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Reinder Dijkhuis

There Are No Ruts in Rutabaga

Brainstorming a new title for the daily spotty updates I've called "Comix Talk" the last couple of years.

To me, one of the most not-covered stories of last year was the "upgrade" of to the wordpress platform and it's seeming abandonment to spam. Along with the total absence of any significant announcements of new products, services, etc from the corporation Comicspace last year (please correct me if I'm forgetting anything) I'm not surprised to see a blog post like this one from Reinder Dijkhuis on getting out of Comicspace.

2010 IS SO LAST YEAR:  Susie Cagle has a series of comics on 2010 in review: part one, part two and part three.

HYPEY McHYPE:  Get a look online at Justin Madson's eerie dystopian future comic series, Breathers at MTV Geek. I'm a big fan of this and have bought all of the books so far.

DEAD TREE WALKING:  Tyler Page, creator of Nothing Better, has been posting about his (self) publishing experiences. At the end of last year he posted part 4 which covers dealing with Diamond (catch up on Part 1Part 2, and Part 3).


HOW LONG UNTIL AMULET 4: Kazu Kibuishi posts that he's in the final push on Amulet 4 (yay!) and he posted a photo of his studio set-up.  These kind of photos can be pretty interesting -- especially when you're in despair over your own shambles of a workspace (like... me).

COME OVER TO THE WEBSIDE: One of my favorite cartoonists Alex Robinson has writer's block. He blogs about it from time to time - part three from December entails a plan to just write a story. He also asked about publishing it online and there's a good discussion in the comments there. Before that he linked to an idea of using "100 themes" to generate ideas and work. His newfound discovery of the board game Settlers of Catan is probably not going to help with his productivity this year :)


Comix Talk for Monday, July 19, 2010

I reviewed Justin Madson's Breathers series for you today.  You're welcome.  Also help out Reinder Dijkhuis with some guest art so he can get "swearing Kel off the front page" of his webcomic Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan.


INTERVIEW: This Week in Geek interviewed Jim Zubkavich.

CRAFT: Jeph Jacques shows his progress on a print he's making for SDCC.


FROM THE MAILBAG:  Creator Ted Sikora writes to tell us about Hero Tomorrow, an indy film about David, a guy who creates a comic book character called Apama.  After his girlfriend makes him a costume of Apama for a Halloween party, David starts dressing up in it to fight crime.  To help promote the film Sikora put together a comic book online of Apama The Undiscovered Animal.

Comix Talk for Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Rogues of Clwyd-RhanThis is fun - Haplog is a website that pulls together a bunch of different publicly available data about a website and then estimates its "worth".  Estimates in webcomicland range -- the top may be xkcd which gets a $1.7 million score followed by Penny Arcade at $669,725 and Questionable Content comes in at around $480,000.

MILESTONES: This month marks the 10th anniversary of the English-language run of the fantasy webcomic Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan.  Congrats to creator Reinder Dijkhuis!  

iWebcomics: Brigid does a round up of all the recent "digital" news.  While there is something to chew on in thinking over the disclosure of DC's plans for compensation for digital editions of its works, in general I'm fairly underwhelmed by the recent announcements.  The true business-shifting pitch for DC or Marvel is something like rhapsody for comics.  I'm also glad to read that Ron Peraza of DC mention that he will either bring Zuda creators into DC proper or work to let them out of their contracts with their rights back.  The whole interview with Peraza at Robot6 is worth reading for more insight into the shutdown of Zuda.

As far as DC's compensation scheme goes, Bleeding Cool reports that DC offered "for every work published by DC in a digital format, writers and pencilers will each receive additional compensation equal to 5% of DC’s net receipts derived from the sale of that work. Inkers will receive 3% of DC’s net receipts. Those of you who have a creator-owned deal in place with us will receive a creator royalty of 3% of DC’s net receipts."

INTERVIEW: Tom Spurgeon presents an edited transcript of his panel with Richard Thompson, Cul De Sac, at Heroes Con. Thompson is the creator of one of the best new comics in the newpaper (or anywhere really).

FROM THE MAILBAG: Sam Costello is back with another comic in his Split Lip horror series – Make Westing adapts Jack London's classic tale of high-seas murder to comics.  Written by Costello and drawn by Anthony Peruzzo, it follows a ship stuck for months trying to catch the wind to round Cape Horn and the lengths to which its captain will go to catch a westward gust. 


NOT WEBCOMICS: Apparently the video below almost got Best Buy employee and webcomic creator Brian Maupin fired.  It's $@^ing hilarious (but some of the language NSFW). Be sure to check out his webcomic Also Coin Operated.

Reinder Dijkhuis returns as artist on Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan

After nearly six months during which Aggie Janicot of American Gothic Daily took over from me as artist on Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan, I am back at the drawing board. I'll be doing pencil-based art at first as my schedule won't immediately allow a return to full colour, but I expect to be fully back to normal in a month or so. New pages to appear every Monday.

American Gothic Daily Hits 200 pages with Guest Artist Reinder Dijkhuis

American Gothic Daily hits 200 pages while Reinder Dijkhuis from ROCR is doing guest art.

Actually, there's more to it than that.  Reinder and I had both been in hiatus due to "real life" and one night in a chat room far, far away... one of us got the bright idea.. "hey.. why don't we switch comics?"  So since Feburary, we've been writing up our own scripts and sending them to each other.  We've been shooting for Monday deadlines, forcing ourselves to get back to a once a week update.

The ComixTalk End of 2007 Roundtable

Our third annual virtual round table on the year in webcomics features comments from Gary Tyrrell, Dirk Deppey, Tom Spurgeon, Heidi MacDonald, Brigid Alverson, Derik A Badman, Reinder Dijkhuis, and JT Shea and Scott Gallatin.

Make Mine Six Month Old Marvel!


  • Dirk Deppey links to Marvel Comics new webcomic effort -- Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited as well as a USA Today story on the new site. The bottom line -- the site will feature 2,500 comics (nothing more recent than 6 months old though) for $9.99 a month, or $4.99 a month if you’re willing to commit for a year. Aren't these guys about 4 years late to the subscription model? Still it'll be interesting to see how it does and who becomes its audience (existing fans or newcomers to Marvel stories).




News & Views for Friday, May 11, 2007








News & Views for Wednesday, May 9, 2007






News for Friday, April 20, Early Edition (UPDATED)




  • Pink Raygun wants your comics.
    Pink Raygun is now accepting webcomic submissions. We are looking for six female created webcomics to run on a weekly basis.

    What exactly is Pink Raygun? Apparently "[...] a webzine for the modern fangirl" accoring to their faq.


  • As noted yesterday by DJ Coffman, the nominations for the Eisner awards is out. Besides the Best Digital Comics category's strong lineup, there are a couple of familiar names sprinkled throughout the categories. Brian Fies, whose Mom's Cancer won the very first Best Digital Comics Eisner Award is nominated this year as well in the categories "Best Reality-based Work" and "Best Graphic Album - Reprint". Gene Yang's American Born Chinese is nominated in the "Best Graphic Album - New" category and Lark Pien's coloring in "Best Coloring". Svetlana Chmakova's Dramacon and Hope Larson's Gray Horses are nominated in the "Special Recognition" category.



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