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Scott L

Journey To Mt. Moriah

Journey To Mt. Moriah

Journey To Mt. Moriah

Take the pilgrimage to Mt. Moriah, as Scott will Sherpa you into the heart of your natural life. Something that transcends our daily routine and the humour we use to deny it.

What you call abstract depends entirely on what you pretend to be your reality.

Win Free Journey To Mt. Moriah Artwork

Today's the last day to enter to win the original artwork to this Journey to Mt. Moriah comic.  Instructions on how to enter (leave comment with your favorite JTMM comic there) there!

Strip Features 3-6-9

Dovecote CrestSo much to see…

Minterview – Journey to Mount Moriah

With the current re-birth of Transplant comics, I thought it was about time that we got to know some of the creators behind the comics a bit better. So, I sent out a brief questionnaire to all of the members.

The purpose of this was mostly related to site admin and the questionnaire I sent out was more concerned with finding out exactly what everyone does, for marketing purposes etc.  However, they turned up some pretty interesting trivia, so, with minimal re-formatting, I'm presenting them as a collection of mini interviews... or minterviews.

We're starting today with Scott from the ever fantastic, Journey to Mount Moriah.

News & Views for Monday, May 7, 2007


Be sure to refresh your browser to see our brand new cover from the talented Gisele Lagace, currently handling art on the webcomic Penny & Aggie. May is our "all ages" issue and we should have a number of reviews of all ages webcomics this month. Our weekend update, however, includes a review of a decidedly not-all ages webcomic, Journey to Mt. Moriah which officially wraps up our April issue and to kick off the May issue, a new piece from Joel Fagin titled Reinventing Micropayments.






  • I saw Hot Fuzz last Friday (funny! if not quite as good as Shaun of the Dead). Spidey 3 made a HUGE amount of money despite mixed buzz. Not sure when I'll see it though... What movies are you definitely planning on seeing this summer?

Journey to Mt. Moriah by Scott, reviewed by D. Richard Scannell

Journey to Mt. Moriah by Scott deserves mention alongside better known webcomics such The Perry Bible Fellowship and A Lesson is Learned but the Damage is Irreversible. JtMM is a weekly experimental webcomic featuring both single-panel and four-panel comics done using ink and a variety of coloring mediums. There are no set themes or characters per se, though the comics can generally be considered dark humor, slice of life, or just plain weird.

Everyone Should Read This Interview With Mike Lacroix

Mike Lacroix is a cartoonist, blogger and finely-tuned athlete. He's currently working on his third webcomic, the appropriately titled Foxy Lollop. His previous efforts include the long-running Gluemeat (since 2001) and the underground classic, Aren't We Real. Lacroix and myself were both founding members of the pioneering, but short-lived webcomics collective ALTBRAND.

Under appreciated comics.

Just wondering what comics you all think deserve more recognition.

I'll link to my list here.

Congratulations to Barry T Smith

Barry T Smith, creator of Angst Technology and other webcomics, is the proud father of a baby girl. Moriah Hailey Salas-Smith was born on July 5th.

Congratulations to the entire family.