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Fabricari's One Year Anniversary

Thursday, May 4th, is Fabricari's one year anniversary. As a webcomic, anyway. It started out as a daily, stream-of-conscious exercise, and eventually evolved into one of the most focused long-term comic projects I've ever worked on. It also became one of the most rewarding. This is largely owed to Adam White joining up to take over the writing after the first chapter.

The victories far out-weigh a year of the small defeats of failed gimmicks, missed comics and the distractions of webcomic drama. In the end we have a stack of pages, a nearly finished graphic novel, and an audience afforded us via the accessibility of webcomics.

And this last year is a testament to the most wonderful thing about webcomics. This medium is a platform for motivation and discipline that didn't exist when we tried self-publishing our dead tree books. Each deadline for the webcomic was a milestone that couldn't be enforced by drawing in a vacuum with no audiance.

Next year will be a more focused year for Adam and I. We have a much better idea of what we want from this webcomic, and we hope you enjoy it half as much as we have. Thanks to Comixpedia for providing a positive supporting community.