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Shaenon K. Garrity

Comix Talk for Monday, August 2, 2010

You know what -- a big thanks to Journalista!, The Comics Reporter and Comics Worth Reading for all of the great reporting they do.  Almost every dang morning I find something interesting to read at those sites.  Speaking of which, Tom Spurgeon posted a note this morning from Ted Rall -- Rall is beginning his latest expedition to Afghanistan with fellow cartoonists Matt Bors and Steven L Cloud along for the ride.  Safe Travels!


HYPE: I'm looking forward to MK Reed's Americus (scheduled for publication by First Second  in Fall of 2011) and excited to hear that it will be serialized online along the way.  The comic is drawn by Jonathan Hill. (h/t CWR!)


COPYFIGHT:  I'm no expert on the Neil Gaiman-Todd McFarlane litigation but Maggie Thompson's write-up of the latest phase is an interesting practical example of the notion of derivate work.

REVIEW:  Tom Spurgeon reviews Mike Dawson's Troop 142 which Dawson is serializing online here.

INTERVIEW:  Good Comics For Kids blog has an interview with James Kochalka from SDCC (there's a whole bunch of videos from the GCFK blog there too):

Comix Talk for Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Rogues of Clwyd-RhanThis is fun - Haplog is a website that pulls together a bunch of different publicly available data about a website and then estimates its "worth".  Estimates in webcomicland range -- the top may be xkcd which gets a $1.7 million score followed by Penny Arcade at $669,725 and Questionable Content comes in at around $480,000.

MILESTONES: This month marks the 10th anniversary of the English-language run of the fantasy webcomic Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan.  Congrats to creator Reinder Dijkhuis!  

iWebcomics: Brigid does a round up of all the recent "digital" news.  While there is something to chew on in thinking over the disclosure of DC's plans for compensation for digital editions of its works, in general I'm fairly underwhelmed by the recent announcements.  The true business-shifting pitch for DC or Marvel is something like rhapsody for comics.  I'm also glad to read that Ron Peraza of DC mention that he will either bring Zuda creators into DC proper or work to let them out of their contracts with their rights back.  The whole interview with Peraza at Robot6 is worth reading for more insight into the shutdown of Zuda.

As far as DC's compensation scheme goes, Bleeding Cool reports that DC offered "for every work published by DC in a digital format, writers and pencilers will each receive additional compensation equal to 5% of DC’s net receipts derived from the sale of that work. Inkers will receive 3% of DC’s net receipts. Those of you who have a creator-owned deal in place with us will receive a creator royalty of 3% of DC’s net receipts."

INTERVIEW: Tom Spurgeon presents an edited transcript of his panel with Richard Thompson, Cul De Sac, at Heroes Con. Thompson is the creator of one of the best new comics in the newpaper (or anywhere really).

FROM THE MAILBAG: Sam Costello is back with another comic in his Split Lip horror series – Make Westing adapts Jack London's classic tale of high-seas murder to comics.  Written by Costello and drawn by Anthony Peruzzo, it follows a ship stuck for months trying to catch the wind to round Cape Horn and the lengths to which its captain will go to catch a westward gust. 


NOT WEBCOMICS: Apparently the video below almost got Best Buy employee and webcomic creator Brian Maupin fired.  It's $@^ing hilarious (but some of the language NSFW). Be sure to check out his webcomic Also Coin Operated.

Comix Talk for Wednesday, May 26, 2010

 Everyone SHHH

So is this comix or what?  Whatever it is, it's captions on photos and it's (sometimes) lol... (wait did I just type lol? I meant FUNNY)

INTERVIEW: The Daily Cross Hatch talks to Jon Rosenberg on wrapping up Goats, and making a career out of webcomics.

MILESTONES: Shaenon Garrity celebrates the ten-year anniversary of her webcomic Narbonic with a commemorative print you can buy here.




  • Travis Hanson writes about his webcomic The Bean which is a pretty nicely drawn comic about a young kid working for (owned by?) an orge in a tavern.  It has a pretty slow pace so far, but now that the kid has been kidnapped maybe it'll pick up some.

Comix Talk for Tuesday, May 18, 2010

So I am trying to find time to work on two longer stories -- one on the transition of comics to the Internet.  Something with a larger perspective than a claustrophobic comics industry approach.  Second on the kerfuffle last week about a webcomics iPad app.  Lauren Davis wrote a legal analysis of RSS feeds and other aspects of the webcomics IPad that while not wrong, presented the issues as if they were settled. (Lauren's piece is worth reading - just read it as one possible answer to the issues.)  They're not and it's actually something I know a lot about (and know enough experts to round it out) but it'll take time to do the research (legal analysis requires CITES, folks!).  In the meantime...

Comix Talk For Mom's Day

Still reporting live from the Far East on the other side of the International Date Line. It does havoc to your schedule to be 12 hours away from your home time zone.  Anyhow I'm going to catch up on comics stuff you've probably already read about but if you've been preoccupied this week too or if you just can't bear not to miss my 60 cents (that's only 2 US cents though) than here we go!

Brigid Alverson has links to more people talking about the end of contests at Zuda. The contests were always a gimmick, the real question should be what's DC's plan for online publication of comics?  Does it remain committed to it's indie experiment (i.e., Zuda) and when, if ever, does it leverage its existing titles?  You know what was cool for me earlier this year?  Watching the teevee show LOST online because there was a huge backlog of archives and I knew it was going to get finished.  In that sense it was like finding a great multiyear webcomic that had an ending in sight.  You know what doesn't have a satisfying beginning, online backlog and ending in sight?  DC and Marvel "mainstream" comics titles...

BUSINESS: Lauren Tiffany has an article on webcomic artists making a living at AOL Business News.  With some coverage of Chris Onstad and Brad Guigar, good sources for working la vida webcomica. 

CRAFT: Webcomic Builder has a post on how to script a comic.

DEAD TREES: Shaenon Garrity has some advice for you with five things to know before you publish your first comic.

AWARDS: I got a press release from Comic-Con announcing that submissions are now being accepted for the 27th annual Russ Manning Promising Newcomer Award. Started in 1982 as a joint presentation of Comic-Con International and the West Coast Comics Club, this award honors a comics artist who, early in his or her career, shows a superior knowledge and ability in the art of creating comics.  More details after the jump...

Comix Talk for Monday, April 26, 2010

Chibi Narbonic by Shaenon K Garrity

Another week and whadya know the Wikipedia entry for ComixTalk was deleted.  Meh?  What I really need to be working on is getting a cameo in Evil IncGary gets all the cool webcomic cameos...

WE INTERRUPT THIS BLOG POST TO REMIND YOU THAT THERE ARE ONLY 6 DAYS TO GO IN PATRICK FARLEY's KICKSTARTER DRIVE TO BRING BACK ELECTRIC SHEEP.  As of Sunday night yesterday there were 354 backers putting up $5,371 in pledges -- less than $650 to go to make the magic number.

AWARDS:  The Comics Reporter reports that Aaron Colter's webcomic Wondermark won Outstanding Webcomic at the Stumptown Comics Convention awards.  Only thing is I'm pretty sure Aaron Colter is the marketing coordinator for Dark Horse and Wondermark is from a fellow named David Malki!.

BUSINESS: inked a discount deal with a printer for its subscribers.  Is that ironic?  Well either way that sounds like a good deal and a nice benefit to subscribing to

CRAFT: David King, creator of Danny Dutch, has a set of lettering dos and don'ts. (h/t Robot6)

A GOOD USE OF SOME DEAD TREES: Not brand new news, but damn exciting - Hope Larson has been signed to do a graphic novel adaptation of Madeline L'Engle's A Wrinkle in Time.  I love(d) that book -- it blew my grade school mind away.


Comix Talk for Friday, April 23, 2010

Wow - it's been one crazy summer week. So the big story this week is the move of Reuben Bolling's Tom the Dancing Bug from Salon to Boing Boing.  At least I think it's kind of a big deal as has a huge audience and as Reuben Bolling explains it was the first place he contacted after learning Salon was dropping his strip.

Digital Strips has a plug for Patrick Farley's Kickstarter drive to let him focus on his webcomics site, Electronic Sheep. For those who weren't reading webcomics 10 years ago you may not have the context for how mind-bending Farley's work was at that point.  He pushed... hard on the web.  He had comics with radically different art styles, different web environments, different everything.  And it was all good.  Having him freed up to work on comics would mean getting a lot of great new work.  Consider pledging...

REVIEWS:  Daily Cross Hatch has a review of the latest Snake Pit book - a compilation of the journal comic from 2009.  I have the book, was struggling with a review -- I think this review is pretty useful -- this is journal comic at it's most basic.  I did this, I saw that.

Also worth checking out is a look by the Storming the Tower blog at the quasi-Penny & Aggie-Something Positive cross-over via the character of Helen.


From the Mailbag: Thormod Skald writes about his webcomic Farnir The Dragon -- an action/comedy/political satire:

The dragon Fafnir awakens from a centuries-long slumber to find his treasure stolen and scattered across the world. Unfortunately for him, anyone who finds a piece can control Fafnir for nine days and as usual, the greatest power is often in the hands of the biggest idiots.

Comix Talk for Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Culture Pop by Seth Kushnar

Seth Kushnar's CulturePop debuted this week.  The first one is about Alyssa Loveless talking about performing and her music.  I really dig Kushnar's website Graphic NYC, and this comic project looks very promising.  Different vibe but its somewhat similar to a great journalistic comic called CulturePulp by Mike Russell.

BUSINESS: Tom Tomorrow's current comic is a funny take on the Internet but a little bitter about the changes waste the Internet is laying to existing business models.  Tomorrow and Reuben Bolling are two extremely talented cartoonists that should be able to make it in the Internet world.  Maybe they need their own Robert Khoo business guru but if nothing else they ought to talk to Jeff Rowland at Topataco and see what they can do with taking control of their merchandizing opportunities.

LEGAL: Linda Joy Kattwinkel, Esq., Intellectual Property and Arts Attorney at Owen, Wickersham & Erickson writes a post on what to do when your artwork is being ripped off.  Good advice.

AWARDS: James Hudnall writes about his experience being a judge for the Eisner nominations this year.

MILESTONES: Shaenon Garrity reports that Daniel Merlin Goodbrey has concluded his webcomic All Knowledge Is Strange and started a new webcomic 100 Planets.

REVIEWS: reviews this month's Zuda contestants. (h/t

HYPE: has a bit more and pix on the upcoming book Kill Shakespeare.  Plus a take from a Shakespeare scholar.

NOT WEBCOMICS: has a round-up of the recent uncovering of work Jack King Kirby did for an animation house in the 80s.  Neat to see even more ideas from the comics legend.

Comix Talk for Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Meanwhile by Jason Shiga

DEAD TREES: Scott McCloud writes about a forthcoming project from Jason Shiga called Meanwhile.  I've seen pictures of the original hand-crafted version of this "choose-your-own-adventure" style comic but not the actual artifact.  Shiga is a dang good, inventive comic creator.

Interviews: has an interview with Gianna Masetti, the creator of The Noob, a gamer comic set in an MMORPG.


Strip News 12-18-9

It’s finally gotten bitterly cold here in the northeast, which is seemingly just as good as a sunny summer afternoon for reading comics. Who knew?