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Strip News 12-18-9

It’s finally gotten bitterly cold here in the northeast, which is seemingly just as good as a sunny summer afternoon for reading comics. Who knew?

  • There was an interview with Hugh Macleod of Gaping Void that I ran into here. I like the quote that ‘good ideas have lonely childhoods‘ and where he talks about the importance of connecting with your fans. And a lot of it is all about deciding not to struggle anymore and just draw something. A Nickel’s Worth talked with Kit Lively and ICv2 talked with Mike Richardson from Dark Horse (read both parts) about their publishing plans. Rocket LLama interviewed Luciano Vecchio and Robot 6 questioned Elan Trinidad.
  • Congrats to some milestones. The aforementioned Precocious passed 400 and Guigar hit 3000 comics (plus.) MTV declared Robot 13 to be one of the best comics of 2009 which must have been a nice to hear.
  • If you haven’t seen it yet, check out Comics Mentor and if you ever want to make your comic characters speak in Klingon, Mandalorian or Zentraedi then you should go here. Maybe instead you’d like to work on some skills like foreshortening or how to make your own lightbox. And Kez talked about her experience at the Corn Hill Arts Festival if you want some insight into the selling your wares.
    And yes, I know that you can do the same thing as this site promises to do for you at 85% what a Paypal donate button on your site can do for 100%. However, what a site like Anjuno does is act as an aggregator and funnels people in PLUS trains them to pay something – or funnels in people who want to pay (whatever angle you want to take on that.) More readers from more sources can only be good since you’re already giving away your comic for free anyway. They’ll want more and come to your site for it. And speaking of posting your comic elsewhere, eyed Zingerding with some justifiable suspicion and then followed up with even more. Google gave us a way to check out what our sites look at different screen sizes and a little something else that you can put to use on that comic transcript. also talked practical sense about selling comic prints.
  • Tangents dug deep into the review process in an attempt to standardize the ratings that comics can get there. So far, you can check out part 1, 2 and 3 and see how it’s developing. Koltreg also managed to get us into reading webcomics, complete with a snuck in apology… “I ramble though and for that I apologize, you nerds.”
  • So let’s say Starbuck wanted to make a comic – would you buy it? ICv2 had more on the ongoing Frazzetta Incident, too.
  • You may have already seen ComixTalk’s 2009 Roundtable and some of the intriguing thoughts presented by notable comic folks such as Gary Tyrrell, Shaenon Garrity, Fesworks, Derik Badman, Brigid Alverso, El Santo and Johanna Draper Carlson. I enjoyed the variety of responses to the questions and especially the creatively bold predictions about webcomics in 2010. You probably also saw the critique of TCJ’s rollout by the Hooded Utilitarian. I charitably chalked it up to things going awry at just the wrong time like it does for me so I’m hoping they get things straightened out. In the meantime, more popular print magazines are feeling the pinch and other companies are making forays into the digital jungle, even though it’s a little scary.
  • ♦ And let me (hopefully) be the first to show you the newest fad in comic font choices. How can you not use this (the first one) at least once?