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Krishna Sadasivam

Standard Operating Procedure…

Standard Operating Procedure…

We now continue Bob’s adventures (misadventures) on his first day of work at Footle. I bet you thought he’d never make it this far, did you?

I’m Ready to Draw Some new Guest-Stars!

Have you ever dreamed about being in your very own comic strip? Or, have you ever fantasized about interacting with Bob and company? Well, break out your acting chops, because now’s your chance!

Slots have opened up for PC Weenies guest-stars. I’m looking to take on at least 5 guest-stars for the month of September.

If you’re interested, drop me a line, or start the process right now.

We now return you to your previously scheduled blog post.


The Snow Leopard Conspiracy!

The Snow Leopard Conspiracy!

a new PC Weenies desktop wallpaper


At long last, here’s a new PC Weenies desktop wallpaper to decorate your monitor. Let me know what you think, and if you have a specific character / theme request. I can’t promise anything, but all ideas will be entertained…


MiniMegacon: Day 2

Here’s a random mix of photos from MiniMegacon, including a couple of photos I took of customers buying PC Weenies: Rebootus Maximus. With the exception of one sale, nearly everyone who bought the book had never heard of it before. So, in other words, most of my sales were to readers who were new to the strip. :)

MiniMegacon or BUST!

Aarti and I are heading out early tomorrow for MiniMegacon. It’s my very first convention as an exhibitor. We have no idea what we’ll encounter, but I can tell you this – I’ve waited 36+ years to get to this point – and I’m happy either way.

My guess is that many folks will not have heard of The PC Weenies, so hopefully having a physical presence at the show will give the comic more exposure.

On the Kindness of Strangers…

On the Kindness of Strangers…

Update: I changed the last two panels from what you saw yesterday.

P.S. Two more days to order a limited numbered Artist Edition PC Weenies book. Numbered editions are ONLY available via pre-order. Each book will be hand-stamped with a special PCW stamper, and numbered.

Strip News 8-7-9

Kind of a slow week for things that caught my eye…
alice 225x300 Strip News 8 7 9

Where Are You From?

where people are visiting from

The map above shows where readers are visiting the site from. The darker the blue, the more dense the concentration of readers. The US leads, with Canada second, followed by the UK, Australia and Germany.

This Friday’s SysAdmin Appreciation Day!

Don’t forget, this Friday’s SysAdmin Appreciation Day! Stock the coolers, buy some cake, and give your IT person some much needed thanks for the work that they do. Better yet, surprise them this year by ordering something that’s sure to delight their fancy!

I’ve selected a few PC Weenies comics that you may want to share with your SysAdmin: