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Mike Krahulik

Webcomic Wire - 9/23/08

Drawn from deep in the microverse of webcomics…

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The Fundamentals of Webcomics Are Still Strong

So after wandering the wilds of Arizona last week I thought I'd catch us all up on some things from webcomicland:

First off here's a post from DJ Coffman any creator looking to do the webcomic thing should read: "Host your own friggin' webcomic" shows how you can start up a webcomic for almost nothing.

Last week there was a good interview with Gordon McAlpin, the talented creator of Multiplex and a co-host of the Triple Feature movie podcast.  I've been reading Multiplex from day one so I don't really know if it's underrated or not -- either way if you're not reading it give it a look -- it's a great mix of actual story along with a big box of popcorn movie-related subjects.

Chcuk Rozakis ask some good questions about how comics publishers will make use of the web.  Is he right that a "perfect" e-reader will be a print-killer?  Is DRM (i.e., copyright protection) going to slow down or stop fans migration to the publishers' web offerings?

El Santo takes a look at Marvel's announcement it's putting original material - comics based on the Hulk and Iron Man movies - up on the web.

Here's an interview with aka Gabe and Tycho from this year's PAX about the Penny Arcade empire, including the location (BOSTON!) of next year's PAX EAST.

The Eyeskream webcomic collective adds three new webcomics to its roster: Little Terrors, Gamer Candy, and Somewhere in SF.

Roddenberry comics is giving away stuff: a 2009 Roddenberry Comics Calendar, featuring episodes from “Gene’s Journal’ and “Rod Barry,";  a pair of clocks of both “Gene’s Journal” and “Rod & Barry,” and a “Gene’s Journal” journal, ready to keep your most trusted thoughts and memories.  Check out the site for contest details.

Check out the newest bit of robot-goodness: Lovesick Robot.

The Gigcast 158

JT and Scott talk Webcomics,  Christian Ellis Shallow Thoughts
NG News..

New Brinkerhoff book available!

Brinkerhoff, the snarky, semi-alcoholic, divorced rabbit invades the printed page once again with the release of his second book:  Brinkerhoff: Pocket Full of Brink, Volume 2 is now available at  This is the second book in a series publishing the archives of the comic strip Brinkerhoff, created by Gabe Strine and located on the web at

I'm LOLCAT, Dammit!

How about a Wednesday round-up of webcomic-related stories you might be curious to peruse? Yes?  Good...

Tucker Stones tucks into the issues surrounding online piracy of comic books.


Lea Hernandez dishes up lettering lessons at Panel and Pixel.  (And Mark Evanier offers a tip on how to use the letter "I" in most computer fonts.)

ComicNewsi interviews the Philadelphia Phablist, Evil Inc.'s Brad Guigar; and Eliza Feliz of Alice in Nightmareland.

Jennifer Contino interviews Daniel Merlin Goodbrey on his comic Necessary Monsters.

Chris Arrant interviews Roger Langridge about his new webcomic Mugwhump The Great which debuts this month on ACT-I-VATE (h/t Journalista!).

Mark Mason has an interview with Jennie Breedon of Devil's Panties (h/t Journalista!).

Missed it but Andy Weir's Casey and Andy wrapped up at comic # 666 last month.

Meet your panel of judges for's Webcomic Readers Choice AwardsPhilip M. Hofer, JT Shea, Kurt Sasso, Tony Camper, and Steve Hamaker.


The Scienteers round-up the world of Drunk Duck comics.

Scott Kurtz and Mike Krahulik paint

This new art for Anne Frank Conquers the Moon Nazis is indeed bad ass, Bill.!  David Willis strikes again.

Webcomics Working Overtime

The 2008 Harvey Award nominations are out.  The nominees for BEST ON-LINE COMIC are:

The Daily Cartoonist has just about everything on the web you'd want to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Jim Davis' Garfield.

Drawn! links to a video of Mark Criley showing how to draw "manga-style" hands.

Kate Beaton distills the Anthony-Liz romance from For Better Or For Worse. (h/t FLEEPN)

The Bear Trap - a comic about the meltdown of Bear Stearns (h/t Journalista!)

Raw Materials - an ongoing science comic by Larry Gonick who is the award-winning author of “The Cartoon History of the Universe,” “The Cartoon History of the Modern World,” and Cartoon Guides to Physics, Statistics, and other scientific subjects.

Noted musicologist and sometimes webcomicker Johnny A reviews the leaked tracks of the someday-may-come GnR album "Chinese Democracy".

Gun Baby by Matt and Gabe White

Forget It Jake, That's Webcomic Town...

THE OPINIONATER The Daily Cartoonist reports that syndicated editorial cartoonist Matt Bors is creating a bi-weekly comic called Civil Discourse for the ACLU website.  I have no idea how many editorial cartoonists are running comics (original or re-purposed) on non-traditional sites but it seems like it might have potential.  A lot of groups (whether partisan or non-partisan) should have the budget to pay a reasonable fee for such comics -- the benefit to them being promotion of their message or increased recruitment (via more traffic to their website).  Of course unlike a "neutral" newspaper I imagine fitting the comic to the organization is a more subjective proposition, but there are organizations of all persuasions out there. GUEST ARTIST MAYHEMMike Rouse-Deane has created a webcomic project/fundraiser for Make-A-Wish called the Guest Strip Project.  It's sort of a "always guest comics" comic.  Should be interesting to check out and of course, it's for a good cause.

2008 WCCA Winners Announced

The 2008 WCCAs were announced today -- Phil and Kaja Foglio won Outstanding Comic for Girl Genius while webcomics veteran Meredith Gran won Outstanding Newcomer for her new webcomic Octopus Pie.  The Foglios took three total WCCAs this year, but Tracy Butler was a big winner too taking home 4 WCCAs for her work on Lackadaisy.  Click read more for the full list of winners:

Art for Sale!

Okay, I have some original artwork to sell, hopefully to help with the unemployment I've been experiencing. There are various pieces behind the cut, mostly original stuff, although there's fan artwork for Futurama and Avatar for sale too. Shipping is included, prices are in Canadian dollars, and hopefully people will find something they like. If you do, email me at faitherin AT to reserve it. First person to ask for the piece gets it. Payment can either be via Paypal, or sent cheque or money order. Prices range from $20 - 50 and are based on how much time I spent on the piece.