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T Campbell

North Carolina WebComics Coffee Clatch Minutes for January, 18th, 2009

North Carolina WebComics Coffee Clatch
Date: January, 18th, 2009
Location: Chapel Hill Comics' Event Room, Chapel Hill, NC

In Attendance:
Alan Welch
Larry Holderfield
Ursual Vernon
Kevin Sonney
John and Justin Lapoint
Ben Carter
Robert Cameron

December 2009 Cover

Cover art by Erica Henderson.  Guilded Age is by Erica Henderson, T Campbell and Phil Kahn.

It Was A Hat Lobster!

Check out the latest and greatest webcomic critic!  The HAT LOBSTER reviews FANS with the same technology that lets President-elect Obama beam his radio address straight to your computer screen!  Set phasers to "totally"!

Check out the Hat Lobster's review of T Campbell's FANS -- on video! -- part 1 and part 2.

November 14th DRAFT version of 100 Greatest Webcomics List

This is an update to a previous post here, thanks for the cumulative suggestions on that thread.  JUST so we're clear - this is open-sourced to everyone research for a possible article to appear next month at ComixTalk.  I don't endorse the list or the order at all; at this point I've tried to include all of the suggestions I've gotten and I also went through all of the comics ComixTalk has ever reviewed and pulled quite a few titles.

We're at the point where it'll be most helpful if you tell me comics you think should go on the list, where (what number approximately) and which comic should get bumped.  If you just want to change the order you can do that to but there'll be another post before the month's through asking for help with that.  

Cover Art for November and Shutting Down Forums

The cover art for November is from Michael May, the creator of Eros Inc. and Stock Footage. I think Michael's got talent and his webcomics are definitely worth checking out.  Be sure to sift through the archives of the movie-targeted Stock Footage and catch up on his current comic Eros Inc.

In site update news, I am going to shut down the forums here.  Two reasons!  One they're aren't being used a heck of a lot; and two, I'm really impressed with the new and the forums over there are accomplishing everything we ever tried to facilitate at Comixpedia/ComixTalk in terms of constructive discussion amongst webcomics creators. is not really aimed at non-creators, but it's got a tremendously friendly vibe right now and you really ought to check it regularly. has the support of Penny Arcade (in some fashion, they've at least bought the URL from T Campbell for the Halfpixel guys to use) and of course it's being led now by Halfpixel which is four of the most successful webcomics creators, period.  Out of those guys, I've met Dave, Kris and Brad at varous points online and off and they're all good guys and in comics for the long haul so I have no doubt this site will only get bigger and better.

I'm always going to be proud of having had a hand in starting Comixpedia/Talk and keeping it running for -- wow -- 6 years now.  I am pretty sure I've written more about comics than I ever would have imagined.  I've learned a lot too -- not surprisingly reading a lot of comics and interviewing a lot of people about them is a pretty educational experience.  My interest in comics back then was never entirely pure - mostly I was attracted to the DIY energy of it all, especialy webcomics before the turn of the century when it was all a lot harder and more mysterious out there.  But over time comics as comics really captured my interest.  Comics as a medium is fascinating and people are using it to tell some pretty awesome stories right now.  It's an exciting time.

100 Greatest Webcomics Thread

NOTE:  An updated version of this list is here - please go there to offer your suggestions and comments.  Thanks!

76 Days Until President Obama Appoints the New Secretary of Webcomics

Wes Molebash is ending You'll Have That.  He's going to wrap it all up on January 2, 2009 and will debut a new comic in February. (h/t FLEEN)

The comic strip Opus ended with main character Opus escaping to the children's book Goodnight Moon.  Uh, okay...   LA Times blog has a post with an interview with Breathed hereTom Spurgeon also links to this recent interview with Breathed on the comics in general.

Dirk Deppey writes extensively today about the problems daunting an online sales model for comics that incorporates existing offline retail outlets.  He's responding to an earlier post on the subject by Tom Spurgeon.

I've seen several posts about the revamp of United Media's website  Here's Tom Spurgeon's take on things; here's Alan Gardner's take.

Another interview with Chris Hallbeck of The Book of Biff (we had an interview with Chris here on ComixTalk last month).

An interview (audio) with writer of many webcomics, T Campbell.

Am I missing something?  Is there any reason to get excited about Peanuts pseudo-animations for the cell phone screen?

The Escapist writes about humor sites and webcomics.  A lot of good links in there.

Darrin Bell's Toon Talk forum has moved to a new location.

Most Read: Final Version

Back in 2003-2004, ComixTALK ran a series of articles under the banner of "Most Read" trying to work through how to measure the respective audience shares of various webcomics.  More recently, T Campbell borrowed the idea to generate a list of such webcomics for the former version of

I've pulled together one more Most Read list, this time relying fairly heavily on Project Wonderful data.  Mostly though I went to the trouble of compiling this to point out how someone else could do a better job of it in the future.

This Day in ComixTALK

Hey what do you know - there are still 10 contenders left in the Daily Grind contest

A look back at other things from the past:


The Perry Bible Fellowship collection - The Trial of Colonel Sweeto - was publisher Dark Horse's third webcomic-to-print success (following Megatokyo  and Penny Arcade ). Story here.


A review of the well-received play based on the webcomic Get Your War On from the Washington Post. 


ComixTALK had an interview with Mike Rojas, creator of Natch Evil; a review of Jack, created by David Hopkins; and T Campbell discussed how to make action move in webcomics (Part One and Part Two).

Erik Melander's Through the Looking Back Glass column covered the recent events in webcomics:

September held a number of news items which are worth mentioning. First and foremost, the Webcomic Telethon collected an impressive amount of money for the victims of Hurricane Katrina. The Penny Arcade Expo returned for its second year, this time bigger and with more media coverage. Keenspot is working towards fulfilling its plans announced at Comic-Con. Keen announced that they have signed with Fox Television to develop Owen Dunne's webcomic You Damn Kid! for television. And both Keenspot and Modern Tales are looking for advertising sales representatives.


Comixtalk had an interview with Eric Milikin, creator of Fetus X.

A Few Random Keystrokes About SPX

A great day at SPX this Sunday.  Saw a whole bunch of familiar (web)comic artists (and bought some great stuff too) and met some new ones.  I get overwhelmed trying to check out everything at SPX -- I don't think I'd cut it at San Diego.  I guess it's 'cause I do try to check out as much of the work as possible.  (I missed the Ignatz awards Satuday night but click here to find out about the winners.  Apparently there was another dude in a gorilla suit this year just like last year. UPDATE: Yep - there's a moneky in THIS YEAR's presentation.  h/t FLEEN).

Anyhow, I may have some reviews and interviews coming up leading out of today but for now I'm putting my new poster of the "Atheist's Afterlife" strip from Aaron Diaz's Dresden Codak up on the wall next to my A Lesson Is Learned But the Damage is Irreversible poster.  I also picked up some books from Dirk Tiede, Spike, Meredith Gran, Josh Lesnick, Joe Dunn... jeez, really too many to list in one post.  I'll get to them this week!

Also ran into the elusive Joey Manley (well he was up in the wilds of Maine for awhile... now he's apparently in the more hospitable land of Brooklyn) along with T Campbell.  I think the gist of that conversation was that the new is coming soon AND YET in some ways is already here.  I should try harder to get an interview with him (although I have asked!), shouldn't I?

I also talked briefly with Raina Telgemeier about her new book with Scholastic - which will be a print version of her webcomic Smile. Raina thought a press release had gone out but I can't find it just now.  Raina had done four Babysitters Club books with Scholastic, but she said that was it for the graphic novel series.  I asked Raina about the experience and she was extremely positive on it, noting she had done about 800 pages on the series.  Best wishes for the Smile project and I'll post more details when I get them.