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Mitch Clem

March 2006 Issue Cover by Mitch Clem

Cover Art by Mitch Clem
This month's cover art by Mitch Clem (San Antonio Rock City)

Side B: Comics About Music

Fallout 3 Expansion: Operation Webcomic

Check out our current sponsor - the webcomic Null Knowledge.

BusyGamer has an interview with Danielle Corsetto of GWS.

I won't be at Webcomics Weekend but will you?  Panel and pub crawl schedules up at the website.


Mitch Clem and Nation of Amanda ("It takes a nation of Buffys to hold us back") are drawing clever riffs on existing album art for a cover song project called Under the Influence.  Some very cool stuff there.

If you haven't checked out the Covered Blog get it a look - classic comic book covers redone.  Not all of them are interesting but some really are.

SciFi SyFy Webcomics
New installment of that Star Wars webcomic.  Oh nos - trade discussions will conquer the galaxy.

I've seen several blogs point at Runners by Sean Wang which does look pretty good.


Kent Archer, the Inker on Dr McNinja has a new comic with co-creator Tom Torres called Porterhouse.

Porterhouse follows the trials and tribulations of a struggling comic book artist named Porter trying to break into the comic industry. We follow him on his various endeavors from traveling to conventions, taking on side jobs, and just hating the life of a starving artist. In order to survive the struggles of NY life he earns his living by working the meat counter at the local grocery store.

Frosty the Webcomic Man

Matt Groening muses about moving Life In Hell to the web after LA Weekly drops it.

AVON Calling
Comics Worth Reading points to what may be the first multi-level marketing webcomic scheme.

Last week was the eighth anniversary of Mitch Clem's Nothing Nice to Say.  Comixtalk had an interview with Mitch back in 2006.

Tozzers is doing a strange Terminator/Anti-Ben Affleck storyline (I thought bashing Affleck was Theater Hopper's gig)  Despite the heavy outlining I like the artwork on this strip, I'm less sold on the comic as a whole but still worth checking out.

Mitch Clem

Webcomic Wire - 10/27/08

Drawn from sources laughing at various political gaffs… has a post about a new webcomic project that remembers those Transgendered persons who are victims of violence. The Transgender Day of Rememberance is requesting submissions for their project.
Chuck Rozakis posts about archives on ComicMix.
A review of Mitch Clem’s new book ‘Nothing Nice To Say,’ a foray [...]

It's All About Webcomic Creation... And Fightin' The Text Terrorists

Check out our interview with TRACED creator Tracy White, one of the nominees for Best Online Comic at this year's Ignatz Awards. 

While you're at it - Rick Marshall also has a great interview with Sam Brown of Exploding Dog. (From our archives - a community interview with Sam from 2004)

And what did I hear on the radio this morning but NPR's interview with Chris Onstad of Achewood and "The Great Outdoor Fight" - very cool, probably only the second webcomic interview on NPR I can think of in 10 years (Pete Abrams being the other one).

The Harveys were awarded at this past weekend's Baltimore Comicon and Nicholas Gurewitch won for Perry Bible Fellowship.  (Gurewitch also won a "Special Award for Humor")

CBR has a write-up of last weekend's Webcomics Panel at the Baltimore Comicon featuring Danielle Corsetto, Scott Sava and the Half Pixel pals.

Tyler Page (of Nothing Better) will be at FALLCON at the Minnesota State fairgrounds next weekend (Oct 4-5).

Mitch Clem's print collection of Nothing Nice To Say comics is out!


Brigid Alverson rounds up the reactions to the closing up of the DC Minx comics line.

Sean Kleefeld wants you to mashup some comics.

ComicMix has the scoop on Stephen Colbert's upcoming appearance in a Spiderman comic -- I still remember fondly the SNL-Spiderman issue (I have that somewhere; wonder if it's worth a couple bucks...)

Webcomic Witchfinder pits fantasy webcomics against each other in Deathmatch IV!

I May Be the Mayor of Webcomicton

Wow - The Dark Horse presents on MySpace this month kicks all kinds of sass: Nothing Nice to Say by Mitch Clem, Achewood by Chris Onstand, Beanworld by Larry Marder, and new stuff from Liz Greenfield: Steak and Kidney Punch.

Jennifer Contino interviews Jessica Hickman the artist on Otis Frampton's Oddly Normal.

Rick Marshall interviews Bernie Hou of Alien Loves Predator -- now working on a new webcomic If You See Something.

Webcomics Needs A Band


If you were putting together the band you’d definitely need Kris Straub in there.  I don’t even know if he plays bass but I put him there so I could include Mitch Clem from NN2S on lead guitar (I don’t actually know if Mitch plays himself).  I can’t think of a drummer although there must [...]

Do You Hear What the Webcomic Is Cooking?


ComicMix talks to Chris Hastings of Dr McNinja.

Eric Burns profiles Ryan North of Dinosaur Comics.


The Comics Reporter has an overview and a lot of links to the recent TokyoPop restructuring.


This looks cool - Mitch Clem is doing some comics for a print series:

I have about fifty more of these fully inked. It's a new series I've been working on called "Something Great", which will be my first foray into creating a direct-to-print comic strip series (as opposed to a webcomic, which I already have too many of). Five per issue have been running in Razorcake, so you'll see those too once new issues come out, as usual. Otherwise, patience is your best hope for ridiculousness.


Chris Williams listens to comics podcasts so you don't have to... unless you really want to!