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Tim Demeter

My Advice for the Entrepreneurly Minded Cartoonist

Just about every day I have an e-mail from someone asking me for advice or pointers about their own cartooning endeavors. This usually makes me uncomfortable, because while I'm mildly successful with my own work, I don't really feel qualified to be handing out advice. I usually want to tell people who ask me about being a cartoonist, "RUN!! Get out of here whie you can!"

May Issue Upon Us: Let's All Go To The Lobby!

The May issue is upon us and I will post Joe Dunn's wonderful cover art sometime today.  We'll be looking at "movies and webcomics" albeit in a scattershot sort of way.  (Coincidentally, this week the Webcomics Examiner has a review of Chris Shadoian's webcomic about movies, Popcorn Picnic.)

April's issue on superheroes is over, but all ten articles are available for you to catch up on here.  Thanks again to Tim "Terrific" Demeter for the cover art.

And a big thanks to recent advertisers like Ka-Blam digital printing, Mike Baron's and Andie Tong's webcomic The Architect, and Stuart Immonen's 50 Reasons To Stop Sketching at Conventions.  If you're interested in advertising with Comixpedia here's more information

LA Times Story On Newspaper Comics Crisis

Nothing new in this piece about an upcoming panel on newspaper comics but it's a bit... galling to hear a bunch of established cartoonists quoted as saying nothing new is every going to be any good.  I guess I'm specifically reacting to this quote from Cathy Guisewite:


To me a strip should run forever because it's a classic.  They have meaning to me, and no new newspaper strip is going to earn that place in my heart.


Leaving aside lots of additional snark I could write about this piece, a few thoughts on the neverending story of the newspaper comic "crisis".  Of course newspaper comics are in trouble - the entire newspaper business while still generating profits every year is not growing.  Many newspaper companies though are starting to get the fact that they're in the news business - not the newspaper business.  Either they are trying to adapt or they're planning on squeezing as much cash as possible out of the papers until they die.

Webcomics are still a messy and chaotic place but it is growing.  Maybe we'll never have a Calvin & Hobbes again in terms of sheer audience but that's no different then most mediums - we'll never have a M*A*S*H-size audience for most television shows again either.  That doesn't mean we won't have television, or comics, that is as good or better but with so many more choices around the audience will by definition be smaller.

Wired: Marvel should venture to digital distribution

This month's Wired Magazine features an article arguing that Marvel and DC should sell digitized versions of old issues online. While venturing into new material online has yet to show how it would be financially advantageous given their manufacturing model, back issues could provide the ideal stepping stone to digital distribution. Of course, that's if they can overcome their corporate-phobia of the Internet.

Creating honest, likeable characters: A rant by Jenny Lerew

Read this rant and discuss the article's relevance to webcomics.

Why forum activity is high and what we can do to improve it?

Before the last two renovation, it was rare for me to see huge thread with 25 to 50 comments... I often wonder why this come to be.

Another question I wanted to ask is what we can do to increase activity at the forum and blogs.

I mean...this site got so interesting because of high level activity and interesting commentary. While the magazine contuined to be interesting, I wanted more. So the forum provided us that.

MAKING A LIVING: What do you consider a LIVING WAGE?

Just curious what other webcomic creators or enthusiasts consider a living wage in webcomics? While it is possible to make just as much money as you could with another profession, it's not very likely at this moment in webcomics.What would you consider a success for a webcartoonist to make?A grand a month or more? Less?

Reckless Life Animatic Available at Clickwheel

Clickwheel, the first and only site for downloading comics for iPods, has unveiled a new feature, Clickwheel Animatics. This service offers comics stitched together in quicktime for viewing on iPod videos, but they will play on any desktop as well.

The launch piece for this service is part 1 of Reckless Life: Locke and the Las Vegas Ninjas.

From Webslingers to Webcomics: Comic Book Publishers Online

DC and Marvel have dominated the comic book marketplace for decades with tales of radiated, atomic, DNA-scrambled, mutant superheroes.  Can they dominate the web as well?

Your Friendly-Neighborhood Mod.

Greetings posters and postettes.

If you got here via the forum's index you may notice there's now a moderator listed on The Coffee Haus and all three general Webcomics forums, and that name would be mine, the ever-lovin' Tim Demeter.

For those who don't know me, I do Reckless Life over at GraphicSmash and Misfit-Media. I've been floating about Comixpedia for the last year so doing an event here, and interview there, and on the old forums every now and then. When Xavier asked for volunteers to mod some of the new forums, I raised my hand, now here we are. Given the traffic around here over the last weeks, this should be a freaking blast.

So what does this mean for you?

Zilch really. I'm just here to help Xavier manage these things and spur on conversation if things get dull, and generally make an ass of myself.

So yeah, carry on, and don't hesitate to Private Message me if you have any cause to do so.