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Warren Ellis

Rolling Sunday Update - Go DC UNITED

Hometown futbol club DC UNITED is in the conference championship. Go DC! (I will be there screaming like an eagle). Okay back to webcomics... UPDATE: DC UNITED lost 1-0. There is no joy in Mudville tonight...


  • The Smithsonian has an exhibit on America's cartoonists: “Cartoon America: Highlights from the Art Wood Collection of Cartoon and Caricature” is now open at the Library of Congress in the Great Hall of the Thomas Jefferson Building, 10 First St. S.E., Washington, D.C. The exhibition features 100 masterworks of such celebrated artists as political cartoonists Thomas Nast, Rube Goldberg, Bill Mauldin and Patrick Oliphant; comic strip creators Winsor McCay, George Herriman, Chic Young, Milt Caniff, Charles Schulz and Lynn Johnston; humorous gag cartoonists Peter Arno and William Steig; caricaturists Al Hirschfeld and David Levine; animation drawings and cels from Walt Disney Productions and Hanna-Barbera; and illustrations by Edwin A. Abbey, John Held and Michael Hague.



  • This Monday (November 6) is the 900 mark for Arthur, King of Time and Space. Congrats!


The Ultimate Webcomic Episode

Recently, Lore Sjöberg wrote a hilarious piece for Wired titled "The Ultimate Blog Post" which features cutting parodies of popular blogs via describing the "ultimate perfect blog entry" for each one.

Comixpedia was not part of Lore's piece but I'll take your suggestions for our "ultimate perfect blog entry"...

Interview with Daniel "Merlin" Goodbrey

Daniel Merlin GoodbreyShaenon Garrity interviews Daniel "Merlin" Goodbrey about all kinds of stuff, including his comics on Modern Tales and the forthcoming Rocket Pirates from Warren Ellis.

Warren Ellis


On Tuesday we tackled (and I mean tackled, solid talkback everybody) how we, as webcartoonists can perceive others. Today, I have some thoughts on how others perceive us, to my eyes.

I've been on the road (it is rough and stuff) quite a bit lately, hitting San Diego and Chicago both, as many did, in a three week period. One of the perks of spending two whole weekends ensconced in geekery is I was able to see how the rest of the industry feels about our internet-y-world. (The other perk being Kristen Bell. Hey, Veronica Mars. Call me.)

Comics War- Whose Side Are You On?

So in the comments section of my last post, an interesting point was raised. Some web cartoonists can take an “us vs. them” mentality towards mainstream comics, proclaiming we are the future and that the comics industry as it stands right now is due for a major change. I find myself in this very camp, which is why the point came up. That got me thinking.

I’m not asking if the above is true or not, we can all argue that until our typing fingers are sore and bleeding and nothing will change today, what I’m asking is if this question is getting us anywhere?

Hope Larson Comic In The New York Times

Warren Ellis points out that Hope Larson (creator of Salamander Dream) has a comic in the NY Times titled Little House in the Big Woods which is part of the paper's "Summerscapes" series.

Warren Ellis Makes Open Call for Submissions to New Webcomics Site

Copy/pasted from Warren's post at The Engine:


Who wants to be a Rocket Pirate?

Joey Manley talked me into curating a mass webcomics site. I've known Joey for getting on for six years now. It's partly my fault that he got involved with comics at all. I suspect this is his revenge.

Warren Ellis to Launch Free Webcomics Portal

I am working with Warren Ellis to launch a free webcomics portal using the new Webcomics Nation Collective Edition Engine. This latest addition to the Modern Tales family will be all free, all the time, and defined by "Warren Likes This Stuff." He'll be making a call for submissions soon. Gary Chaloner will be designing the site. This is the first new (as opposed to pre-existing) site to launch with the beta version of the WCN Collective Edition engine, soon to be a commercial product available to anybody who wants to launch a multi-creator webcomics portal (your own Keenspot or Modern Tales, in other words) inexpensively and with ease. The name of Warren's new site, and its URL, will be announced soon, probably at The Engine.

Serialize Your Webcomic At Warren Ellis' The Engine

Warren Ellis is becoming the patron saintsinner of webcomics - now he's set up a way to serialize your non-superhero webcomic on his popular forum site The Engine. It's not a replacement for publishing your webcomic elsewhere (you can't host images there) - so it's more of a supplementary system. Â