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Ryan Sohmer

Comix Talk for Monday, June 14, 2010

What is this WORLD CUP you speak of?  Sorry England, maybe you ought to play a few sports with your hands now and then...

HYPEY McHYPE:  This week is the launch of The Gutters, the third webcomic from creator Ryan Sohmer.  He's writing this one with collaborator Lar De Souza acting as art director supervising a rotating roster of artists. Ed Ryzowski is the colorist.  The whole superhero genre is perhaps too easy a target for another parody/comedy comic but it's off to a great start with the first one.  Updates three times a week.

TOOLS:  Speaking of webcomic wordpress solutions: Webcomic CMS is moving from 2.1 to 3.0 very soon.  There's a new site close to launching and a video on upgrading already out.

GUESTASTIC: Guilded Age is looking for a few good guest comics from its fans.  Due by June 24th.



  • I got an email from Josiah Golojuh about Graphation, a film festival built around the idea that the winner gets their film turned into a graphic novel to be published by IDW.  At least I'm pretty sure that's what's going on.  It does seem... backwards as most of the time film is pillaging comics for projects these days.
  • Got an email from Tom Sexton, creator of the webcomic Folly and Innovation.  The art is... not great.  A lot of the problems with the art could be fixed though -- the creator could try varying the line thicknesses in the work, and experiment with his production process, part of the problem is a kind of poorly-scanned look on the monitor.  Basically practice, practice, practice.  There are some funny comics in the archives, I especially liked Awkward Speed Dating, Arguing on the Internet, Judging a Book By Its Cover, That Milkshake Song, and there were a few others that elicited a half-chuckle.  There were also a lot that just missed for me.  But if this were one of those contest reality shows, I think I'd say "Tom, there's something there, but you need to step up your game next week... or you're getting CHOPPED."  Well if this was one of those Food network contest reality shows...

Comix Talk for Friday, May 21, 2010

Journalin Comix by Joe Hunter

You can all go home now because Joe Hunter give you EVERY WEBCOMIC EVER.  His Journalin Comix is pretty funny - worth checking out.

KICK START MY ART: Max Huffman does the webcomic called Mocktopus and he needs a new computer because his laptop died.  Pledge some money, get a sketch - help Huffman keep making comics.

Hypin' the Hype: Evil Diva is about an average 12 year old girl who is also a devil.  So being good and nice? Kind of a problem.  This comic's been up for awhile (archives back to 2008) but escaped my notice before.  Cute and funny comic.

Naughty By NatureFilthy Figments launches in less then 2 weeks and boasts an impressive line-up of artists: GINA BIGGS, Creator of Red String, ROBIN EDWARDS, Creator of Cardboard Angel, JENNIE BREEDEN, Creator of The Devil's Panties, KITTYHAWK, Creator of Sparkling Generation Valkyrie Yuuki, MEGAN GEDRIS, Creator of Yu+Me, and TSUKIYONO, Creator of Patches.  WARNING - even the preview splash page up now is NSFW so click carefully.  (Also of interest - it looks like the site is owned by Strawberry Comics, LLC, which is Gina Biggs corporate alter ego.)

Sex, RPG & Superheroes: Ryan Sohmer is launching a third webcomic, this one poking fun at superheroes.  Longtime Sohmer collaborator, Lars DeSouza is serving as art director with the actual art to be done by a rotating crew of artists.

Wow, An Honest-To-Gods News Post From ComixTalk!

Welcome to the third week of December!  In today's ComixTalk 2009 Roundtable, (did I mention the 2009 ComixTalk Roundtable was posted today?) Johanna Draper Carlson mentions motion comics; Mike Rhodes blogs about motion comics, leading off with a link to this NPR story on it.

Last week, I posted Time Magazine's interview with cartoonist Julia Wertz on her lack of health insurance and Tom Spurgeon posted a round-up of several posts written in reaction to it, notably one from cartoonist Evan Dorkin.  Also in last week's news, Johanna Draper Carlson covered Ryan Sohmer's post about his horrible, no good, bad experience with DragonCon.

And this is kind of a narrow-interest piece, but as someone who has tinkered with a website about comics for almost a decade now, reading this post about the good and the bad of the new is kind of interesting.


All kinds of awesome: My Three Robins or Mr. Bat-Mom.  I'm somewhat shocked David Willis didn't think of this first!  (h/t to Johanna Draper Carlson).

Colleen Frake posted her NaGraNoWriMo effort here.  They ought to make a 30 day graphic novel effort an official variant on National Novel Writing Month (and maybe just call it NaCoWriMo for National Comic Writing Month).

One more pitch for the Webcomic Holiday Postcard fundraiser.  Pitch!

Past Predictions for Webcomics

I'm hoping to have a roundtable discussion of webcomics in 2009 up on the site later this month, but in the meantime I went back and looked at past ComixTalk roundtables (2007, 2006, 2005) to see how we all did with our predictions for the years to come.  How'd we do?

  • Tom Spurgeon on 2008: A general downturn in the economy combined with the further development of opportunities for traditional media sources on-line is going to have a drastic impact on on-line advertising sales for anyone not aligned with a major company. Tough times ahead. 
  • Heidi MacDonald on 2008: Some smart publisher is going to realize that webcomics are the next Garfield, and make lots of money for everyone. It is inevitable. I'm shocked that no one has been smart enough to see that yet.
  • Michael Rouse-Deane on 2007: I think even more webcomics will venture into animation. I know some of them are dabbling in it at the moment. Also, even more so, webcomics will expand off the web and into print. So webcomics will become offline and animated. I think the next big milestone for a webcomic will be a TV series!
  • Gillead Pellaeon on 2007: Last year I predicted people would be jealous of Tim Buckley and start making their own animations. And it happened. First with Blamimation, then a test episode of a VG Cats series, and now with PvP going to Blind Ferret. I also predicted more books, and that happened too. I didn't foresee Penny Arcade going into video game development, but now that they have, look for others to follow suit (I'm thinking Ctrl+Alt+Del and VG Cats here).
  • Alexander Danner on 2007:  Something I do think we'll see in the coming year is greater cooperation between the various technical service providers. For instance, it would be very lovely if users of WCN could simply click a check box to activate an account with RyanNorth's OhNoRobot transcription and search service. There are a lot of services out there that are wonderful individually, but would be golden in combination.
  • Doctor Setebos on 2006: Mainstream. As broadband creeps slowly into everyone's homes, and online is everything, people will discover the popular webcomics. PvP and Penny Arcade will be on the forefront of the public onslaught. Journalists from respected newspapers and television news magazines will begin to write intelligent and eye-opening articles on webcomics that actually inform the public of this expansive entertainment industry that is growing daily right there on the internet. More services will be created/shifted to provide subscription webcomic content to the droves of readers that will begin to pour onto the webcomics community by next summer. More webcomics will be signed to those subscription services, and fans will cheer wildly as their favorite cartoonists finally reach the "big time".
  • Bob Stevenson on 2006: I spent some time talking with a Nielson executive this fall (the tv ratings folks). He hadn't considered the kind of traffic and market webcomics pull in or more importantly their narrow demographic. I'm not sure I convinced him it was worth any attention, but I'm thinking that some big companies may finally realize there's an underexploited market in the making that's worth throwing some money at. The cost to try something out on a large scale is just too low for someone not to. Sure, we comic creators have talked about how to reach a wider advertising market, but I think services like google adsense and the 360ep signings may have made some of us too passive on that front. Unless our efforts change drastically (they won't), it'll take some of the advertisers coming at webcomics to start realizing the potential on that front. Will it happen in 2006? How much is Rockstar Games paying Tycho and Gabe in 2005?

Webcomic Scholarship at CCS

I tweeted this, but forgot to blog it:  Ryan Sohmers announced last week, the Rayne Summers Webcomic Scholarship at The Center for Cartoon Studies in Vermont.  It's being set up by the creators of Least I Could Do and will pay the tuition for a budding webcomic artist to attend CCS.

Very generous and a great idea as well.  Kudos to Sohmers and his partners at Blind Ferret.

Ender's Blog and Other Webcomic News

Just to lead off - PAX pox is on the loose... and in a funny guest Penny Arcade comic from Fox Trot cartoonist Bill Amend.

Farewell Scary Go RoundA longer goodbye message from creator John Allison on his blog here.  After reading the actual ending, I have no idea what's in store in his next comic -- which happily, I believe, kicks off on Monday. 

Randall Munroe has a book coming out!  xkcd: volume 0 will be released in the xkcd store next week. And Munroe will be on a limited book tour to support it. (Also today's xkcd?  I wonder how you'd have to tweak Ender's Game in the blog/tweet/etc world of today?  I mean part of its storyline basically reads "1. Blog; 2. ????; 3. World Domination!"  Anyhow - another brilliant comic from Munroe.)

Webcomic Week reviewed Chris Flick's Capes N Babes recently and Derik Badman reviews Kramer's Ergot 7.

Art Patient rounds up lots of webcomic reviews and interviews here.


Saw this on Sean Kleefeld's site - a video about fan culture with a whole lot of interviews of interesting folks including Scott Kurtz, Jerry Holkins, Mike Krahulik, Ryan Sohmer, and Lar deSouza.

Comic-Con 2009

Five to Pick / One to Pass, May 27

Amazing Spider-Man #595

Creative team: Story by Joe Kelly; art by Phil Jimenez

Villain to Watch: Green Goblin

y2cl#536 - Inanimate#20 Twilight 2 Age Is A Number

y2cl#536 - Inanimate#20 Twilight 2 Age Is A Number

y2cl#498 - Least I Could Do In My Past

y2cl#498 - Least I Could Do In My Past