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Webcomic Beacpn #72

CJ (Steal This Comic), Drowemos (Exiern, Legacy, and Knit Princess) and Zack (Insert Comic Here) call in to talk to Fes, Tanya, and Mark about whatever was on their mind.  Much of the discussion focused on Conventions.

Milestones: Crossoverlord (1 yr), Mikey’s Life (100 strips), Tales of the middle kingdom (1 yr). This week we set our Impressions on The Artiste Manquee, Jayden and Crusader, Big Sandy Gilmore, A Rusty Life, and All Manner of Bad!

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Thanks to George for recording the sites mentioned on the show:
Penguicon, Gypsy!, Sinfest, Song of Straygo, Union of Heroes, Fanboys Convention List, Poison Wind (the comic is gone), Sequential Art, Spider and Scorpion, Johnny the Homicidal manic, Evil Inc., Ka-Blam, Bone, Steve Hamaker, Geek Tragedy, Surfboard and Rayguns, Zap!, The Non-Adventures of Wonderella.

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