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Strip News 10-29-9

If there wasn’t a mainstream urge to create indie comics before, there will be now

  • The Webcomic Overlook reviewed Danielle Dark while mpd57 looked at Where Evils Darent. Pigs of the Industry looked at Doc Monster and I Am Legend covered Asylum Ink. Digital Strips returned to their pile of reviewed comics to see how the new ones have done over time.
  • SMASH hit an exciting end to Season One. It’s on my review list but you would be upset with me if I rudely kept this comic to myself. And another treasure you won’t want to miss is Forty-Five. I’d like to get more in-depth with 45 a little later; it’s a fun concept worth exploring.
  • Paperless Comics had some good links to great stuff for you but I also liked the discussion about landing pages in the comments. And more or less encourages us to not make our readers think if we can help it – which was echoed by Smashing Magazine’s Cheeseburger Interface. I think the lesson is to make sure the thinking/processing our readers have to do is centered on the comic itself.
  • The Webcomic List forums had this fun thread called Before and After which compared the first comics of a series and current comics. It was interesting to see how the art changed in ways over time that you might miss if you were a regular reader. There was also an Awesome Strips thread where posters showed off awesome strips. Inkstuds compiled a list of five cartoonists you should be reading.