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Von Allan

Comix Talk From Madrid Spain

Gunnerkrigg Court Vol. 2

Sorry for the lack of updates recently - last week I was working on this; this week I'm working in Madrid, Spain.  I thought I might be able to have loaded some "best of" posts for y'all but I ran out of time.  So here's what is in my mailbag right now:

And a few good links to check out today:

Also if you have signed up for a ComixTalk account this week or last, my apologies but I won't have time to review and approve until the upcoming weekend.

More Comix Talk

 Dapper Caps and Pedal Copters by David Malki!

A few more stories worth checking out today:

JUSTIFY SOME HYPE: Comics Alliance has a preview of David Malki!'s new Wondermark book -- Dapper Caps and Pedal Copters.  It's been great to see Malki!'s success with the Wondermark books from Dark Horse Publishing.

INTERVIEWS: An interview with Mike Russell of the alway funny webcomic Culture PulpCulture Pulp is non-fiction, usually taking on a movie or an event in the Northwest.  And Von Allan gets interviewed -- his graphic novel (which used to be serialized on the web at Girlamatic but I don't see it there now) is The Road to God Knows.

BUSINESS: An article on epublisher WOWIO's excitement about the iPad.  I'm excited about the iPad too, but given WOWIO's history I am going to wait and see what they bring to the world in terms of product and contracts before spending too much time reporting on their revival.

ALWAYS BE PREPARED: Webcomic Marketing has a list of items to put in a convention travel kit.  It's a really  good idea to have a check list before leaving for a convention.

This Day in ComixTalk: November 24th

Man, in years ComixTalk is like a tween now... OMG!

We had an interview with Evan Nichols of the webcomic Dr. Eldritch.  Plus, wow! Jon Morris' comic,  Star Wars Versus The Batman.  And Bomb Shelter's Webcomic Idol contest was down to the final three.  (Doesn't look like Webcomic Idol is happening this year...)

Von Allan's The Road To God Knows began its serialization over at Girlamatic.

Scott McCloud's Making Comics was making the rounds; Neil Babra drew an awesome turkey; and another installment in the Most Read Webcomics Measurement Project.


A great thread on how much to spend on making a webcomic -- how times have changed (or not) since then!

Dave Wright's Todd and Penguin hits it's third anniversary milestone; an interview with Brad Hawkins and a review of his webcomic Monkey Law; and Dylan Meconis wrote a column on webcomic creator burnout.

Interview with Von Allan

quietdarkness was nice enough to do an interview with me for Collector Times (for the December/Christmas issue, no less). It's just over here.

I yabber on about the art corrections to "the road to god knows...," mental illness, Diamond Distribution, and other blather in general. And there's some side by side comparisons of old RTGK art and new RTGK art, too.


Jen Contino over at The Pulse was nice enough to do an interview with me (Von Allan). It's right here.

Von Allan

New Li'l Mell!

You know, Mell's right. This was a stupid plan.

Girlamatic is inviting everyone to vote for their favorite GAM 5th anniversary card. Vote here. For convenience's sake, here are links to the individual cards:

Andre Richard (Jeepers)


Hey folks,

Yup, I've been fairly quiet lately. Working on this, that and the other thing and it's all led to me being silent. Moggy, as always, has been holding down the fort. :)

I did want to post some art up, though. 'Cuz, y'know, it's art! And there are a few clues here (as well in some other art I've posted over the past few months) on what my next project will be. I can't talk too much about it, but it does have a working title: Stargazer. Still lots of things to figure out, but I'm on the right track so far.

The Old Crow - with grey washes!

I finally got a chance to do the grey washes for The Old Crow. This short story, if you haven't seen it before, is closest thematically to the road to god knows... It really paves the way for what the graphic novel is all about (well, at least I hope it does). I also think it's interesting to see Marie as a little kid and how she changes when she's a teenager in road.

Webcomic Wire - 12/26/07

Drawn from sources that were too stuffed with food to run away…

Von Allan to be published by Girlamatic.
Here is the ComixTalk’s People of Webcomics list for 2007. 
A Zuda update…
Image Comics promotes the book How To Make Webcomics coming soon from HalfPixel. 
What webcomics do YOU like?
Moovok of Webcomics Anonymous posts a list of his favorites.