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Comparing Comics Journalism Sites Traffic

Why?  Just curious I guess.  I know Alexa is skewed, possibly even fatally flawed (it only measures traffic from people who install the alexa plug-in) but it's easy to use...


Comixpedia vs The Comics Journal (just their website obviously) 


Comixpedia  vs The Comics Reporter

Welcome to the April Issue

We'll be tackling the superheroes of webcomics this month.  We've got a smashing cover from Tim Demeter (the creator of Reckless Life) and we start off with an interview with Abby L., the creator of the popular superheroine webcomic, The Green Avenger.

We've also got another installment of Bryant Paul Johnson's bound-to-be award-winning column, The Antecedent.  This month learn the shocking secrets of the gerrymander!

I also want to thank out current sponsors: The Webcomic List, and the webcomics, Lonely Fetus, Templar, Arizona and Surely Functional.

Expressive Dialogue, Part Two: Stammers, Accents, and Affectations

This month, Alexander Danner looks further at expressive dialogue by examining how to effectively use stammers, accents, and affectations. Um, well... I, uh... you know what? I think you ought to just go read the article.

Quick Thursday News

Joey Manley resurrects Graphic Novel Review, this time with himself as sole editor/contributor.

Spike updates her Sims2-generated comic, Playing With Dolls.  Not that I'm trying to drum up purient interest in Spike's comic, but NSFW warning: there's full frontal pixelated nudity in it.

I missed it but Lore points out that the Penny Arcade duo now have a podcast of sorts. 

And apparently the ancient dotcomboom animation site Icebox has freed it Superhero Roommate series.  If you never saw this, it's pretty funny in a low-budget sort of way.

How to Cut Corners to Meet Deadlines

xmung wrote:
it really depends on the amount of detail in a page (notably, the number of different characters i gotta draw) - but usually it can take 4-5 hours for a drawn/ fully coloured/ web ready page. and that's if i'm lucky. these days i try to include at least one panel per page that has a close-up of a character's face cos that helps cut down on the drawing time overall.
This was mentioned in a different thread and I thought it'd make a good topic on it's own.

On Demand, meet On Supply (RSS)

Update or die?

When I first looked into making a webcomic, back in 2002, the one thing I heard most often was, 'Update regularly or don't bother at all.' The one canon rule I could suss out in webcomics was that you must update often, and you must hit your schedule every chance you could.

These days RSS (Really Simple Syndication) (picked the least ugly page with an explanation) has taken the thunder out of that sole commandment. In the process, it may have opened the field in a way unique to webcomics, allowing us to do more with serialization than we ever could in traditional media. On-demand was the first real revolution in online thinking-- On-supply is the next, and in terms of theoretical discussion, we're missing out on the potential. Blogs have gotten there, so have news services, but many webcomics are still stuck with outdated thinking that's inhibiting their true potential.

Traffic Magnets: What Has Worked For You?

What did you do last year that brought you the most traffic?
We tried conventions, advertising, forums, e-mails, begging... Banner ads and trolling the forums still seem to be the best bet for Adam and I.
How about you?

Is Change Good? O_O?

Okay... I've been doing my comic since August 2005 and lately it's actually been starting to get more and more linkage from people who independently just link my comic... which means I’m getting more hit... which is great for a webcomic... right?
Well... here's the thing…

Right now I have a lot of homework and such piling up... and my comic is not one that's very quick to make, it's generally about 4 to 5 hours per strip. In general I do most things very fast... but for some reason with this comic it just does go that way... and the sad thing is that i don't think it even looks like it takes that long. I've tried to use differnt methods to make it quick... but it turns out to either make it just take even longer or just look really bad.

So lately I've been thinking about perhaps taking a little hiatus from the comic perhaps until this quarter is done or maybe longer... and experiment with some other styles and maybe even other premises for a while I’ve been thinking about the "4-koma" set up and just how not many comic use it well except for maybe Sexy Losers and it really seems like it could have a lot of potential and give a lot of freedom if used right. And also I was thinking about having more of a cast of characters since people can connect with a comic a lot better if there's a real cast... if so the comic would be very different... of course i MIGHT just keep doing it the same... I'm not sure.

But I know that the Rule #1 for webcomics is to keep your webcomic updated regularly and on time. And the comic is JUST starting to get really noticed. Is this a good idea? I was thinking of going up until 50 and then give it a rest... or maybe ever right now... i don't know... i'd hate for people's first impression of the comic to be "no new comics for a while" though...

I dunno... What do you guys think? Should I change it to be simpler, or a different format, or different set up? Should I give it a rest? or WHAT?

Thanks in advance!! ^_^

(gaahhhh!! I should be doing homework know >_<)

Expressive Dialogue, Part One: Mannerisms and Word Choice

Don't make me wash your mouth out with soap young man! Alexander Danner looks at how the proper use of expletives can add depth and complexity to character portrayal.

Editorial Cartoons not allowed to editorialize?

Okay, this is the second news article I've seen today about outrage over a cartoon! (Here's the first)

Am I missing something? Why are these comics causing so many heated reactions right now? Are comics becoming more powerful? Are they touching more of a nerve then normal? Or is this just a sign of the heated opinions of people over current issues? Could this mean that more censorship may be heading our way?