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Rich Stevens

November 14th DRAFT version of 100 Greatest Webcomics List

This is an update to a previous post here, thanks for the cumulative suggestions on that thread.  JUST so we're clear - this is open-sourced to everyone research for a possible article to appear next month at ComixTalk.  I don't endorse the list or the order at all; at this point I've tried to include all of the suggestions I've gotten and I also went through all of the comics ComixTalk has ever reviewed and pulled quite a few titles.

We're at the point where it'll be most helpful if you tell me comics you think should go on the list, where (what number approximately) and which comic should get bumped.  If you just want to change the order you can do that to but there'll be another post before the month's through asking for help with that.  

Diesel Sweeties by Rich Stevens

Rich Stevens Will Pixel You a Portrait

The Diesel Sweeties 8-Bit Maestro, Rich Stevens, is taking commissions:

If you’ve ever wanted to see yourself in hand-drawn 8-bit form, here’s your chance! I’m still digging out of a mountain of debt brought on from expenses incurred while I was syndicated, but hopefully this can put a dent in it.

The portrait studio is open and will run until October 31.

More details at Diesel Sweeties here.

A Tip O' The Hat For the Last Game At Webcomic Stadium

Welcome to ComixTalk... may I take your order?  I've got an interview with the elusive Pokey the Penguin up and Brigid Alverson talks with Jeremy Ross of TokyoPop about its Manga Pilots program.   You may also want to check out my weekend post chock-filled with links to interesting stories and a new comic worth checking out.  (What exactly is a "chock" and how would you fill it?)

Missed this, but Creative Commons has an interview with Mr. Diesel Sweeties, Rich Stevens.  Back in 2005, ComixTalk held a roundtable on creative commons licenses and comics with T Campbell, Lawrence Lessig, Neeru Paharia, Mia Garlick, JD Frazer, and Cory Doctorow.

ComixMix has an interview with D.J. Coffman, currently working on Flobots. (Folks should also check out D.J.'s very recent post on hosting your webcomic yourself - a short guide to getting started online independently.)

Digital Strips has a short interview with Zach Weiner - of SMBC and Captain Excelsior infamey.

Rick Marshall had a great interview with Jennie Breeden of Devil's Panties.

Gaming Angel has an interview with Randall Munroe of xkcd and Benjamin Birdie and Kevin Church of The Rack (h/t Journalista!)

LA TIMES interviews Josh Neufeld on his webcomic A.D.: New Orleans After the Deluge.

Tom Spurgeon had a great interview with Scott McCloud on the new collection of his ZOT! comic.

CBR had a two-part interview with Aaron Diaz of Dresden Codak - click for part one and part two.

REVIEWS has a review of Chasing the Sunset.

David Rothman looks at the decline in traffic to but as Dirk Deppey notes, Wowio was essentially off the air for a good chunk of the summer.

I neglected to mention Andrew Wahl won first and third place in the International Cartoon contest at the Homer Davenport Days festival in Oregon earlier this month.  Wahl is a talented cartoonist - check out more of his work here.  Also, I just think it's cool that a town has an entire festival to celebrate Homer Davenport - an internationally respected and pioneering political cartoonist from the turn of the century.

Two East Coast events coming up fast.  First this coming weekend is the Baltimore Comicon (with, as FLEEN notes, the only East Coast appearance of all four How To Make Webcomics authors) The Baltimore Comicon is where the Harvey Awards are presented - Shaenon Garrity has the scoop on a contest to win tickets to the Harvey Awards

Next from October 4-5th is my hometown (close enough anyhow) convention, the Small Press Expo (SPX) over in Bethesda, Maryland.  The Ignatz Awards are presented at SPX.  Guests include Bryan Lee O’Malley, James Kochalka, Richard Thompson, Tom Tomorrow, etc!

Dirk Deppey links to this pretty cool idea -- The Superest wherein Kevin Cornell and Matthew Sutter take turns creating superheroes and villains that defeat each other’s creations.  And Tom Spurgeon links to news of a book deal for the site.

The New Medium

I don’t know how I managed to miss this, but a couple of days ago PW Beat mentioned that Marvel was going to produce their own original webcomics (here too). These include two rather lightweight-sounding titles with obvious ties to this year’s blockbusters: “Iron Man: Fast Friends” and “Incredible Hulk: The Fury Files” (with the Sam Jackson Nick Fury).

This Day in ComixTalk: September 5th

Pete Abrams celebrated 10 years of Sluggy Freelance, and Ellie Deyneka wrote about finding an audience for her webcomic The Paranormals.

Rich Stevens strikes a deal to syndicate Diesel Sweeties to the newspapers (he ended that arrangement in 2008), musician Thomas Dolby wrote about the use of his lyrics in a Wapsi Square comic, and Bryant Paul Johnson was one of the finalists for the Science Idol comic competition.

The encyclopedia site was just getting started, and Brad Guigar was organizing a webcomics telethon for Hurricane Katrina relief.

We were in the midst of the first big site overhaul at ComixTalk...

The manga anthology site Wirepop added Eversummer Eve to its lineup, and we recommended readers check out Warren Ellis' Artbomb comic site.

POLL: Comic Con 2008: The Night

Friday night will go down in Webcomics history as The Night.

For the Halfpixel gang (Scott Kurtz, Kris Straub, his intern Magnolia Porter, Dave Kellett and me), it started with a brilliant idea by Kellett. He figured that, instead of fighting the crowds in the Gaslamp District, we'd pile into his vehicle and drive out to one of his favorite fast food places, The In & Out Burger. For a little more on that, check the second half of Scott's video, embedded below.

Someday, All Comics will be Webcomics

Rick Marshall writes up his Comic Con experiences for ComicMix.

Newsarama interviews Clickwheel Editor In Chief Tim Demter about the new Clickwheel Comics Reader.  The reader is available for free from the Apple App Store for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

Garfield WIthout Garfield gets a book deal with Ballantine.  I'm actually shocked that Garfield creator Jim Davis is letting this go forward (and wondering if he is getting a cut of anything) but he's already on record as being a big fan of the comic so it's pretty cool that he seems to have signed off on this as well.

Ted Rall offers some thoughts on saving the newspaper business.  I don't always agree with Rall but I've always been a fan of his uncompromising viewpoint he offers in his comics.  But I don't know what he's thinking about with advice to newspapers like: don't be on the web; and charge more for the web than for the print version.  Doesn't he remember that young people don't buy the print version of newspapers?  Does he want to accelerate the implosion of the current newspaper business?

Here's a thought.  Before the web, it made sense to combine everything a city newspaper did into one business.  But today, why aren't people more seriously questioning the validity of combining (1) an ad agency; (2) content creation; and (3) a printer as a single business?  Maybe that just doesn't make sense anymore?

FLEEN approvingly points to The System, an unusual comic using a limited set of icons (like the men's room symbol!) for imagery.  It is definitely worth a read.

I had no idea that Rich Stevens sells Diesel Sweeties socks.

I Have Run Out of Titles for News Posts

Tim Tyler calculates the new site launches July 31st and Gordon McAlpin adds his two cents in a comment to this thread at FLEEN.

Lore Sjorberg interviewed R. Stevens at Comic Con about the end of newspaper Diesel Sweeties and what he's going do with all of his newfound free time.

Shaenon Garrity interviews writer Stephen Geigen-Miller and artist Patrick Heinicke on their new series on Modern Tales, Cold Iron Badge, which combines fairy-tale fantasy with police procedural.

Christopher Moshier writes about writing webcomics (link via Journalista!)

The Webcomics Beacon posted the winners of the Jenny Everywhere cartoon contest.

Slave Labor Graphics new webcomic program is working - check out the comics at their website.

Have you checked out Gisele Legace's new webcomic yet?  Menage a 3 is kind of like Porky's meets 3's Company.

I'll admit it -- I'm a big fan of Cat and Girl. Still this very recent one is one of my favorites.


I think I forgot to link to this - Sean Tevis is running for office in Kansas and he used an xkcd-style comic as part of his fundraising efforts.

Another jam comic from the guys at Boxcar comics.

I laughed at this webcomic featured on Joystiq's webcomic wrap-up.  I'm sure the  age of web-savvy cartoonists is still heavily skewed towards the twenties but I'll wager it's much more diverse than it was at the beginning of the naughts decade.

So... Comic-Con is Around the Corner

Comic-Con 2008 kicks off in San Diego soon -- July 24-27 -- and the web/indy/whatever--comic presence seems to grow bigger each year.  If you're going you're already set b/c this thing, as a practical matter, sold out long ago (I think you can still get a hotel room in the next state over...).

Some awesome panels this year include: