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Ryan Smith

A World of Fantasy

Fantasy webcomics this month, is it? A large topic.

And we can make it even bigger. I mean, depending on how technical you wanna get, all fiction is fantasy. It's stuff that never happened, at any rate, and that's as basic a definition of fantasy as I can think of.

News for Wednesday, January 24, 2007



Comicon Friday - Keenspot Panel

Well, I'm officially two days behind in my blogging now, but dangit, I'm going to write up every webcomic thing I did at the con if it KILLS me. Because there was a huge amount of webcomic stuff at the con this year, and unfortunately due to the nature of Comicon (there's always cool stuff conflicting with other cool stuff), I missed a fair number of things. But I also managed to hit a lot of things, so I think it would be remiss of me to not give you all a taste of everything I did make it to.

New Keenspot Webcomic: Banished!

New to Keenspot this year is Banished! by Ryan Smith (who also does Funny Farm) and newcomer to Keenspot Jamie Anderson.

Banished! appears so far to be about an alien banished to a planet of sand, robots and Amazon princess warriors.


OWLIE returned after a long absence by creator Mike Leffel. Also returning this week is Funny Farm by Ryan Smith.

Me Need Sleepies!! An interview with Owlie's Mike Leffel

Mike Leffel burst onto the webcomic scene in 2000 with the colorful, hilarious, and slightly controversial Fat Jesus. He later created Owlie! (with help from Bob Scott), a semi-daily strip on Keenspot about a really cranky owl and other forest animals.