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Lore Sjöberg

El Santo vs. The Vampire Women: School Bites

Names carry with them the heavy weight of expectations. Say your name is Charlotte Webb, like the heroine of School Bites. Surely you should be spending your days hanging around in the rafters of some barnyard and spinning words like “radiant” or “some pig.” Not so with Charlotte. Perhaps that was her destiny, but it all changed that fateful day she she found out she was a vampire.

This may be why she changes her name to Cherri Creeper. Sure, it still sounds like she should be a rollergirl with the Yakima Valley Vixens instead, but it can passably be a vampire’s name, too. Plus she’s got a cherry embroidered in her t-shirt. That counts for something.

Speaking of names, School Bites is written by Holly Golightly, who by all rights should be a Bond Girl rather than a comic book creator. I was delighted to find out that Ms. Golightly already had a few comics in print, most with gothic overtones: Nightmare Theatre, Archie Comics’ Sabrina, and Vampfire. When not drawing comic books, she’s apparently living the life and dressing up in skull tees like a real life Abby Scuito (and I think I just might get my ass kicked with that last comment).

The Joy of Webcomics can’t find a cure for the summertime blues

joyofwebcomicsBoy, there must be something in the air this month because a lot of people are sure mad about webcomics!  Maybe I should change this week’s entry to The Annoy of Webcomics, amirite?  (Double finger click.) Anyway, here are a few salty items that might make you think that there might be some speedbumps in the new medium.

One Punch Reviews #22: Deleted Scenes

Bring Me The Webcomic Of Alfredo Garcia

Thanks to our current sponsor  -- the Learn to Draw the Human Figure video course.  More sponsorships are available -- cheap and even cheaper!

Our August issue is officially launched - I have a quick review of a great photo reference book filled with shots of facial expressions; Derek Badman reviews two webcomics from the European webcomics site, Electrocomics; Patric Lewandowski wraps up his examination of closure and synthesis in comics; and I have an interview with Andrew "mneonix08" Gomez on the reboot of his webcomics toplist site, Buzzcomix.  And last but not least the very cool cover this month is from Peter Donahue, the co-creator of Pear-Pear (be sure to click the "view the entire cover" button to see the whole thing).

Comics Worth Reading adds a few more thoughts on the relaunched WOWIO ebooks site.

Scott Kurtz gets mocked by Triumph the Insult Dog at Comic Con - see the video from the Conan O'Brien show here. Kurtz handled it pretty well actually and managed to get a solid plug in for the Skull the Troll doll.

Apparently a lot of other Scary Go Round fans were also appreciative of John Allison's Baker, Butcher and the Candlestickmaker superhero squad in the latest SGR storyline.

Lore Sjöberg is making D&D-themed comics at his Bad Gods website.  The latest, called "Rust Monster" is classic.  If you've never checked out Bad Gods before - click through the archives; I'm pretty sure 99% of you will laugh at the very funny animated bits he did in 2006.

Lore Sjoberg's Alt-Text

You're watching cartoonist and funny-writing-guy Lore Sjoberg's new videocast right?  The latest Alt-Text by Lore is about the logical fallacies that fuel the ongoing argument-fest that is the intertubes.

Lore Sjoberg

Dresden Codak by Aaron Diaz, reviewed by Larry "El Santo" Cruz

Larry "El Santo" Cruz takes a look at Aaron Diaz's too-surreal-for-you webcomic, Dresden Codak.

Jeff Rowland hacked by cyberpunks!

According to Jeffrey Rowland's livejournal, which was pointed out by Lore Sjoberg's blog, is experienceing a DDOS attack. Instead of complaining, Mr. Rowland turns the story into comedy gold.

And here I was blaming's unavailability on Lore linking it on his Wired Blog.

Sunday News Roundup

Ferrett has a report of the first day of Penguicon.

Indy Propaganda reviews Dr. McNinja, and The Webcomiker reviews Starslip Crisis.

Jamie Hernandez has a new comic starting today in the New York Times' The Funny Pages part of its weekly magazine.  

John Allison responds to Lore Sjoberg's article on webcomics' reliance on t-shirt sales.

And in notwebcomics news now you can have a Comics Speech Balloon phone too!

New Required Reading

Lore Sjöberg (of The Brunching Shuttlecocks internets fame) has a blog at Wired called Table of Malcontents.

Lots of good links, sprinkled heavily with references to webcomics (including a post on the Webcomics Encyclopedia).