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Mike Krahulik

Webcomics: A Medium not A Genre....

And this rant comes from this very reader who only has ideas & theories about what's up with webcomics. I'm only young and naive, so if I'm wrong, please correct me for my sake.

So here goes:

Webcomics should be a Medium for comickers (artists, writers, creators) to tell stories; not a Genre as defined by what's currently telling the stories like Penny Arcade, Pvp, Keenspotters, BlankLabelheads and so on. Webcomics shouldn't be just about typical circle of friends stories that's happening in a lot of online comics out there. Webcomics should be an avenue for creators to bring out their ideas, tell stories they wish to share, explore themes that deserved to be mentioned and so forth.

What do you think?

Art Class With Gabe and Tycho

The Penny Arcade guys guest-taught an art class to third graders recently and both have posts up at their site about the experience. (Today's PA comic is also on topic). Speaking as a parent, I can't decide whether this is incredibly cool or a commentary on the sad lack of actual art education in the public schools.

In any event perhaps this will inspire another webcomics business model based upon tutoring young potential prodigies a la Rock School or better yet School of Rock...

If your comic isn't popular in one year, it won't ever be

Just something I've been thinking about lately. It seems like all of the giants of the webcomic world reached a decent size (10,000+ readers) within their first year.

So instead of telling newbies to be persistant, should we be telling them to give it a year, then try something else?

Any examples to the contrary?

Rosenberg Says Bitpass Experiment A Failure

After one week, Jon Rosenberg declares Goats' Bitpass experiment a failure.

Wacom Tablet: Buy Graphite or Intuos?

Which should I get?

On the one hand, the Intuos promises better pressure sensitivity, and better performance but at a higher price

On the other hand, the Graphire seems reasonable with a almost half a price of the Intuos.

Lots of retailer out there swear there aren't any difference in performance between the Graphire & Intuos. Should I take their word for that?

Meanwhile, I'm sure there are artists out there who made a better job using a Graphire and a Painter software or any of it's equivalents.

So what will it be?

Scott McCloud Writes "Why Tycho Owes You An Apology"

Scott McCloud emailed us this morning about an essay he wrote and posted to his website that is his response to the recent controversy over a documentary on digital commentscomics. The essay is titled "Why Tycho Owes You An Apology."

Today's Penny Arcade Comic

Anyone see today's Penny Arcade?
It refers back to a Comixpedia post here. I'm pretty agnostic on the whole Scott McCloud as Internet genius debate and I like people and comics from all camps BUT this was pretty funny.

The Keenspot mass exodus

I really don't know whether to laugh or cry :( ... though it is making me nervous ... Schlock Mercenary, ShortPacked, MelonPool, Crazy Larry and ( if it not a joke ) CheckerBoard Nightmare...

More on Return of Penny Arcade Books

Although the Penny Arcade guys have said they cannot talk about the details of their settlement with their former business partner, they have said that they now have all of the rights back to the Penny Arcade webcomic, offline and on.

They are apparently selling the last copies of the only PA book previously published at their appearance at Seattle's Sakura-Con this weekend. Gabe writes, however, that they will soon begin selling online an all new line of books featuring all of the Penny Arcade archives.

New Strategy for Authors - Get Gabe To Do The Book Cover

This new book by John Scalzi entitled "Agent to the Stars" features a cover by Gabe of Penny Arcade and will be printed in a limited 1000-2000 edition run. It's also available online.

The plug for the book on the Penny Arcade website is already drawing some new fans to Scalzi's work.