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Krishna Sadasivam

Beardus Maximus


If you’ve listened to Art & Story or follow the same folks I do on Twitter, you know that a few of my friends have been bugging me to grow a beard. Why? Because I’m home alone for a few months, and, well, I guess that’s just what dudes do.

Beard’s itch like hell. I don’t want to do it.


Meet Bob at the International Boba House this Friday 7PM!

I’ll be selling and signing copies of PC Weenies: Rebootus Maximus at the International Boba House, located at 2764 university Square Dr., Tampa, Fl, 33612.

I’ll be exhibiting along with several local Tampa artists. The show will debut on Friday, Oct 9th, from 7pm-10pm. Hope to see some of you there!


A Disasterous Start

A Disasterous Start

Thank you for reading the comic. If you’re a long time reader, who regularly visits – high five! Thank you for making The PC Weenies part of your web surfing routine.

“Rebootus Maximus” Vive en Mexico!

The “Rebootus Maximus” sightings continue!

This time, we see a few photos sent by PC Weenies reader Israel Mayén Nava – who hails from Mexico! Another landmark event, as I can now proudly proclaim that the PC Weenies are truly “south of the border”. Picture below are Israel and his wife.

 REbootus Maximus in Mexico!

“Rebootus” sighting in New Zealand!

Photos of readers with their copy of “PC Weenies: Rebootus Maximus” continue to come in from all parts of the world. This particular photo comes from reader Steve Paris, who hails from New Zealand (a place that Aarti and I hope to someday visit!).

Steve Paris

Steve wrote:

Hi Krishna

“Rebootus” Sighting in Canada!

Antoine Gagnon and his Rebootus Maximus!

Avid PC Weenies Reader Antoine Gagnon sent me a few photos taken with his book. If his name sounds familiar, it’s because he’s the erstwhile cartoonist/writer behind the funny webcomic Drunken Fools.

Double Shotus Maximus

Double Shotus Maximus

Presenting: two classic single panel comics from the PC Weenies vaults. Enjoy!


Book sighting: Dave Bergschneider!

Dave Bergschneider, the head Villain at VillainTech, is an avid reader of PC Weenies. This evening, he sent me a photo of himself with his copy of “Rebootus Maximus” and The PC Weenies / UNcubed Sampler #1.

Dave wrote:

Hi Krishna,

On the Rebootus front…

This morning , I finished preparing and packaging all existing pre-orders for Rebootus Maximus. I took a few snaps to share with you, including a couple of autographed copies.

To Boldly Go…

To Boldly Go…

A special weekend PC Weenies comic is heretofore unleashed for your public consumption. Enjoy!