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Darren "Gav" Bleuel and Nate Stone of Orthnormal Systems have sold their 50% stake in pioneering webcomics publisher Keenspot Entertainment to Crosby Comics for an undisclosed sum. The agreement gives Chris Crosby and Teri Crosby full ownership and control of the company. Orthonormal and Crosby founded Keenspot together in 2000 and previously shared equal ownership.

In a lengthy statement to Keenspot members, Orthonormal's Bleuel said "Thank you all for your support over the years, your inspiration, your good ideas, and for sticking with us, especially those that risked us in the very beginning and stuck with me until the end. I will miss this sickly shade of green terribly."

Said Keenspot CEO Chris Crosby, "I want to thank Darren and Nate for everything that they've done over the eight years since we founded Keenspot together. It couldn't have happened without their hard work, and we'll always appreciate that."

Bleuel and Stone have agreed to maintain Keenspot's techical aspects until July as they train others to handle their duties. El Goonish Shive creator Dan Shive has been named Keenspot's new Chief Technical Officer.

With the buy-out in place, Crosby has begun implementing major changes to Keenspot's structure and business model. "We're completely rethinking everything that we do," said Crosby. "Keenspot may be turning eight in March, but in many ways, this is only the beginning. Watch this 'spot."


Keenspot Entertainment's stable of web properties includes a network of more than fifty Keenspot-exclusive webcomic sites, in addition to #1 user-generated comics site, which features over 10,000 independent webcomics. Keenspot also publishes books and other merchandise and produces animated shorts under the "Keentoons" label which are distributed internationally by ThunderSquid to mobile phone carriers worldwide including Verizon V-CAST (U.S.) and O2 (U.K.).

Good luck KeenSpot!

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Wow, what with this and the WebcomicsNation/ComicSpace merger there are a lot of changes going on in the wacky world of webcomics these days. That's not so say that the scene hasn't changed a lot over the years already, but lately everything seems to be that much more momentous. Things are definitely moving to a different plane -- bigger and more business-like for sure, and a lot less like the old wild frontier.

Good luck to Keenspot in whatever form it takes moving forward!