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More Things Change Downloads and 30 Days of Comics

Yesterday, I put up the pdf of Book Three of Things Change: The Metamorphoses Comic. That's a single 130 page story for free! Check it (and the downloads of books one and two) out.

I'd also like to point out a project I've been working on. I've been calling it "30 Days of Comics," and it's a kind of comics response to NaNoWriMo. I've been writing a short comic (a strip, a page, or a spread) for every day in November. Due to time constraints (ie a full time job) I've not always been drawing them the same day I write them, so the posting schedule is a little behind. You can see the current list of posts here.

The project has been really fruitful for me, giving me freedom to experiment a bit with form, color, and various appropriation procedures. And interestingly enough, I've got more comments, tweets, and links on 13 days of this project than I got after years of working on Things Change.