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R.K. Milholland

Webcomic Stocking Stuffers

Not a ton happening today so far; hope everyone is having a good week.  If you like the cover art for ComixTalk this month, The Guilded Age crew has got several wallpaper versions of it up for download.  I really love Erica's art on this comic.

Kazu Kibuishi reports that his book Copper has been spotted in stores now.

Something Positive hit 8 years old this week.  Congrats to R.K. Milholland!

Wapsi Square looks like they're reaching the battle with the big boss at the end of the game.

The ComixTalk 2009 Roundtable

It's the end of the year and what better time to talk webcomics with a great group of interesting creators and commentators.  For this year's roundtable we talked about favorite and new webcomics from 2009; iPhones and iTablets; developments in the business of comics; developments in the subject matter of comics; webcomic awards; and predictions for 2010!  I'm joined by Gary Tyrrell, Delos Woodruff, Shaenon Garrity, Fesworks, Derik Badman, Larry Cruz, Brigid Alverson and Johanna Draper Carlson.

A few more webcomic related items of joy

Here’s a few more webcomic related pieces of interest.

Kevin & Kell reinstated in Atlanta Journal-Constitution - in color!

About a week ago, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution cut 13 strips when they downsized their comic section.  Kevin & Kell was one of them.  There was an online poll to determine which 2 got restored.

To quote the cartoonist, Bill Holbrook:

In “It’s a Wonderful Life,” George Bailey is astonished by the outpouring of support that he receives from the citizens of Bedford Falls. I find myself in a similar state of mind as the readers of “Kevin & Kell” have pitched in to return the strip to The Atlanta Journal Constitution comics page, effective Monday.

Words cannot express my gratitude for your votes in the paper’s poll. The strip has always relied on its readers to continue, never more so than in this case. This victory is entirely your own.

I’d like to also thank folks such as Tom Smith and Randy Milholland for spreading the word about my situation, and to all those who participated. Terrence and Isabel Marks, who color “Kevin & Kell,” also kept their readers updated.

In the end this was an example of the power of the online world’s ability for people to come together and create a community. Again, I thank each and every one of you out there.

This Day in ComixTALK: Inauguration Special

2009: OBAMANOS!!

2008: ComixTALK interview with the creators of Blank Label Comics.

2006: Kris Straub contributes a theme song for R K Milholland's Something Positive comic.

2005: Announcement of never-finished Patrick Farley/Justine Shaw comic Mother of all Bombs.

2004: ComixTALK wanged!

Webcomic Artists and the Obama Inauguration

Over at Talkaboutcomics, Eric Monster Millikin writes:

So today’s the big Obama Inauguration Day, so I thought I’d take a look at what unusual things some of my webcomic-making compatriots and I are up to.

Chris Yates (reprographics) is auctioning off the third and final edition of his Obama-styled hand-crafted wooden art puzzles. The first debuted at Comic Con International this summer and sold instantly. The second was commissioned by the Manifest Hope Gallery (curated by Shepard Fairey,, Moby among others) and auctioned for charity during the DNC in Denver. It’s starting at just a buck! Over on eBay.

I did a big Inauguration/MLK Day painting with Obama, Dr. King, Rosa Parks, Malcolm X, and others and then sold it to a group of about 80+ newspapers with a total circulation of like 7+ million. At least one paper ran it huge on their back page, as you can see in this glamour shot of me relaxing inside the dark mansion of forbidden love.

It says “Reaching the Dream” up in the upper right. You can see Thurgood Marshall right in the middle, Shirley Chisholm below him, and Jesse Jackson partially obscured by my kung fu grip.

Randy Milholland over at Something Positive is doing a series of strips about the inauguration. This is unusual because this is probably the most attention Randy’s ever given to politics. It brings a tear to my eye!

So there you have it. If you spot any other unusual Obama festivities from the world of webcomics, feel free to post them in comments.

And then continue to party.

Webcomic Beacon #38 - Trans and Morph Webcomics w/ Special Guest Dan Shive

Dan Shive of El Goonish Shive joins Fes, Eric, and eventually Tanya as we discuss webcomics that have transgendering or morphologies.

Nuke Tom Smith

Nuke Tom Smith.

Nuke him with MONEY.

Songwriter and performer Tom Smith was injured on stage in late spring. His livelihood depends on him traveling to conventions and performing, but now he is trapped in a wheelchair undergoing physical therapy.

He’ll be fine, but he is missing the 2008 convention season entirely, and is racking up medical expenses instead of income.

Howard Tayler's SDCC Report: Day One

So busy…

Did a brisk business once the doors finally opened. Met lots of fans, met lots of peers, met lots of friends. There’s a social aspect to this event that is easy to understate.

Illustration by R*K*Milholland