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Tim Demeter

As time goes by...

What geeky/comic/culture things were you doing 20/15/10/5 years ago?

20 years ago, I used to spend all my spare time (and scarce money) playing videogames at the arcade, and thought computers were just calculators able to handle alpha-numeric data, cryptic, strange machines that vaguely resembled typewriters that required a whole college degree to use. I'm not fond of maths, and weren't even by then, so I thought I wouldn't have access to a computer in my life.

Welcome to the April Issue

We'll be tackling the superheroes of webcomics this month.  We've got a smashing cover from Tim Demeter (the creator of Reckless Life) and we start off with an interview with Abby L., the creator of the popular superheroine webcomic, The Green Avenger.

We've also got another installment of Bryant Paul Johnson's bound-to-be award-winning column, The Antecedent.  This month learn the shocking secrets of the gerrymander!

I also want to thank out current sponsors: The Webcomic List, and the webcomics, Lonely Fetus, Templar, Arizona and Surely Functional.

April 2006 Issue

Cover Art by Tim Demeter.

Foldable pages in print comics for webcomics with wider canvases: Possible?

Is it possible for print comics to have foldable pages in order to translate webcomics into print?

Hi Everyone

Hey all, my name is Sean Conchieri, and I'm the artist/co-writer for Cute Ninja Girls. It's a little webcomic about two ninja sisters living in Boston, going about their lives as an ancient evil prepares to seize control of the world. However, this evil brute was released from a thousand year slumber, and spends most of his time dealing with the massive culture shock, usually with hilarious results.

Action speaks louder in comics

Check these articles below:

NYTimes (Regis. is req'd)

Can the articles be applied to webcomics?

Have webcomics being reduced to gabfests & talking heads? Or are there great examples of webcomics that follows the maxim "Action speaks louder than words?"

The new forum layout.

It's missing a few convenient stuff. Is it possible to add the following?

--Mark All Forums as Read
--Numbered page browsing at the top of each thread

I know there's more that I thought of. I'll add them when I remember them.

Also... which is allowed in the signature, HTML or BBcode? Or both? I could experiment and find out, but really, it should say on the edit page.

One other thing.

Best Underrated Web Comics

There are so many webcomics out there that I don't see discussed anywhere. I'm mining for gold here. I'm going to start a list of underrated webcomics and you guys are going to add to it.

1) Perry Bible Fellowship

2) Copper

3) Bob the Angry Flower

Traffic Magnets: What Has Worked For You?

What did you do last year that brought you the most traffic?
We tried conventions, advertising, forums, e-mails, begging... Banner ads and trolling the forums still seem to be the best bet for Adam and I.
How about you?

Who Inspires Your Work?

Hey guys and gals, new site, let's start some new discussions.

Who, or what styles, have effected your work (writing or art?)

For example, my art is inspired largely by Bruce Timm (Batman the Animated Series) and Gendy Tartakovsky (Samurai Jack.)

Webcomics, as a whole seem to draw from a much larger pool of influence than comics you find on the spinner rack, what's yours?

And have some webcomics reached a point where THEY are inspiring other work, be it comics or otherwise?