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Steve Harrison

Expressive Dialogue, Part Two: Stammers, Accents, and Affectations

This month, Alexander Danner looks further at expressive dialogue by examining how to effectively use stammers, accents, and affectations. Um, well... I, uh... you know what? I think you ought to just go read the article.

Speaking Of Webcomics and Music

You know the webcomic Fabricari?

Well, you should now, because they just got a short write-up in Wired Blogs about Video Fabricari and the soundtracks used in the production.

What's down with being down?

Anybody know why has been unavailable for a few days? Any uptime estimate?


ARTnatomy: Great Art Tool

This flash-driven site is designed to help explore human anatomy from a fine arts perspective.  Very useful looking from a a quick run-through of it.

First and Last: An Irregularly Recurring Look At Webcomic Progress

One of the things that is interesting about webcomics is the very public nature of an artist's development. Case in point: Jeph Jacques and Questionable Content. Compare the very first one with a very recent comic.

How to Cut Corners to Meet Deadlines

xmung wrote:
it really depends on the amount of detail in a page (notably, the number of different characters i gotta draw) - but usually it can take 4-5 hours for a drawn/ fully coloured/ web ready page. and that's if i'm lucky. these days i try to include at least one panel per page that has a close-up of a character's face cos that helps cut down on the drawing time overall.
This was mentioned in a different thread and I thought it'd make a good topic on it's own.

On Demand, meet On Supply (RSS)

Update or die?

When I first looked into making a webcomic, back in 2002, the one thing I heard most often was, 'Update regularly or don't bother at all.' The one canon rule I could suss out in webcomics was that you must update often, and you must hit your schedule every chance you could.

These days RSS (Really Simple Syndication) (picked the least ugly page with an explanation) has taken the thunder out of that sole commandment. In the process, it may have opened the field in a way unique to webcomics, allowing us to do more with serialization than we ever could in traditional media. On-demand was the first real revolution in online thinking-- On-supply is the next, and in terms of theoretical discussion, we're missing out on the potential. Blogs have gotten there, so have news services, but many webcomics are still stuck with outdated thinking that's inhibiting their true potential.

New Required Reading

Lore Sjöberg (of The Brunching Shuttlecocks internets fame) has a blog at Wired called Table of Malcontents.

Lots of good links, sprinkled heavily with references to webcomics (including a post on the Webcomics Encyclopedia).

Tuesday News Blues

TCJ has an interesting article up examining R. Crumb's copyright suit against for an image Amazon used on its 404 page (File Not Found).  The image, although not the Crumb original, is somewhat like Crumb's "Keep On Truckin'" man image.  Besides outlining that case, the article delves into some of the changes to copyright law in our lifetime.

More newsy stuff after the jump:

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