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Stephen Notley


I'll be with the Couscous Collective at this year's Alternative Press Expo, October 17-18 in San Francisco. Check us out at table 347 on the ground floor.

The Couscousians are all over the programming this year. Panels behind the cut...

On Saturday, the lovely Andrew Farago will be on this panel:

The Webcomic of Our Discontent...





Catching Up With Stephen Notley

There's an incredible wealth of articles in the ComixTalk archives: features and columns on craft, theory and business, insightful reviews and interviews with some of the most interesting folks in webcomics. We'll be taking a regular look back at past issues and catching up with creators we've previously covered.

Stephen Notley is the creator of Bob the Angry Flower which I'm sure is still the angriest angiosperm character in comics today. I caught up with Notley via email last month.

Stephen Notley

The Monday Morning Xerexes Update

scarfman tipped us to the Daily Grind Ironman losing another competitor - Scott Kurtz announced he was dropping out as he began running guest strips from Chris Giarusso while Kurtz is at the San Diego Comicon. Kurtz is also on 3 panels this year - one for Image and two for webcomics (more details after the jump).

gordonmcalpin also caught that there is a new Stripped Books webcomic in the new edition of the online magazine Bookslut. The new strip, by guest illustrator Dan Henrick and Stripped Books creator Gordon McAlpin, adapts Sandman writer Neil Gaiman's keynote address from the 2005 Nebula Awards dinner, in which Gaiman muses about the state of science fiction today.

The Yirmumah boys are having a fundraiser week - if you're a fan of Coffman and McDeavitt's biting sense of humor (see today's installment!) then drop these guys a buck or two.

Gary Chaloner kicks off a new site hosting his ongoing series: Will Eisner's John Law. Chaloner is holding a July draw for a signed (by Will Eisner and myself) limited release hardcover of Will Eisner’s JOHN LAW: Dead Man Walking (from IDW). WEJL updates on Mondays at Modern Tales and the new stand-alone site.

Click READ MORE for a list of webcomics-related panels at the upcoming San Diego Comicon!

An Incomplete List of Webcomics in Print, Collated by Kelly J. Cooper

Many MANY of our webcomicking friends have published print versions of their work. I've tried to find, track down, and remember as many as possible. But given the thousands (tens of thousands?) of webcomics out there, this was a daunting task. If I missed your comic, I apologize profusely and profoundly. Please add it via a comment.

Bob the Angry Flower Moves To Seattle, WA

Bob Stephen Notley the creator of Bob The Angry Flower is moving from the Great White North to the Great Wet West, Seattle that is. The move entails a new job with, a new webcomic but a promise to continue updates to BTAF.

2004: A Year in Review

As 2004 packs its bags and prepares to turn over the keys to the new year, we thought we would take this opportunity to look back at certain significant or just really amusing webcomics-related news stories throughout the year.

If we missed your favorite event, feel free to add your own thoughts.

New Humor Magazine to Publish and Promote Webcomics

BoneFlake Studios, Inc. is proud to announce the launch of a new Canadian humour tabloid and very webcomic-friendly, VILLAGE IDIOT MAGAZINE (VIM).

Alongside VIM’s doses of biting satire, edgy parodies and off-the-wall humor pieces, Canadians will have the opportunity to read some of their favorite online comics in an offline format.

The current line-up of “Webcomics in Print” are: “Butternut Squash” by Ramon Perez; “The Good Little Robot” by Ryan Reid; “Bob the Angry Flower” by Stephen Notley; “White Ninja” by Scott Bevan & Kent Earle and Bill Charbonneau's two webcomic offerings, “Voices in my Hand” and “Small Market Sports”.

What I Did Last Summer, umm, at Comic-Con 2004

Kelly J Cooper's Most Excellent Comic-Con Adventures
Part 1: Wednesday to Friday