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Metapost: The 15 Worst Comics of the Decade

Apologies for not being able to do any posts lately. It’s been a ridiculously busy week.

Anyway, while you’re twiddling your thumbs out there in internet world, check out Comics Alliance’s excellent list of The 15 Worst Comics of The Decade. Good Lord, does this list bring back painful memories.

Sue Dibny raped and murdered?

Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver incest?

Gwen Stacy’s grown up daughter making the moves on Peter Parker, who she thinks is her dad?

Sexy Aunt May?

Come to think of it, the 00’s was a terrible time to be a Spider-Man fan (not counting the movies or Ultimate Spider-Man). Which was a shame since the 90’s weren’t a hot time for the webslinger either.

(h/t The Beat)

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