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Get your free magazines now!

This is my last week at Nick Magazine, and there's still a ton of stuff to finish up. But I'm making time to send out as many free magazines as possible!  We still have a whole closet full of magazine inventory, so I'd like to get as much of it into loving hands as possible.

NOTE!! Post your requests to the original article -- Dave will not be checking comments to this thread.  Thanks! -- xx

We've already started boxing some of it up for children's hospitals and schools. If you know of any specific places that would appreciate a box of Nickelodeon Magazines or Spongebob comics, please let me know and I might be able to add them to the list. I'll need the following info:

Name of place
Contact Person
Complete Address (no P.O. Boxes)
Phone #

I'm also sending smaller care packages out to ANYONE who wants them! So if you or someone you know would enjoy some extra free magazines, let me know ASAP. Comments are screened. Just reply with your name and snail-mail address, and I'll mail some out to you (shipping included)!

Here are the choices:

SpongeBob Bundle
(Various SB comic magazines)

Best-of-Comics Bundle
(Our all-comics specials that feature lots of alternative cartoonists, mixed with assorted Nick Mag back issues that also have great comics as well as all the other fun non-comics content)

Avatar Magazines Bundle
(Not too many of these left!)

Surprise Me Random Mix-Up
(A mix of old Nick Mag, Fairly Odd Parents, and SpongeBob comic mags)

I'll also try and take any requests for specific issues, or work by specific cartoonists if you know what you want. Just let me know!

All requests must be sent to me by this Thursday, October 22!