their gaming community in large part due to partnerships with webcomics from familar folks like Howard Taylor, Kris Straub and Phil Foglio.  As a thank you, Snakehead is running a poll amongst its members to decide which of 10 remaining webcomics will win two $1000 awards: one a $1000 in Project Wonderful advertising and the other $1000 in cash.  The $1000 in advertising goes to the top vote getter and the $1000 in cash will be sort of a lottery (every vote cast in the “Round of 20″ will be put in a virtual hat. One of the votes will be selected, and that’s the winner).

Starslip Ad for Star Pirates

I remember seeing the custom ads for the game Star Pirates that various sci-fi themed webcomics designed and ran and that's a great way to partner with a webcomic.  Snakehead Games obviously hopes to get more members and traffic out of this but so what, it's a pretty cool idea and win-win for them and the webcomics involved.  The 10 webcomics remaining in their contest are Girl Genius, XKCD, Legostar Galactica, Erfworld, Looking for Group, Order of the Stick, Darths and Droids, Schlock Mercenary, Kevin and Kell, and Questionable Content.  Final results of this contest are expected to be announced in mid-June.

Comix Talk from the Airport

I'm leaving on a jetplane... actually I know when I'll be back again which is why posting might be light until the end of the month.  Although I am led to believe they have a series of tubes in Asia too so I'm counting on that.

BUSINESS  I guess the big news over the weekend was the by-now-well-covered announcement from DC that it won't be holding monthly contests anymore at its Zuda property. I generally am suspicious of contests but on the other hand experimentation is necessary.  So hopefully we´ve all learned a bit from Zuda part 1 and DC will try something else interesting for Zuda part 2.

INTERVIEWS  Liberally borrowing from Brigid´s Paperless Comics because this is a great batch of interviews she linked to from TGT Webcomics with creators at C2E2 includingGordon McAlpin (Multiplex), Ed (Ed Contradictory), Michael A. Kandalaft (That Monkey Tune), Tony and Sarah (The Angry Penguin), Josep (Space Punks!), Joe and Phil (Digital Pimp), Brad Guigar (Evil, Inc.), Kris Straub (Starslip), and Scott Kurtz, (PvP).

FROM THE MAILBAG  Rina Piccolo writes to announce her new webcomic Velia, Dear.  The comic is about a young woman named Velia who leaves the inner city to take care of her aging Italian mother.  There´s already a few strips up in the archives and it´s a great premise and Piccolo is already a pro and shows it in this new project.

Comix Talk for Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Freak Angels by Warren Ellis and Paul Duffield

It's day 4 of Snowapalooza in Washington DC.  I consider this a trial run for if I ever decided to move to Canada and so far... I don't think I'd make it.  But being snow-bound has been great for catching up on comics.  I also wanted to flag a few features at ComixTalk -- the calendar of comic events is available here, but you can also add it a number of other calendar programs and I'm always interested in co-maintainers.  In fact I'd be very happy to see other blogs and sites join me in maintaining it and embedding it on their sites too. I also set up a hub page for the four webcomic titles that have run at ComixTalk over its 8 year history - click to discover work from Ryan Estrada, Kris Straub and Bryant Paul Johnson.

Awards:  The Webcomics List, a hybrid tracking, popularity and news site for webcomics had a forum-organized awards program this year.  It felt a lot like the old WCCAs. This Week in Webcomics covers the resultsGunnerkrigg Court won the nod for Best Comic and Moon Town won for Best New Comic.  Coyote has a review of Moon Town here.

iWebcomics: So I'm kind of already burnt out on the iPad hype.  I want to wait until the thing is available to think more about it.  Others are though: Erik Larsen has an essay about it and Gizmodo salivated over how comics will look on the tablet device.

Dead Trees: Tyler Page talks numbers, costs and quality for taking the Print-On-Demand route for volume 2 of his Nothing Better webcomic.  And starting this week, for a couple of months, Gordon McAlpin is working full time on Multiplex — and, the Multiplex: Book 1 print collection.  This is all due to the funding he raised for the book through a Kickstarter drive.


  • The recent rock concert contest storyline at Ornery Boy has been great - both funny and Michael Lalonde has done an awesome job with animating key panels.  If you're going to do a flash comic than use it!  Ornery Boy makes great use of Flash's capabilities.
  • It's a been awhile since I've linked to Freak AngelsThings are happening again in the storyline and although I'm a bit annoyed that after a few years we still don't really understand the full logic of the "package" of the freak angels and their world, it's a hell of a comic.  I'll also just flag again that what Avatar is doing here seems like a pretty good model for a publisher-creator relationship in the webcomic world.  I'm not sure I've seen anyone else quite match it yet.
  • The latest issue of Dark Horse Presents is out with webcomics from Graham Annable and others.


Webcomics @ ComixTALK



The Antecedent by Bryant Paul Johnson

Checkerboard Nightmare by Kris Straub

Welton Colbert Versus by Ryan Estrada

Modern Humor Authority by Kris Straub

Comix Talk for January 29, 2010

Whew, made it to Friday.  Sometime next week a new version of ComixTalk at the new server will emerge -- it won't be perfect but mostly what I need this year.  And it should mean the end of me starting posts writing about Drupal and CSS...

I got a fever, and the only prescription... is more AXE COP! You've all read Axe Cop, haven't you?  If I didn't know it was for real I might have thought Kris Straub was behind it...  Coupling really funny and well-done art with scripts from his 5 year old brother Malachai, artist Ethan Nicolle has created something that is a gimmick but I swear I laughed the whole time I was reading it. 

iWEBCOMICS: Paperless Comics has a nice round up of webcomic commenting on the iPad announcement.  I'm not going to think too hard about it until the damn thing is actually in the store, but even though it's not perfect I'm kind of leaning towards getting an iPad right now.  (I wonder if I can write it off as a business expense for this site?)

INTERVIEW: A really nice interview with Kean Soo, creator of the all ages comic Jellaby (and before that his journal comic at

REVIEWS: Tom Spurgeon has a glowing review of Kazu Kibuishi's book, Copper.  Copper has long been one of my favorite comics and I really do want to get a copy of the paper version at some point.  Missed it but earlier this month, Sean Kleefeld reviewed another all ages title -- the prose/comics hybrid book Malice.


Seth Godin read Scott McCloud's Understanding Comics and thought it was... about marketing?

Over at Panel & Pixel forums, there's some information and discussion of how intellectual property rights in the U.S. work when a writer and artist collaborate. And another Panel & Pixel post covers creating model sheets for characters for your comic.

RIP Halfpixel and

I have come here not to praise Halfpixel and, but to bury them.  For the past couple of years, the Halfpixel crew, Scott Kurtz, Kris Straub, Dave Kellet, and Brad Guigar, have taken this approach to evangelizing not only webcomics, but a business model of free content that makes a profit.  Evangelizing doesn't even say it right; they wrote a book, did podcasts, and answered a lot of questions from other cartoonists about how to be successful.  And a lot of advice they gave, in the beginning, was really good.  They had lots of ideas about how to use social media, website design, and basic comic making skills that were fantastic.

The Webcomic Overlook #100: xkcd

Ah, 100 reviews.

This is truly a milestone in the annals of The Webcomic Overlook lore. True, I’ve also written 20+ smaller reviews, which are actually longer an more elaborate than the earlier Webcomic Overlooks. Plus all those reviews I wrote for ComixTalk and Comic Fencing (all lovingly catalogued on this very site).

Still, 100 reviews and 500k page views is a hell of a milestone. So a big thank you to all the readers who have been following The Webcomic Overlook all this time. I seriously would not be writing these columns if it were not for you, your input, and your enthusiasm.

Now, let’s get past the valedictorian speech and on with the review. To commemorate the 100th, I asked you, the readers, on the Twittersphere — and if that term hasn’t been coined yet, I’m totally going to claim it — which webcomic I should review: xkcd or PHD? In an awesome demonstration of my Twitter prowess, I got four whole replies. One vote went to PHD, one vote went to Girls With Slingshots (automatically disqualified because it was not one of the options), one vote went to xkcd, and one vote went to something called kxcd.

011 - Making Time When You Don't Have Time

Anthony and Keith examine what might help fit their comics better into their busy schedules.

During a lunch discussion earlier that day, they observed that they both work primarily on long form comics, while shorter and/or stand-alone comics might be better for the part-time creator

Both creators look to other part-time comic creators and try to learn from their successes, such as Kazi Kibuishi (of Copper and Flight, among others) and Kris Straub (creator of Starslip and Chainsawsuit, among others).

Glengarry Glen Ross Parody for Harvey Awards Ceremony

This "blamination" from Scott Kurtz and Kris Straub is hilarious - a great parody of that brillant Mamet speech (Alec Baldwin did it in the movie version):

Harvey Awards Animation