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Max Huffman

Comix Talk Special Weekend Edition

What I'd miss?  Here's a few things from the last couple weeks and the Comix Talk mailbag worth checking out




  • Nina Paley has new webcomic, Mimi And Eunice.  Recently Paley is pretty well known for her animated feature film Sita Sings the Blues, but she's also got several earlier comics projects under her belt including Nina's Adventures, Fluff and The Hots.  Cute stuff - worth checking out. Paley is also sticking with a copyleft license for this work - more details on the About page.
  • Nicholas Brendan (who played Xander Harris in Buffy the Vampire Slayer) along with illustrator Rafael Santiago, is launching a webcomic, Very Bad KoalasIt follows the adventures of Avery and Irving, two koalas on the run from the authorities in their 1958 Cadillac El Dorado and "their struggle with addiction." Finally a comic addressing the eucalyptus crisis in the koala community!  Lauren Davis notes that Brendan is the second Buffy alum to write a webcomic; Emma Caulfield, Brendan's on-screen girlfriend, is the wordsmith behind Contropussy.

CRAFT: Comics Worth Reading has a good post on how to break into writing for comics.

INTERVIEW: Battlemouth interviewed Max Huffman of Mocktopus.


  • Andeh Pinkard writes that The Goddamn Panty Brigade is a webcomic about a group of punk girls who are pulled into the amazingly mystical world of aspiring pop idols.
  • David Cooper writes that his webcomic Perpendicular Universe has reached its 200th comic.  The comedy webcomic is about the adventures of Steve, Eric and Grizzly.

Comix Talk for Tuesday, July 13, 2010

They're taking Spiderman 4 in a different direction

We haven't linked to the return of Mocktopus yet so be sure to check it out.

MILESTONES: Harvey Pekar passed away yesterday at age 70.  I never met Pekar, but he was an important creator who wrote honest portrayals of life in his comics.  Many pages of tribute and condolences around the web today.

REVIEW:  Daily Cross Hatch reviews Meredith Gran's collection of her webcomic Octopus Pie, There Are No Stars in Brooklyn.

CONVENTION:  Intervention announced that artist and webcomic creator Molly Crabapple, the founder of the Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art School, will be there both on a panel as well as running a Dr. Sketchy’s event at the con (Currently scheduled to take place Friday Sept.10 from 7-10pm).  Excellent!


  • It looks like the Blank Label Comics group has entered the phase of rock band stardom where one member of the original group plus newcomers = profit.  Okay I tease a bit - if I'm reading the new website right David Willis is the only remaining original member but the newcomers are no slouches: Spike and Kel.  I really haven't followed up on BLC for awhile so I guess I missed the rest of the original crew going their own ways.
  • The SpiderForest Collective is accepting applications for new members until July 24th. SpiderForest was started in 2004 by Ran Jado and is home to over 30 comics. There are 3 requirements for members: update your comic, help vote in new members, and display the rotating SF banner above the fold on your site.


Comix Talk for Wednesday, May 26, 2010

 Everyone SHHH

So is this comix or what?  Whatever it is, it's captions on photos and it's (sometimes) lol... (wait did I just type lol? I meant FUNNY)

INTERVIEW: The Daily Cross Hatch talks to Jon Rosenberg on wrapping up Goats, and making a career out of webcomics.

MILESTONES: Shaenon Garrity celebrates the ten-year anniversary of her webcomic Narbonic with a commemorative print you can buy here.




  • Travis Hanson writes about his webcomic The Bean which is a pretty nicely drawn comic about a young kid working for (owned by?) an orge in a tavern.  It has a pretty slow pace so far, but now that the kid has been kidnapped maybe it'll pick up some.

Comix Talk for Friday, May 21, 2010

Journalin Comix by Joe Hunter

You can all go home now because Joe Hunter give you EVERY WEBCOMIC EVER.  His Journalin Comix is pretty funny - worth checking out.

KICK START MY ART: Max Huffman does the webcomic called Mocktopus and he needs a new computer because his laptop died.  Pledge some money, get a sketch - help Huffman keep making comics.

Hypin' the Hype: Evil Diva is about an average 12 year old girl who is also a devil.  So being good and nice? Kind of a problem.  This comic's been up for awhile (archives back to 2008) but escaped my notice before.  Cute and funny comic.

Naughty By NatureFilthy Figments launches in less then 2 weeks and boasts an impressive line-up of artists: GINA BIGGS, Creator of Red String, ROBIN EDWARDS, Creator of Cardboard Angel, JENNIE BREEDEN, Creator of The Devil's Panties, KITTYHAWK, Creator of Sparkling Generation Valkyrie Yuuki, MEGAN GEDRIS, Creator of Yu+Me, and TSUKIYONO, Creator of Patches.  WARNING - even the preview splash page up now is NSFW so click carefully.  (Also of interest - it looks like the site is owned by Strawberry Comics, LLC, which is Gina Biggs corporate alter ego.)

Sex, RPG & Superheroes: Ryan Sohmer is launching a third webcomic, this one poking fun at superheroes.  Longtime Sohmer collaborator, Lars DeSouza is serving as art director with the actual art to be done by a rotating crew of artists.