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Ted Rall

Call for Questions for Ted Rall

Ted Rall may be the most provocative cartoonist working today. The hardest-hitting editorial cartoonist is syndicated nationwide by Universal Press Syndicate. He also pens a weekly opinion column. If you don't get Rall in a nearby newspaper you can read much of Rall's work on his website.

Now is your chance to send a question to Rall. We'll take the top ten moderated questions and send them off to be answered. One question per post please. The deadline for questions is October 15th.

America's Angriest Man? Feature on Ted Rall

An interview with Ted Rall. Love or hate Rall he pulls no punches. If every editorial/political cartoons in America were as bracing as Rall we would all pay more attention to the form.

At A Fast Clip: Rob Balder Talks to Comixpedia

Rob Balder has been delighting webcomics readers, readers of independent newspapers, convention-goers, and booklovers for several years now with his Partially Clips. He paused long enough in a busy schedule to answer ten questions at some length – with his observations on the current state and future of webcomics, of his trials and tribulations in book publishing, and what started him on this path... and his plans for the future.

Ted Rall Controversy

A comic from controversial cartoonist Ted Rall that questioned Pat Tillman's status as a hero was pulled from The full story at Editor and Publisher can be found here. The comic itself can be found here. Thanks to the Toontalk forum for the link.

Ted Rall Out of NY Times

I missed this initially, but saw it on Pulse: Ted Rall cartoons no longer published in New York Times.

Rall believes The New York Times website stopped running his editorial cartoons this week because it was tired of dealing with e-mail campaigns from conservatives who don't like his work.

Rosenberg, Stevens, Rall & Dangle Photos

More photos from 2003 SPXPo

Coming Very Soon: Attitude 2: Another Collection of Opinionated Cartoonists

The Ted Rall edited Attitude anthology of opinionated cartoonists is back with a second installment. Attitude 2: The New Subversive Social Commentary Cartoonists is apparently at the printers and will be relased in February 2004.

Included in Attitude 2 are webcomic-friendly cartoonists such as: Shannon Wheeler, Devid Rees, Stephen Notley, and Kevin Moore.

Leah Fitzgerald Interviews Bob The Angry Flower's Steven Notley

Stephen Notley planted his first comic seeds the mid 90s while drawing weekly strips for the University of Alberta's Gateway (a student newspaper that managed to churn out not only Notley's work, but also Cigarro & Cerveja, Deathworld, and the now-defunct but fondly-remembered Space Moose all in the same span of time). It did not take him or his comic idea about a disgruntled sentient weed – umm, sorry – flower to take root and bloom brightly in the still-Edenic Garden of Webcomics. Now already releasing his fourth book, the creator of Bob The Angry Flower can be seen on the comic convention circuit sporting large yellow petals on his head and pollinating truths about life, the universe, and political everythings as only an angry, petal-bedecked person could.