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Michael McKay-Fleming

Updates On Entries in the Ill-Fated Webcomic Directory Project?

I built a "library" of webcomics and creators back in the fall of 2005 which I put into beta before realizing it was too much editorial work to deal with and the same information could be better provided through the community edited webcomic wiki - COMIXPEDIA.

Nevertheless looking back on the assortment of names collected (some from me, some sent in from you) I wonder if anyone has any significant updates on these creators 18 months later. Maybe we should interview some of them?

Exact date of your webcomic launch?

If you know it, please post the exact date your comic started (and the date it ended if it has). Also, include the name of the comic plus a URL for it.

And if you know of the start (and end) date of someone else's comic who doesn't hang out here, by all means provide it.

Webcomic Fields Forever

Welcome to the Thursday news report.

Just FYI, the December issue of Comixpedia magazine should be available late Sunday/early Monday - we'll only be publishing for two weeks this month because of the holidays. We will also be sending you to the BETA site for the articles because we need to see how it does under some real volume of use. (The articles will be available here too in case the BETA site goes down)

I'm not sure when this was posted, but it looks like Michael McKay-Fleming will not be regularly updating Alice! until next year, January 2nd.

Tom Spurgeon (The Comics Reporter) links to an interesting interview with Liza Coppola, Viz Media Vice President for Sales and Marketing.

It looks like Coffee Achievers is updating again. This is Mitch Clem's other webcomic with art by Joe Dunn. Although updated sporadically this year, it's absolutely worth checking out.

Slick gets.. a.. date.. with Monique? Chalk that up as another sign of the impending Apocalypse...

Boing BOING reports that a video game based on Dinosaur Comics is the first game under development by a group making new games for the opensource MAME platform.

The creators of Applegeeks will be guests at MagFest, a video-game convention, which takes place in Charlottesville, VA next January. Apparently this is the first time they've been invited to a non-manga/anime convention.

And a nice essay from Eric Burns this morning on "Best of" lists. There's also quite a comment thread going on to the news post about Stuart Robinson's compilation of a list pulled from bookmarks. I'd have to agree with Eric 98% on this one. Any list is opinion and like all opinions should be evaluated by the listeners as to content and the source behind it. (It's important to remember that most lists don't make pretensions to being "awards" and so shouldn't raise all of the WCCA-related award issues). And given the huge number of webcomics now, it's inevitable that very few people are going to completely agree with any "list" in its entirety.

For myself, I very much appreciate a well-thought out effort to craft such a list, even if I find myself shaking my head at some of the choices - it's not a trivial exercise to make a well-informed recommendation on a subject as vast as webcomics. And not surprisingly despite the large nunber of webcomics I've read, I still often find on such lists something new that I really enjoy.

An Incomplete List of Webcomics in Print, Collated by Kelly J. Cooper

Many MANY of our webcomicking friends have published print versions of their work. I've tried to find, track down, and remember as many as possible. But given the thousands (tens of thousands?) of webcomics out there, this was a daunting task. If I missed your comic, I apologize profusely and profoundly. Please add it via a comment.

What I Was Reading in July 2001

Sorry to inflict this on the world but I feared this blog wasn't fulfilling the required "Self-Indulgent" Content requirement for blogs. I was'ing my old site and pulled my daily webcomic reading list from roughly mid-year 2001. Here's the list with some comments on where some of them are today:

Absurd Notions: Creator Kevin Pease has moved the strip to and reduced the update schedule for this once daily strip but Absurd Notions is still one of the wittier comic strips on the web about young guys and gals of a computer/geek bent. The current story concerns a role-playing game the characters are conducting - it has been going on all year. Pease has also released a dead tree collection of AN: An Awful Lot of Absurd Notions.

Acid Reflux: This one appears to be dead (the old URL seems to have been grabbed by one of those lame squatter companies) although there is a Live Journal community about it. I never really got into this one but it was fairly popular.

Algernons Dilemma: Jim Alexander has been posting this daily strip since late 1999. I am under the impression that he has stopped making the comic but still posting this year because he had worked almost a year ahead. I couldn't find any status update on the website though so I'm not sure if that's still the case. I also think Alexander removed a large part of the archives - folks need to buy a CD-Rom from him to get those. I have read bits and pieces of AD in the past but I could never get past Alexander's unique take on the female anatomy to become a fan. A lot of old-school webtoonists are fans of his work though.

Alice!: is still one of the few GOOD PG comic strips on the web. A shame that McKay-Fleming isn't in your local newspaper.

Angst Technology: Barry was hot than stopped and now he's back again. I'm not as much into AT and the other strips on Inktank as I was pre-hiatus but it's probably more to do with the much more crowded field of webcomics than any drop in quality on Barry's part. There's just only so much time in the day!

A.P.E. Force: Nicely drawn - possibly gone from the web now. Couldn't find it this morning anyhow.

Aren't We Real: Case Yorke's webcomic before Gluemeat and I believe the archives are somewhere on Still my favorite Yorke project.

Arrogance in Simplicity: A funny comic, not always as funny as the creator thought it was but still a good read in its day. Definitely over according to the creator. Early pioneer in the "crap art but still a decent read" category.

Avalon: One of the original soap-opera-ish high school webcomics, Avalon is no more and Josh is now on to another comic.

BB of CS: Another comic that is done. Had to update the URL because the old was grabbed a URL squatter. Bad Boys of Computer Science was a pretty vulgar but sometimes painfully honest comic about college undergrad computer science students. It ran roughly from 2000-2002.

Bobbins: Bobbins is no more but Scary Go Round whirls on.

Bob N' Ed: Decent art, great parody riffs on Star Wars, Star Trek, X-Files, etc,but a horribly inconsistent update schedule probably has kept this comic from being more popular. Apparently he's actively working on it this summer.

BoxJam's Doodle: Original Blue Dude back after a brief hiatus this year.

Bruno the Bandit: Old School webtoonist still making the adventures of Bruno and filling in for Pete on Saturdays at Sluggy Freelance.

Burnt Dog Radio: Um this one would be mine. No comment....

Chopping Block: Herold updates less frequently now but still one of the rock stars of webcomicdom.

Clan of the Cats


Common Grounds: Corey Marie Kitley's last webcomic before Life's So Rad. She's still on Keenspot pluggin' away at being emo.

Cool Cat Studio: Gone but Giselle is working with T Campbell on a new comic somewhere in the Modern Tales family of sites.

Cyantia Chronicles: Syke makes a lot of comics some of them hosted on Keenspot now.

Deathworld: I've completely lost track of Rudy's comic but he is as old-school webcomic as they come. He probably also holds the record for most active participation in the Fright Night Project.

Diabolica: Burke's first comic before Grimbles. Diabolica was good but Grimbles is better. Sometimes he out-Gorey's Gorey.

Diesel Sweeties: Pixel Power Activate! Form of a robot-elephant! Form of an Ice cube!

Dr. Lobster: I hope they keep the archives for this one up - in its own way it was quite good.

Down to Earth: Keenspot, indendent, quit and now back again I belive. Still kicking.

Dregs: This one was kind of bad. Doesn't look like it's still updating. I'm not sure I actually read this now that I'm looking at the site.

Elf Life: Some day Carson will complete enough of his tale to make this a coherent epic in comic format. Until than it's sort of the Similarron (I probably spelled that wrong) of the webcomics world. I just hope it doesn't take Carson's son to edit and publish it in a final format.

Everything Jake

Exploitation Now: Done and onto Errant Story. Poe is growing as an artist.

Frankenstudent: Gone.

Fat Jesus: Horribly Inconsistent. Went from Keenspace to Keenspot because clearly Leffel is talented. Just a shame that not much work has actually been published. Owlie (his other comic) is still one of my sentimental favorites.


Funny Farm: I lost track of this one. Hard to catch up with everything I guess. Reportedly going to "end" but Smith seems to be a bit cagey about what that means.

GPF: Still kicking although more serious now than before.

Ghostz: Read the archives. Funniest copyright violatin' comic from the old school days around.

Goats: Rosenberg can actually draw now. It's always been funny though.

Greystone Inn: Why Guigar is not syndicated more broadly is beyond me. A fine work in the comic strip tradition.


Hang & Catch Fire: Terrance Marks does a gamer comic. Not sure if it exists anywhere online anymore.

Hobnob Inn: Now hosted on the Reuben (Awards for Comic Strips) website - this was a kind of wannabe Bloom County when basically everyone was a wannabe Bloom County. Haven't read it in a long time so I have no idea what it's like now.

Hotendotey: Right now the website says "PLEASE BEAR WITH US AS WE ARE PLANNING FUTURE ATROCITIES. THANKS." That sums up Hotendotey alright...

Hosers: Hosers got to do a cross-over with GPF. Less frequent updating lately although much better art than in the old school days.

Hound's Home: Brillant satire, erratic updating schedule.

Help Desk: Still making fun of Microsoft.

In2it: Scott Kurtz's buddy is no longer making webcomics I guess.

It's Walky!: Premarital Hanky Panky.

Jackie's Fridge

JoBeth!: Lost in space, alas...

Joe Average: It all went downhill after he got a girlfriend... :)

Just Another Vice: Back in a hazy cloud of dust..

Just Cheese: Just gone I guess.

Kevin& Kell: Furry goodness. (I can't believe I just said that...)

Ko Fight Club: Eclectic goodness.

Krazy Larry: It's alive I tell you. ALIVE!!!!

Lemont Brown: Used to be on Toonville. Not anymore I guess. Probably somewhere out there on the Internet but too tired to Google.

Limpidity: I don't remember this one.

Living In Greytown: Phil is Dead.

LWIBH: Still gross.

Lost & Found Investigations: Dog Detective as opposed to Basil Flint who is also a dawg detective.

Merlin's Crew: A 2001 comic that survived Keenspace's many meltdowns since. Not sure if it was any good or not.

Mr. Chuck Show: Jon Myers just quit one day in 2003 never to return. Or will he?!??!!

Nerdz: I've met Screwball McGoo sir and you're no Screwball McGoo!



No Outlet: I liked this one - too bad I can't find the archives anymore.

Nowhere Man: An angry comic that seems to have stopped in 2003.


Penny Arcade

Pentasmal: Now is the time for men to wear hats! Pentasmal is now locked away behind Keenspot's premium wall.


? (Ashfield Online)

Randym Thoughts: I think this was done by Howard Shclock Tayler's brother but I can no longer find the archives.

Real Life

Renegades: Not only does the url I had no longer work I can't remember even one thing about this webcomic.

Schlock Mercenary


Sluggy Freelance

Soap on a Rope

Soup: Surprisingly this comic is still plugging along.

SporkMan: Four prongs of justice!

Stripped Again

Suburban Jungle


Tikaboo Peak

Together We Fall: Another one that seems to have slipped off the web and I can't recall anything about it.

Tonja Steele: still updating.

Too Fat to be a RockStar: Well the domain still points at Keenspace but it appears the site may have been wiped in one of Keenspace's mighty might meltdowns.

Tsuduku...: Although Ken's comic appears to have URL-hopped a bit I found it out there. Has to be experienced to understand..

Ubigod's Hurricane: It's Ubi's world and you're just living in it.

Unlike Minerva: Unlike active.

Unnatural, but true: Gone like the schwin.

Waiting for Bob: At one point this comic was popular, well thought of and doing cross-overs with all of the future "biggies" of webcomicdom. But it's been inactive since 2002 and I guess never to return. It's too bad - some of the most well written characters...

Wandering Ones

When I Grow Up: This was Jeff "WIGU" Rowland's first webcomic. I guess he lost the domain name though - I think he has the archives on his site for WIGU, his new webcomic.

You Damn Kid


An Interview with Alice's Michael McKay-Fleming by Yolanda Janiga

Michael McKay-Fleming is a Canadian comic artist who created the witty PG Web comic Alice! In this inventive comic, Alice and her friend Dot wander through the realities and the hilarities of their lives. McKay-Fleming also creates a number of other webcomics that can be found at his site. In this interview, McKay-Fleming talks about how Alice came about, as well as telling us about a planned adult Alice comic! (no foolin'!)

Gutterwallowing by Michael McKay-Fleming

I love comics. I love comic books, comic strips, web comics. I love superheroes, indies, underground, naughty, sci fi, fantasy, auto biography, funny, furry; hell, I even chuckle at Family Circus once in awhile.

"So what," I hear you saying, "we all do (except that Family Circus thing. That’s just freaky)."

Listen closely (or read closely, you know what I mean) and all your questions will be answered.

The First ALICE! Book is Now Available at Plan 9

It's called Methinks the Lass Has a Screw Loose and you can order it here.

Alice, a Keenspot comic by Michael McKay-Fleming, is the story of a young girl with quite an over active imagination. The strip has been running on the web for nearly four years.