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Sylvan Migdal

This Might Turn Into One of those Posts Ghastly Used to Complain About




The New Lineup at the New Modern Tales

Shaenon K. Garrity

So Eric Burns has a handy post up detailing some thoughts on the New Fall Season at Modern Tales which marks new editor Shaenon K. Garrity's debut line-up. Here's the list of the new comics Eric hits on in his post:

So a couple of questions to discuss: what about the new line-up? does it change the "brand" of And what does it mean to creators and/or readers to be part of a site like this? As we head into the latter part of 2006 just exactly what are the benefits of such an umbrella site?

UPDATE: Related collective-type news; the Warren Ellis-led Rocket Pirates now looks to debut in September.

Modern Tales Announces New Strip Lounge Lineup

SAN FRANCISCO—Modern Tales (, one of the Internet’s premier webcomics sites, is proud to announce the addition of nine new comics to its Modern Tales Strip Lounge section. The Strip Lounge, launched earlier this year, offers free, non-exclusive webcomics available to all visitors, and is designed to complement the Modern Tales V.I.P. Room, which features subscription-based comics available only to Modern Tales subscribers.

Late Night News Update

Another milestone: Kris Straub's guest comic is the 500 installment of Zach Miller's Joe and Monkey webcomic.  Straub also mentions that Miller's book Totally Boned is up for one of Lulu's Blooker prizes. (Erik wrote about the Blookers last October.)

Not a webcomic but kind of internet-y funny: Subservient Donald.  I'd like to see Subservient Skull or Subservient Clango or something.

The Great Outdoor Fight - wow, that's really hard to describe.  But I always have a hard time describing Achewood.  It's just... AchewoodTim Tylor blogged earlier about the wiki a fan set up for this storyline.

Fleen also has more questions with Dave Kellett (Sheldon) on syndication and newspaper comics.

And Fleen also catches that Sylvan Migdal wrapped up Ascent today.

Recommended Romances: A Quickie Poll

"What's your favorite webcomics romance?"

T Campbell asked this question of many webcartoonists. The answers were revealing.

Graphic Smash Announces Six New Series

Graphic Smash launched its second season on March 16 with an announcement of six new series. (Two more will be joining the ranks within the month, for a total of eight.) The new series include: Life on Forbez, Big Dick's Ball, Ascent, The Japanese Beetle, The Jaded, and Aces High.

From Spork to Undead Romance -- Mnemesis' Sylvan Midgal

Sylvan Migdal. With a first name like this, he almost had to get involved with fantasy. At SYLVAN MIGDAL'S EXTREMELY INTERESTING WEBCOMICS at, Sylvan has been pursuing such webcomics as Spork, Carface, the completed graphic novel A God's Life (slacker deities in a creation they inherited), and the current ongoing Mnemesis, an existential afterlife, and has been active with webcomics since March of 2001. He's a 19-year-old junior at The Cooper Union. He's lived in various Brooklyn apartments (with his pet dust bunnies) for 15 years, and has had his ceiling collapse on three separate occasions.

That last bit is no doubt good training for the thankless and often catastrophic job of being a web cartoonist.

Graphic Smash Launches September 15

The subscription site for action-adventure webcomics is set to launch September 15.

Edited by T Campbell, the site will feature thirty regular strips, including:

Die Bitch Die by Edmund Wong
Digger by Ursula Vernon
Felicity by John Troutman
Flick by Mikael Oskarsson
The Guardians by Graveyard Greg (with T Campbell) and Webtroll
Gun Street Girl by Barb Lien-Cooper and Ryan Howe
Interplanetary Grift by Jim Keplinger
Killroy and Tina by Justin Pierce
The License by Matthew Shepherd and Diego Jourdan
Mnemesis by Sylvan Migdal
Mythos and Magick by Jamie Robertson and Erin Zerbe
NonPersons by Amber "Glych" Greenlee
Ram by Brian Daniel
Rip & Teri by T Campbell and John Waltrip
Skirting Danger by Meredith Gran
She's a Nightmare by Jesse Chen
Soul Chaser Betty by Brian Babendererde (BMAN)
The Twisting by The Marvelous Patric
Vigil by Juan Navarro Navarro
Vigilante, Ho! by John Troutman and Meaghan Quinn

These strips range from urban fantasy to steampunk to Western comedy to traditional superhero to spy romance to horror to crime drama. "But they all have two things in common," says Campbell. "They all contain ass-kicking action, and they all, themselves, kick ass."

Graphic Smash has not finalized its entire lineup, and is extending its original submissions deadline. "We're keeping a few slots open for late arrivals," Campbell said, "so if you can get a couple of samples and a synopsis together and to me by September 8, you've still got a shot."

Two Years of "Extremely Interesting Web Comics"

Sylvan Migdal's Extremely Interesting Web Comics is celebrating its 2 year anniversary with a week-long guest comic extravaganza!

The guest week focuses on the site's currently updating epic, the dark comedy Mnemesis, which began in September. Past comics include the complete graphic novel A God's Life and the gag strips Spork and Carface.