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Krishna Sadasivam

Introducing: The PC Weenies Guest-Star Wall of Fame!

Last night I built a brand new section for the PC Weenies website - <a xhref="" mce_href="">the PCW Guest Star Wall of Fame</a>.

WCCA Ceremony Audio available on The Gigcast Feed

The WebCartoonist's Choice Award Ceremony at Megacon was recorded and is available on The Gigcast Rss Feed and for download at

The Presentors included the following:

WCCA Winners?

Yesterday at MegaCon was the WCCA ceremony. Anyone there want to post on which winners were announced (nothing's up at the WCCA website yet) and other reactions?

I'm listening to the pre-WCCAs MegaCon podcast from the Gigcast now (mp3 link) - I think they were planning on doing a WCCA podcast but it's not up yet.

NightGig Studios and The Gigcast at Megacon Orlando this Weekend


If you are a webcomic creator and will be at Megacon Orlando this weekend, So will we!Look us up, NightGig Studios and The Gigcast will be at table Red 5 in the Independent Press section.

Interviews, Manga and the Monday Morning News (UPDATED)

Frank "Damonk" Cormier and Meaghan QuinnDig that new cover from Frank "Damonk" Cormier and Meaghan Quinn! Our February issue is focused on webcomic collectives and we've got a lot of great articles on tap for it. This morning I've posted the first two articles for this month's issue:

An interview with Mark Mekkes in his role as chairman of the WCCAs, now in its seventh year. There were a lot of changes leading into this year's program and hopefully, this interview helps to shed some light on things.

The first installment of a new column on web manga by Brigid Alverson. Brigid already blogs about manga at her own site MangaBlog and our good friends at Digital Strips. At Comixpedia, she'll be rounding up the good stuff -- and telling you what to avoid as well.




...YAFGC is alive in ways that other strips aren’t; that’s partially because it’s drawn in pencil and has the raw energy of a sketch, but also because Rich Morris has the talent of a classic Disney animator; he manages, with a few quick strokes of his pencil, to bring people to life so that the way they stand, hips cocked, tells you more about them than the dialogue ever would.

Jim ZubkavichDEAD TREES

  • 2007 is going well for Jim Zubkavich, the creator the 2002 webcomic Makeshift Miracle which debuted in print last year (after substantial rework on portions of it) and is now starting to appear in book store chains.




News For Monday, January 29, 2007 (UPDATED)

Wow - it was a huge weekend for webcomics!







Bid to Win a Guest-Star Appearance in PC Weenies #1000!

Win an opportunity to guest-star in the 1000th toon installment of The PC Weenies

PC Weenies on this weeks Gigcast

I'm late blogging about it but what better way to avoide work on a friday then to listen to PC Weenies’ Krishna Interviewed!

Listen to it on

or download it from HERE

PC Weenies site revamp: We're Live!

Well, that was quick wasn't it? PCW 5.0 - marking the fifth version of the site in its 8 year history, is now up and ready to serve its readers and fans. Many numerous feature requests and upgrades were put in place to help facilitate readers in navigating the site and viewing the archives.

Down...but not out.

The PC Weenies site is currently down. But, like James Bond, it will return. Bigger, faster, and more powerful. stay 'tooned. :)