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At the End of The Year, There Will Be Lists

Hat tip to Comics Reporter and Dick Hyacinth’s thorough-and-enjoyably-crusty blog:

It’s the end of the year, and top ten lists are in fashion! One such list, from comic creator Bram Meehan (Raised by Squirrels) includes two digital entries: R. Stevens’ Diesel Sweeties and Kate Beaton’s livejournal site, Hark! A Vagrant. Two out of ten ain’t bad!

Meanwhile, R.C. Baker of the Village Voice includes Garfield Minus Garfield, that crazy internet meme that went legitimate (and with Jim Davis’ blessings, somehow).

Shannon Smith, whose blog file under other “is dedicated to the study of and critical discourse on minicomics, alternative comics, underground comics and any other type of comic which you might consider to be ‘other’”, posits that the Best of 2008 includes American Elf, Anders Loves Maria, Demons of Sherwood, Paper Pusher, and the works of Dustin Harbin. Ms. Smith runs a very engrossing blog, one that I’ll likely visit more often in the future.

Finally, Achewood: The Great Outdoor Fight
made Publisher’s Weekly Best Comics of The Year.

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