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Scott McCloud

Comix Talk for Wednesday, January 12, 2011

SOCIAL MEDIA TIME: This week I created a Facebook page for ComixTALK - if you're on the FB, please "like" us.  I've already loaded to it a lot of my archive (2003-2010) of photos and the monthly cover art we used to run at ComixTALK.  Also - I find myself linking to more short stuff on twitter these days - you might find it mildly interesting to follow me on twitter

CONVENTION 'VENTION WHAT'S YOUR INTENTION: Zach Weiner has a post up on "convention tips" which is actually pretty funny. Hopefully you're not guilty of any of the "bad" behaviors noted but if any of it sounds like you, take Zach's advice next time you're at a con.

ADVICE FOR THE YOUNG AT HEART: Steve Napierski with some good advice on starting and sticking with a webcomic.

PLUG ONE: Scott M.C. Cloud links to Ryan A's Nothing is Forgotten - a silent comic with "some pretty effective sequences (I especially like the way he uses windows)."  Ryan A also has some info on his process here.

PLUG TWO: Scott Kurtz moved to Seattle, Washington.  The characters in his webcomic, PvP, now look like they will be moving to Seattle.  How often does this happen in comic strips -- I'm not sure I can think of any other examples offhand.  In PvP's case, I've never thought of it as taking place anywhere specifically though so I'm not sure it has to have any impact on the strip. In other comics the location is more apparent and part of the comic -- changing locations could be a really risky thing.

PLUG THREE: xkcd with some excellent advice for Ke$ha.

Be Kind, Please Remind

Scott McCloud reminds you it's 24 HOUR COMICS DAY tomorrow. Good luck to all the crazy comicnauts launching tomorrow.

Forbidden Planet reminds you that there's less than a week to the deadline for this year’s Jonathan Cape/Observer/Comica Graphic Short Story Prize.  The winner gets £1000 and their four page short published in the Observer Review, while the runner up wins £250 and their work appearing on the Guardian and Vintage websites.

And FLEEN's mention of Alexander Danner's write-up of the recent MICE convention in Boston, MA reminds me I wanted to post a link to it.  So here it is!

Last but not least -- this video should remind you of comics creator Jason Shiga's genius:

Comix Talk for Thursday, June 24, 2010

Bring on Ghana!  (Just an aside, I think a lot of cartoonists would get more work done if after every time they finished an excellent piece of work they heard something like this.)

Volume 7

FINAL FLIGHT IN SIGHT: Scott McCloud remembers buying the very first installment of the Flight anthology at SDCC in 2004. It really is an impressive roster of talent when you look back on the contributors to the entire series.  Looking forward to the seventh and final volume!

iWEBCOMIC: The Beat has a short post on the new DC Comics iPhone/Pad/Pod app. All the early reaction stuff is probably better spent just downloading and trying the dang thing -- although I might wait until all bugs get squashed.

CONTEST: The Washington Post's comics blogger, Michael Cavna, announces the five finalists of his "Next Greatest Cartoonist" contest.

INTERVIEW: Graphic NYC has an interview with Nick Abadzis.

REVIEWS: Cory Doctorow with a positive review of David Malki!'s Dapper Caps & Peddle-copters.  El Santo reviews Bottle of Awesome

AROUND DEM BLOGS: The Beat links to an online posting of the Beasts of Burden story by Evan Dorkin and Jill Thompson.

Comix Talk for Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The day has officially gotten away from me.  Two things to mention though:

Comix Talk for Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Motel Art Improvement Service by Jason Little

Scott McCloud endorses the E-Sheep Kickstarter driveHelp Patrick Farley make more comics, folks!


LEGAL:  CBR has an interview with Nina Paley with some good discussion about copyright in the digital age.  Paley had epic copyright battles in getting her fantastic animated film Sita Sings the Blues released.

REVIEWS: Charley Parker talks about Asaf Ahanuka's effort to serialize an english language webcomic version of his Hebrew language comic, The Realist.

Conventions: Gary had the first part of his PAX East round-up yesterday, more to come this afternoon.

AROUND THE BLOGS: An amazing series of ABC driven artwork from Neill Cameron.

NOT WEBCOMICS: James Kochalka has a supporting role in a new movie Mars, that looks pretty interesting.  Shot entirely on greenscreen, it has a rotoscoped animated look not entirely unlike the videogame Borderlands.

ComixTalk for Monday, March 15, 2010

Crimson Dark by David Simon

AWARDS: The Doug Wright award nominees -- which honor English-language Canadian comics -- were announced last week. Kate Beaton's book Never Learn Anything From History is up for the Pigskin Peters Award (for unconventional, "nominally-narrative" comics); and among the finalists for finalists for Best Emerging Talent is Adam Bourret  for his comic I'm CrazyI gave I'm Crazy a mixed review, but Bourret certainly was a brave story-teller in his book and showed a lot of potential.

PLUG ONE: I haven't mentioned David Simon's Crimson Dark webcomic in quite awhile which is a shame because it's still one of the best 3d art webcomics I've seen.  Not sure how it's working, but Simon started a "club" for supporters to subscribe to at $2 to $5 a month to help him with having the time to produce Crimson Dark.

PLUG TWO: The Covered blog which spotlights re-dos of classic comic book covers by new artists.  I would love to see a webcomic spin on this.

INTERVIEW: Brigid Alverson has an interview with Dirk Tiede of the cop-supernatural thriller hybrid tale of Paradigm Shift.

TOOLS: Scott McCloud experiments with a simple browser-based drawing tool called Harmony.

ComixTalk for Monday, March 8, 2010

Jeff Bridges Draws!

OSCARS!  I bailed on watching them this year -- maybe the highlights will be on the youtubebox?  Anyhow though, the Comics Reporter reported that ACADEMY AWARD WINNER Jeff Bridges is also a cartoonist.  Whodathunkit?  A few tiny site notes -- (1) you can add your first/last name, homepage and webcomic URLs and a picture to your ComixTALK user account (restoring us to 2006 functionality! yay...); (2) if you add your name it'll show up on your blog and forum posts instead of your account name; (3) oh yeah, a small forum is back up (with a link to the ancient pre-2005ish forums) and maybe we'll do something with that this year.

INTERVIEW: Brigid Alverson snags an interview with the anonymous writer of Zahra's Paradise, which is about a mother searching for her missing son in the aftermath of the protests following the Iranian presidential election of 2009.  Brigid also has a great roundup of all ages comics reviews and interviews.

THEORY: Scott McCloud writes about this article by Tokyo-based Craig Mod on different contents’ ability (or lack thereof) to migrate easily from device to device.  I get McCloud main take on Mod's article which is sort of a warning that if we're not careful webcomics will get stuck with a bad "metaphor" for "reading/viewing/processing" them but I don't really buy it.  I think the web is still incredibly fluid and open to innovation and I don't really see where the network effect is that would lock us into something.

BUSINESS: The Casual Webcartoonists writes about how to price your artwork.

CRAFT: Project Waldo has a post on making word balloons.

VERSUS: Webcomic Planet is hosting a "webcomics war" where comic creators "try to dominate the playing field by earning points by advertising their own sites."

JUSTIFY KONRAD's HYPE: Someone's list of webcomic recommendations -- seems like a good mix of stuff!

Comix Talk for March 2, 2010

Scott McCloud

INTERVIEW: Graphic NYC interviews Scott McCloud.

iWEBCOMICSBleeding Cool blog reports that a new beta version of Longbox, the comics reader-and-collector-and-social-networking software, will be available to the public this weekend.  Prior versions of Longbox were in private beta..

CONTEST: The Escapist website webcomic contest has a couple of additional judges you might recognize: Ryan North (Dinosaur Comics) and Brian Clevinger (8 Bit Theatre). The deadline for entries closed February 28th and winners will be chosen the week of March 8th.

JUSTIFY THE HYPE: The Comics Are Evil blog spotlights an old skool webcomic, The Parking Lot is Full, by Pat Spacek and Jack McLaren.

MILESTONES: Chris Crosby's Superosity hits its eleven year anniversary.  That's super! (h/t FLEEN)

Comix Talk for Monday, February 22, 2010

Young R.E.M. Meet Old R.E.M. by John Allison

Welcome to Monday! May I direct your attention to a review of several mini comics posted late Friday?  If you enjoyed John Allison's COMIX REMIX of the above photo, you might want to check out the entire series he posted to FLICKR.

REVIEWS: Delos reviews Odori Park by Chris Watkins and El Santo reviews the Xeric Grant-winning Haunted by Joshua Smeaton.

INTERVIEWS: Growly Beast has an interview with Alice Hunt and Tracy Williams of Goodbye Chains.

REMIX: The Webcomic Builder has a lengthy essay on fan-comics; something maybe we ought to relabel "remix comics"?

NOT WEBCOMICS: Kickstarter fund drive for an American Elf videogame?  I'd buy that for a dollar!


Comix Talk for Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Meanwhile by Jason Shiga

DEAD TREES: Scott McCloud writes about a forthcoming project from Jason Shiga called Meanwhile.  I've seen pictures of the original hand-crafted version of this "choose-your-own-adventure" style comic but not the actual artifact.  Shiga is a dang good, inventive comic creator.

Interviews: has an interview with Gianna Masetti, the creator of The Noob, a gamer comic set in an MMORPG.