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Michael Cho

Artist Michael Cho on Putting in his Time at the Board

Masters of Ink Artist Michael Cho on Putting in his Time at the Board

By Jason Thibault

Check Back Later When This Post Is Finished -- Okay Done!

I've been posting some good stories Alexander Danner wrote for the prior version of  Another one today on whatever happenned to four (briefly) rock stars of webcomic.

Life Imitates Art Comics: James Kochalka wrote in a comic about a game in a dream he was having, somebody actually makes the game, now he makes a comic about it.  Hmmm... That's a tempting power over the universe he seems to have developed.

AWARDS: The Canadian Joe Shuster Award nominations are out - the webcomics category is outstanding: Kate Beaton, Michael Cho, Lar De Souza & Ryan Sohmer, Kathryn & Stuart Immonen, Karl Kerschl, Gisele Lagace, Ramón K. Pérez, and Cameron Stewart.

INTERVIEWS: Newsarama has an interview with Bellen! creator Brian Brown about his new book and winning a Xeric grant.

SMALL SCREENS: Sean Kleefeld had a good post on some of the inherent challenges of smaller screens as a way to read/display comics.

NOT WEBCOMICS: The browser-based ZORK! game is out.  Jim Zubkavich did gobs of great art for this.

JUSTIFY MY HYPE: Some comics I'm checking out: Rooby Moon and Schoolhouse Daze.

Strip News 2-13-9

I’ll let everyone who went to the con tell you about it. In the meantime…

2008 Shuster Award Nominees

The Shusters honor Canadian comics and their creators - click here for this year's nominees.  The Outstanding Webcomic Creators nominees are:

Transmission-X Adds New Webcomics

The webcomic collective Transmission X has added four new ongoing comics to its daily schedule. In addition to the five comics that launched the site Karl Kerschl's Ragni: The North Sea Epoch and The Abominable Charles Christopher, Andy B's Raising Hell, Scott Hepburn's The Port and Cameron Stewart's Sin Titulo - Transmission-X is now proud to announce the debut of Ramon Perez's Kukuburi, Arthur Dela Cruz's Kissing Chaos: Til I Die, Brian McLachlan's The Princess Planet, and Michael Cho's Papercut.