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Tom Brazelton

3001, and three comics I’ve never pointed you at before…

As long as we’re talking about threes of things, here are three comics whose links I’ve not shared before, but which I believe you’ll enjoy:

Chainsawsuit: Kris Straub hits the essence of cartooning with this new offering. Minimalistic? Yes. Funny? Oh, my.

TheaterHopper: Tom Brazelton takes on movies, and the people who watch them.

Webcomics Whenever

We had a bit of downtime with the site after the upgrade to the newest version of PHP5 went a bit off.  All seems okay now (although please email me at xerexes AT gmail DOT com if you notice problems).  Along with some site stuff I'm working on you'll notice that the center aisle of the site is now a daily feed of new stuff -- news from staff, staff-selected talk posts and feature articles from the magazine.  On the right hand side you can get the most recent magazine articles, or click the tab for the most recent talk posts from Comixtalk members.  Two more tabs -- webcomics and creators -- are not active yet so stayed tuned.

Also please check out our new sponsor the art exhibition The Great Great Grand Show featuring artists Graham Annable, Scott Campbell, Jon Klassen, and Israel Sanchez.  The OPENING RECEPTION is this Saturday, August 16 from 7 to 11 pm and it's Free!

Criteria for Criticism Continued
Scott Kurtz wrote a bit about critics (here's the ComixTalk post on it).  El Santo wrote a pretty good post on the ideas percolating through the discussion Kurtz kicked off.  One more thought occurs after reading some of this -- I'm sure Kurtz has encountered plenty of people who do live up to his stereotype of the self-important, uneducated, and/or otherwise useless critic but even if there are a lot of such creatures it doesn't mean every person writing about comics fits that stereotype.  (Just like every webcomic creator isn't craptastic despite the existence of a lot of not-yet-or-never-will-be-decent webcomics).  There is a bit of a disconnect going on here though -- Kurtz is absolutely right that an artist should be looking to get constructive feedback to improve and grow and Kurtz gets that from his friends and colleagues in comics.  I think that's a perfectly valid way to do that.  On the other hand I made some of the biggest leaps in my basic drawing skills in college under an absolute ass of a teacher.  But the times when he didn't blast me in front of the class, I knew I had made real progress.

Comics Curation
FLEEN has a bit more on the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign show featuring comics creatorsin October (lots of webcomic creators in the show catalog).  FLEEN also has a link to DIY magazine show creator Oliver Brackenbury recent show on webcomics in general (which has a nice conversation with creator Ryan North).

Congrats to Derik Badman on the 2nd year anniversary of his webcomic Things Change.

Buzzcomix is back open for public business.  If anyone has reactions to their new reader/bookmark function please let us know.

Theater Hopper has a donation drive to help creator Tom Brazelton out with the bills for data recovery of his webcomic files.  If you can chip in a bit and than make sure it doesn't happen to you and your files!

David Malki!'s wedding is the must-see movie of 2009! More like 2007 I think.  Still a pretty cool trailer. :)

An interview with uber-blogger, Dirk Deppey of TCJ's Journalista!

Webcomic Wire - 7/21/08

Drawn from sources all over the web…

Newsarama has an article called Diggle: Bringing Bionic Commando to Webcomics.
Wowio news from The Beat, looks like Platinum has succeeded in its bid to purchase Wowio.
Slave Labor Graphics will be starting a webcomic effort starting on July 24th here.
Comic Book Bin has an interview with David Malki.
Theater Hopper [...]

I Like Webcomics

New feature articles this morning including the wrap-up of Tim Broderick's column on bringing his webcomic Odd Jobs to print in the graphic novel Cash & Carry.  Also today's the last day to send in a sketch if you're interested in doing the August cover for ComixTalk (more details here).

ComixTalk interviews Tom Brazelton of Theater Hopper.

The Comics Reporter has an interview with David Malki! of Wondermark who has a book collecting the comic out from Dark Horse.

El Santo takes a look at Octopus Pie.

Michael Payne looks at long-running webcomics Clan of the Cats and CRFH!!!.

Derik Badman reviews The Lady's Murder.

Journalista! links to a Wall Street Journal report that DC Comics will convert some of its comics into semi-animated slideshows to be sold at the iTunes store for computer and cellphone viewing.  This sounds like Clickwheel a bit doesn't it?  Anyhow, Newsarama has more on this.

Comics Worth Reading examines the webcomic efforts of publishers Boom Studios and SLG.

Theater Hopper by Tom Brazelton

An Interview with Tom Brazelton

Theater Hopper by Tom Brazelton is a webcomic sort of, but not entirely about Tom, his wife Cami and their friends. The creator, Tom Brazelton (as opposed to his four-color alter ego) is coming up on six years of the webcomic.  Neither fatherhood nor the Star Wars prequels have stopped the man from making fun at and with the movies.  Over the last couple of months I interviewed Tom about the webcomic, his third print collection and other necessary pop culture topics.

Boxcar Comics announces new podcast

For those of you that are in to podcasts, the webcomics collective known as Boxcar Comics has an announcement to make.

As part of the revitialization of Boxcar Comics and the group's continuing effort to promote themselves publicly in a cross-functional manner, we have created a brand new podcast at called the Boxcar Comics Hobo Jamboree!

What is our podcast about? Good question - One that we will be answering tonight during our first broadcast recording TONIGHT at 8:00 PM CST!

March 2008 Cover Art

Cover art by Tom Brazelton, creator of Theater Hopper.

Boxcar Comics Returns From The Ashes

Webcomic collective Boxcar Comics is pleased to announce a re-energized creative direction with a redesigned web site to boot!

As part of our renewed purpose, Boxcar is investing efforts into monthly creator-hosted podcasts (coming soon), published jam comics(also, coming soon) and an increased collective presence at comic book conventions.

Tuesday. Taquitos. Grwwwahh...