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Comix Talk for Thursday, February 3, 2011

There's a lot to catch up on this morning so let's get to it:




REVIEW: Ed Sizemore reviews Ben Costa's Pang the Wandering Shaolin Monk.


Rigby, by Lee Leslie, may have already ventured into the world of high fantasy, but now the heroine and her eponymous webcomic are venturing into the world of print comics. Pre-orders are currently open and will run until February 11. This is RiGBY’s first official print appearance, and the 20 page, full color comic will only be available at conventions and signings after the pre-sale. Those fans pre-ordering the comic will also be treated to a high resolution digital version.

IN MAPS & LEGENDS, illustrated by Niki Smith and written by Michael Jasper, continues with its fourth issue on February 2, 2011. With Bartamus' world falling apart around them, LaVonne, Jeremy, and Antawn venture deeper into unknown territory, while Kait travels into the darkness between worlds -- and she's no longer alone.  Smith and Jasper were named "Digital Creators of the Year" (along with Alex de Campi) for their work on IN MAPS & LEGENDS in 2010.  Artist Niki Smith is an artist and writer who is currently working on a handful of creator-owned comic projects such Some Did Rest. Her work has also appeared in several English language and German comic anthologies.  Writer Michael Jasper has published three novels, a story collection, and over four dozen short stories in Asimov’s, Strange Horizons, Polyphony, Writers of the Future, and the Raleigh News & Observer, and other fine venues. His most recent novel is A Gathering of Doorways (Wildside Press, 2009).

Comix Talk for Thursday, April 15, 2010

Inktank by Barry Smith

Washington is ON the hockey BANDWAGON folks.  I'd turn the site RED but why don't you imagine it that way instead. Today's INKTANK spoke to my inner caffeinated soul. It might as well have featured a little angel and little devil on my shoulders delivering the same dialogue...

INTERVIEWS: Fandomania has an interview with Nathan Schreiber, creator of Power Out, a webcomic on Act-I-Vate.  Webcomics Community has an interview with creator and Keenspotter Prime, Chris Crosby.

CONVENTIONS: Bags and Boards blog has an article speculating on Comicon moving from San Diego to Los Angeles. They think there are signs it may happen.

iWEBCOMICS: The Daily Cross Hatch has an article on indie comics on the iPad.

Comix Talk for Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Culture Pop by Seth Kushnar

Seth Kushnar's CulturePop debuted this week.  The first one is about Alyssa Loveless talking about performing and her music.  I really dig Kushnar's website Graphic NYC, and this comic project looks very promising.  Different vibe but its somewhat similar to a great journalistic comic called CulturePulp by Mike Russell.

BUSINESS: Tom Tomorrow's current comic is a funny take on the Internet but a little bitter about the changes waste the Internet is laying to existing business models.  Tomorrow and Reuben Bolling are two extremely talented cartoonists that should be able to make it in the Internet world.  Maybe they need their own Robert Khoo business guru but if nothing else they ought to talk to Jeff Rowland at Topataco and see what they can do with taking control of their merchandizing opportunities.

LEGAL: Linda Joy Kattwinkel, Esq., Intellectual Property and Arts Attorney at Owen, Wickersham & Erickson writes a post on what to do when your artwork is being ripped off.  Good advice.

AWARDS: James Hudnall writes about his experience being a judge for the Eisner nominations this year.

MILESTONES: Shaenon Garrity reports that Daniel Merlin Goodbrey has concluded his webcomic All Knowledge Is Strange and started a new webcomic 100 Planets.

REVIEWS: reviews this month's Zuda contestants. (h/t

HYPE: has a bit more and pix on the upcoming book Kill Shakespeare.  Plus a take from a Shakespeare scholar.

NOT WEBCOMICS: has a round-up of the recent uncovering of work Jack King Kirby did for an animation house in the 80s.  Neat to see even more ideas from the comics legend.

2010 Eisner Nominees Announced

The 2010 Eisner Nominations have been released (h/t El Santo) The nominees in the Best Digital Comic category are:

Comix Talk for Wednesday, March 3, 2010

 Second Best Isn't So Bad

INTERVIEW:  A great interview with Joey Comeau and Emily Horne of the long-running webcomic A Softer World. They have a new book out collecting the webcomic (it's their second book).

WASHINGTON DC STUFF: There was a couple of appearances by Dean Haspiel and the ACT-I-VATEs last weekend. Area blogger Comics Girl writes up one of the appearances and Mike Rhode interviewed Jim Dougan (who wrote the excellent graphic novel Crazy Papers -- art'd by Danielle Corsetto).

The ComixTalk 2009 Roundtable

It's the end of the year and what better time to talk webcomics with a great group of interesting creators and commentators.  For this year's roundtable we talked about favorite and new webcomics from 2009; iPhones and iTablets; developments in the business of comics; developments in the subject matter of comics; webcomic awards; and predictions for 2010!  I'm joined by Gary Tyrrell, Delos Woodruff, Shaenon Garrity, Fesworks, Derik Badman, Larry Cruz, Brigid Alverson and Johanna Draper Carlson.

C'mon Baby! Let's Do the Webcomic!

Well all's quiet on the tryptophan front this morning... a big thanks to David LaMason, the creator of the webcomic Unbearable Bears, for creating on super-short notice our Thanksgiving cover art up top... if you're ever trying to track me down, be sure to hit up the "where am I?" section at my other website take a look at the comics event calendar for upcoming stuff to do -- don't forget you can subscribe to it; submit events to me (tweet to xerexes) or even volunteer to co-maintain it.

The Career Cookbook has an interview with Chris Hastings, the mastermind behind the webcomic Dr. McNinja.

Happy Birthday Mr. Jonathan RosenbergGoats is one of the first webcomics I remember reading.

Seth Kushner filmed a documentary on the ACT-I-VATE comics collective that you can watch at Newsarama.

I haven't read the underlying case but TechDirt's writeup of a lawsuit over a fictionalized portrayal of someone might be a red flag for comics creators.  (This sounds different than the (in)famous Tony Twist lawsuit against Todd McFarlane.  Twist's win there was based on McFarlane profiting from using the "famous" Twist in the comic.)


I'll be with the Couscous Collective at this year's Alternative Press Expo, October 17-18 in San Francisco. Check us out at table 347 on the ground floor.

The Couscousians are all over the programming this year. Panels behind the cut...

On Saturday, the lovely Andrew Farago will be on this panel:

Webcomic Wire - 9/21/09

Drawn from sources that are sore from exercise…

Weekend Webcomics Wrapup

I hope everyone had a good week - I was mostly offline, enjoying the beach.  I got back to discover a new Jellaby comic from Kean Soo.  One of the best kid-friendly comics out there and always a pleasure to see a new one online.

It was also fun to see ComixTalk included in Ataraxi Theater's "webcomic merit badges" it posted this week -- one of them is the "Eye of Xerexes" -- awarded for drawing a cover to ComixTalk.  And there were a lot of other good links you might want to catch up on:

CBR had a good interview with Jon Rosenberg of Goats.
An interview with Brian McFadden of the topical webcomic Big Fat Whale
The Daily Cross Hatch has the first part of its interview with Jordan Crane

Andrew Farago finishes the first huge arc of his webcomic William Bazillion

Former syndicated newspaper comic creator Michael Jantze announced he was starting up a new webcomic titled Rave On
.  Why is this interesting in an era of many former print comic folks launching webcomics?  One, Jantze was an early defector from print, taking his comic The Norm to a pay-to-read model online.  I have not kept up with how that has gone for Jantze after some initial reporting, but perhaps it has gone well enough because he is using another pay-to-read model for this new webcomic Rave On.  Should be worth following up on.

A preview of the upcoming Act-I-Vate print collection

Webcomic -- Sixteen Miles to Merricks by Barnaby Ward
Art -- Robbi Rodriguez.

Brigid Alverson offers her thoughts on webcomic website design.

Comicrank looks like it might be an interesting twist on the comic ranking site model